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  1. OK. Is there an article on this site for that, or will I need to search it and just hope the right thing comes up?
  2. Here is an RODI unit I found on Amazon...would it work? https://www.amazon.com/LiquaGen-Reverse-Osmosis-Deionization-Portable/dp/B00LKF3TCA/ref=pd_rhf_ee_p_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=XDHHQ9C0EEMVNS84NWZ9
  3. Facepalm...yeah, should have used my NPS garden thread. Sorry...
  4. Hello all! I am looking into an RODI unit for our saltwater tanks, but I am intimidated by the sheer number of connectors and units available. Can someone direct me to an RODI unit that connects directly to a kitchen faucet and is reliable? Thank you
  5. You are right...200 gallons is roughly equal to what the average American uses in two or three days. Wow 😮
  6. Hello again everyone! I thought it would be a good time to talk about my feeding regime for the tank. Currently the sun coral (coined 'Firecracker') and royal gramma are being fed twice a day - frozen food in the morning and flake in the evening. They seem quite happy with that schedule...Little Dude the gramma is looking more vibrant than ever on this schedule 🙂 The feather duster ('Harrison') is being fed with 2ml each seachem phytoplankton and seachem zooplankton. Thus far everyone seems quite happy...the coral's polyps are at least partially out most of the day and is noticeably growing already, the feather duster is out whenever we don't startle it, and Little Dude is active and eating well (and more vibrant than he was at the pet store). I will ultimately replace the seachem products with reef roids and live Isochrysis phytoplankton (and perhaps Nannochloropsis as well)...I would be target feeding the filter feeders twice a day with the reef roids, and broadcast feeding the phytoplankton at night so they can feed naturally all night. Nitrates Sunday were 10ppm...doing a 40% water change Wednesday morning. When I get my water purifying device, water changes will go up to 40% twice a week. Speaking of which...I have decided to get a distiller. I HIGHLY doubt their distilled water is significantly lower quality than the Walmart stuff (which seems to vary widely depending on the store) and I can't use an RODI unit here...at 12 gallons a week, with wastewater I would be using 150-200 gallons a month - an amount that would cause the landlord to deprive us of our free water bill. That is a blow we could not afford.
  7. Hi all! My animals in my 10 gallon saltwater tank are doing well, but the feather duster is steadily leaning over...now it is almost resting on the sandbed. Is that normal? It spends most of its time with its feeding apparatus extended unless we startle it. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone! For a long time I have desired a small coldwater tank with a Catalina goby. While the time for me to have one is still a ways off, I wanted to know some specifics on how to set up a 5 or 10 gallon coldwater. Here we go 🙂 1 - What would be a good chiller for such a small tank? 2 - I am not sure I would have money for a thick acrylic tank, so I was thinking of taking a normal tank and putting insulation on three of the sides. Would this work? What kind of insulation would I use? 3 - Where would I get flora and fauna (other than the readily sourced Catalina goby)? Coldwater marine aquatics seems to be down. 4 - How does cycling work in a coldwater? Do you still use live rock? 5 - Anything else I should know? Thanks 🙂
  9. Why, hello there! I am interested in coldwater marine setups myself...I like how your setup is turning out 🙂 Coldwater stuff is so interesting...I am a sucker for Catalina gobies. Can you suggest a chiller for a small tank - say, 5 or 10 gallons?
  10. About 1-1 ratio of tap to distilled...maybe a little steam escapes, but almost all the water gets turned into distilled water. Very little water waste.
  11. Just conferred with a distiller vendor...she said water from the distillers she sells comes out at 1-2 ppm TDS. Sounds similar to my prior experiences with distillers...is 1-2 ppm too high? You don't have to be with the distiller most of the time it is distilling...they shut off automatically when they are done. If one is paranoid, they can set it on a timer to be doubly safe.