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  1. Looking for a ATO please let me know if you have one for sale
  2. Last addition for a while... hoping to set up a grow out system in the future for more frags
  3. Update: came how to a sand storm so had to adjust the gyre... now running it one side max 30% alternating gyre with 4 sec intervals which seems to keep everything happy and now sand moving... been a week now and have better PE on a bunch of sps. Also running sw-4 on lowest speed pulse setting on other side of tank
  4. I’m running it on auto setting so from 6:30 am - 9:30 pm I’m running random max set at 50% then from 9:30pm-6:30 am running alternating gyre max 20% with 2 second on each setting... sorry I can’t remember my substrate but it’s not super fine but also not the size of crushed coral... when I put it in it did move a little sand which you can see in the picture (front middle has a little more sand now) but it settled down and now none moves... I removed my sw-2 and sw-4 and getting much better movement with the gyre and my mj 1200 return... so far everything seems to really like it including my hammer... I’ll update if anything reacts negatively ... lastly I tried it in a couple of different positions and found the side works best for my tank
  5. Added a IceCap 1K Gyre and so far sps are loving it! (Not the best pic sorry)
  6. Looking to see if anyone has a gyre they are looking to get rid of... please let me know price shipped to 57108 thanks
  7. Also added my new acke Fuge light... hopefully this will grow some chaeto
  8. Added another Wavemaker sw-4 and doser... also got some new frags that look like they may turn into something nice! Next week switching up filtration to a Fuge in center chamber
  9. Sorry to ask since it has been a while but I read you used a LED strip for your Fuge light... was thinking of doing the same and just wanted to ask if you are still running it and how you thought it worked
  10. Thank you yea I may only add one more and then call it good for a while! Now to just let things settle in and grow
  11. Not sure if anyone is following but added one of my all time favorites... PC rainbow
  12. Added a new Red Planet and got my 2 part to start dosing... also going to give acro power a try
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