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  1. Bump for lower price - $310 Shipped
  2. Just saw these replies, for some reason I don't get the notification. Sorry can't do $60 but... Lowered the price: $70 Shipped
  3. Don't be scared to make an offer. Worst I can say is no.
  4. Make an offer folks!
  5. Offer fell through. Still available.
  6. Buy my awesome stuff.
  7. Your excitement makes me selling the stuff a little less sad.
  8. I bought this new in May but now the tank is broken down. Includes everything including original box - Tunze Nano ATO 3152 $80 (Shipped US)
  9. Am I being overly cautious about selling to a new user? Username created within 18 hours. I feel bad but I just want to protect ma'h neck.
  10. I am keeping the tank... just in case.
  11. Taken from my IM 20 tank - Vortech MP10W ES in fantastic shape and still have original packaging (I just don't know how it was all packed in there ) $180 Expressed Shipped w/ Ins
  12. I am still cleaning equipment and getting things ready to sell / ship. I have two Intank Media Baskets available: Fits Fusion 10/20 & Lagoon 25 $35 Shipped each or $60 for both
  13. Received it March of last year. Although it's always been on the low side of brightness level. Thing will burn like the sun