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    Very into rock music of many kinds. Enjoy bass fishing when able and hanging out with the wifey and kiddos.

    Water change Question

    Do you have a tank thread on your 10 Clown79?

    HELP what is this algae?

    Yup gha.. remove it by hand the best you can, have you recently messed with you lighting schedule or intensity? Phosphates could be elevated as well.

    TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - December FTS

    Sorry to hear about bummer time you've been having. A reboot sounds fun though! I'm sure your frag tank will be a great temporary home for your fish and corals. The fish may not want to go back lol! You

    HOTWATER'S 10 gal fusion

    Thanks Gena! I don't know much about these lil guys could they coexist in such a small tank? That would be rad though!

    HOTWATER'S 10 gal fusion

    Instead of the tailspot I might go for the E. Pictus, a little harder to find which brings up the cost as well, but look at this beauty!

    HOTWATER'S 10 gal fusion

    Can't sleep and was up feeding baby Evalee, and started thinking about what kind of fish I want to put in this tank. I've always loved the tailspot blenny, such a cool little personality and does a somewhat decent job of eating algae. I'm thinking 2-4 small fish max. Maybe a purple firefish, and a small clown. I'm not sure if these clowns ever came out yet but would definitely want one.

    Surveyman's NUVO 10 Build

    Just finished reading your thread. Looks like your off to a great start! Sorry to hear about your gramma looks like a fluke to me if your params were in check. I've just recently purchased an IM 10 fusion, with an AI prime hd, waiting on a few things to come in before I start the cycle. Definitely will be following along good luck! On another quick note, you can have 2-3 fish in this tank no problem. Obviously small(ish) I had a o. Clown, gramma, and tailspot in an 8gal jbj with no problem everyone got along great. Look at teenys 10 and his fish stock!

    Ocellaris Clown, Tail Spot Blenny, and????

    I Honestly don't see a problem with a o. Clown, a tailspot, and another small fish. I kept a o clown, tailspot, and a royal gramma in a 8 gallon jbj tank for years with no problem. My tailspot would readily eat pellet food as well. Just keep up on your water changes and remember to not overfeed some think it's cruel but I only fed the tank every 2-3 days. Everyone got along fine with no problems.

    Money's Evo 5 *Lets Try this Reef thing*

    Sorry to chime in on your thread but those heaters are garbage I had the same thing happen to me with the 25w. If you can I'd take it back.

    My Nano Softy Garden Build Log

    Very nice start, I like the two islands.
  11. Congrats Harry! Sweet setup indeed.


    Congrats Harry! Sweet setup indeed.

    HOTWATER'S 10 gal fusion

    Hey everyone, haven't had a tank up in a while and decided to go with a IM fusion 10, great little tank for $100. Just got the tank and prime hd from the lfs last night. Not in a huge hurry to get it up and running as we just had a beautiful baby girl. (She takes up allot of time) but I want to have all the other equipment ordered before I set it up. Build plans and equipment: IM 10 fusion AI prime hd modded ikea shelf (40") Intank media basket (soon to order) Filtration: 1st chamber polyfloss 2nd carbon 3rd purigen or phosgaurd Stock return (may upgrade later) Jaebo sw-2 (soon to order) cobalt neo therm 50w micro auto smart ato (soon to order) 5 gal jug RO for ato I'm very excited to get back into the game and seeing allot of fellow nano reefers 10 builds on here have inspired me with a new commitment! Thanks guys!

    10g Reef Islands

    Nice looking tank! I really like the acan island, good job.
  15. Thanks allot DAP! Looks like the SW-2 is the smallest they make.