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  1. I have seen a bunch of Biocube’s with AI Hydra lights but I’m am trying to find the mounts everyone has been using... both tank mounts from ai I sound like the won’t work due to the rim on the tank... thank you for any help you can provide
  2. mpekoske

    Setting for AI Hydra 26 HD on BioCube 16

    Thank you I was not aware there was a Facebook group
  3. good morning everyoneI pulled the trigger and have a hydra 26 HD coming for my Biocube 16... I have sps near the top and hammer and zoas at the bottom... just a dumb question but with this light probably being over kill what intensity should I start off with? Currently using the stock led that came in the biocube
  4. Thank you clown79 for the response! I did end up purchasing the hydra 26 but I will run it at very low intensity... the price was right so I couldn’t pass it up
  5. good morning everyoneI’m looking to upgrade my lights on my Biocube and just asking for anyone with experience. I’m now deciding between ai prime and hydra 26 HD... I may upgrade tanks in the future is why I’m considering the hydra... I want to be able to keep any sps in the Biocube ... would the hydra be ok on low setting or would it still be too much?
  6. Looking to see if anyone is selling the Coralife Biocube hood... light do not need to work as it would be gutted when I get it ... please let me know if you have one and what you would want for it (wife just bought me the led BioCube 16 and won’t let me gut and cut the new one)
  7. Thank you I will give it a try tonight and hopefully this will resolve the issue
  8. Good morning everyone. Just a quick question for any of you the have a Biocube... I used the stock media basket and put purigen in the middle and CpE on the bottom and removed the stock sponge between chamber 2 & 3 and upgraded return pump but now I am getting a large amount of micro bubbles... can anyone help with this? Only thing I can think of is the stock basket lower level is a couple inches from the bottom so when the water flows through the CPE it drops and causes bubbles. Should I put the sponge back in? thanks in advance
  9. Did a large water change and now ammonia is more manageable around 1 ppm and my nitrates are off the charts which I will take care of in a couple weeks once my cycle is complete... thanks for the help
  10. Looking to get an upgraded return pump for my Biocube... Will the marineland maxi jet 1200 fit in chamber 3?
  11. Perfect thank you! I will do a small water change tonight to get things back on track
  12. Good morning everyone I have been out of the saltwater game for about 3 years now and decided to get back into it. My wife got me a small BioCube and I got dry rock and live sand. I’m only in my 8th day of my cycle so don’t plan on adding anything for at least another 5-6 weeks. My question is I started my cycle with ace hardware ammonia which I did with my past tanks but think I added to much as my ammonia and nitrate readings are very high... should I just have patience or should I do a small water change to get my ammonia levels to more reasonable levels? (Also added seachem stability to add bacteria) Thank you in advance Matt