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  1. Added another Wavemaker sw-4 and doser... also got some new frags that look like they may turn into something nice! Next week switching up filtration to a Fuge in center chamber
  2. Sorry to ask since it has been a while but I read you used a LED strip for your Fuge light... was thinking of doing the same and just wanted to ask if you are still running it and how you thought it worked
  3. Thank you yea I may only add one more and then call it good for a while! Now to just let things settle in and grow
  4. Not sure if anyone is following but added one of my all time favorites... PC rainbow
  5. Added a new Red Planet and got my 2 part to start dosing... also going to give acro power a try
  6. Moved some stuff around and put the 3 big namers up front
  7. Couple new additions! WD, rainbow Millie and JF Fox Flame
  8. Still have the dosing tube holder?
  9. Does anyone know if the im minimax desktop reactor fits in the center chamber of a Biocube 16?
  10. Sounds like a great setup... how do you like the icecap 1k? Is there to much flow with only running one side as I am thinking of getting one for my Biocube 16
  11. Beautiful tank! I’m getting my Biocube 16 up and running as mostly sps... just had a quick question as I noticed at one point you had the icecap 1k... what percent did you run it at and did you run both sides or cap off one? I want more flow and think this would be perfect but just want your input! Thank you
  12. Yea I will be for sure... but have plans to set up a second tank