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  1. Still here, just stopped doing retail sales. Our raceway is filled with some pretty monumental sized colonies now 😁
  2. Our coupon code is live @metrokat CONTEST10 for 10% off any livestock order.
  3. 2 Blue+ 1 Coral+ 1 Actinic + The LEDs in the Powermodule Heres a shot of the lighting schedule, the yellow and orange are the T5 channels:
  4. We have had him since very early in that system's life. He was in the first group of fish we added to the tank. There are also some Bangaii cardinals in there that have been in since that group.
  5. The Buttmuncher zoas have decided they are actually pocillipora and like to bail out polyps, which randomly appear in other spots on the tank. Not super annoying yet, but could be if they landed in an acro colony haha. These big polyp zoas tend to piss off the acros when they get close, but they don't overtake them.
  6. This is kind of a crummy picture, but it's been a long time since I updated the FTS. I have removed over half the sand (may remove more), and tons of frags/chunks cut off stuff in the past 6months, so comparing growth isn't really the true picture now. The upside is that for many of these corals I now have redundant colonies in 2-3 systems.
  7. More pictures! Also just posted a nice update to the website, with a great selection of Euphyllia frags!
  8. We are open by appointment. Get in touch a few days before you plan to be in town and we try to schedule something
  9. Have you shot in RAW before Dave? Seems much preferred to the orange filter for me. I can adjust white balance to be nearly perfect in post, rather fast once you get the hang of the tools (I prefer RAWTherapee over Photoshop/Lightroom).
  10. See you there Should be a good event! Not looking forward to the drive however...
  11. Been on a frag cutting spree this week. 200+ cut so far, all Acros.