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  1. Congrats and the picture of those zoas is simply amazing and cool. Love all the colors.
  2. Very nice tank congrats and I say tang police really need to get a life. So long as our fish are happy and if they get to big there is a plan b. Most of their tanks are probably to small for all the fish they have in them. One tang per 180 gallons. *lol* Or should we say a minimum 240 gallon for something along the lines of a Paracanthurus hepatus (blue hippo). Cheers, Alex
  3. Looks like this tread is slowing down to much. I am currently getting ready to build my seventh system and it will be a 40B with possibly a 20L sump. Lighting: Giesemann Infinity MH/T5 combo fixture, I know MH why not go LED. Well I for one never liked the LED systems, all personal preference. Flow: dual MP10ESw Ghost overflow - Beans and animal style I'll add to this post later once I have a more clear picture of what I will be running. Cheers, Alex
  4. I actually feed with cylopeeze and mysis shrimp once a week. He does open up every night to filter feed as well.
  5. Actually grew it from 5 little stalks, Got my acrylic dowels so I'll be fragging soon
  6. Had this about a year now, when purchased it had 5 stalks on it and was the size of a half dollar. Now the thing is the size of a soft ball.
  7. A pic of one of the variety of rics that I have in tank.
  8. Yep, sure is a tulip anemone aka Mojanos. I had some of them in my tank for about a week or two, they spread like a wild fire. Joes juice kills the and does not harm anything else (IMO). Alex
  9. Scarlet hermit
  10. Made a new in tank frag fuge. Turned out better than expected.
  11. awesome looking rics. Coloring is great and I like the formation.
  12. mroath, Yes it is the same 20H tank as before, just everything is in place and growing fast. I've done a lot of fragging.