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  1. GHill762

    Congrats and the picture of those zoas is simply amazing and cool. Love all the colors.
  2. Very nice tank congrats and I say tang police really need to get a life. So long as our fish are happy and if they get to big there is a plan b. Most of their tanks are probably to small for all the fish they have in them. One tang per 180 gallons. *lol* Or should we say a minimum 240 gallon for something along the lines of a Paracanthurus hepatus (blue hippo). Cheers, Alex
  3. The 40B Club.

    Looks like this tread is slowing down to much. I am currently getting ready to build my seventh system and it will be a 40B with possibly a 20L sump. Lighting: Giesemann Infinity MH/T5 combo fixture, I know MH why not go LED. Well I for one never liked the LED systems, all personal preference. Flow: dual MP10ESw Ghost overflow - Beans and animal style I'll add to this post later once I have a more clear picture of what I will be running. Cheers, Alex
  4. SouthReef -- Bye bye Red Planet!

    Is that a Midas blenny? Very nice set up and love that color with the combination of T5 and LED. Cheers, Alex
  5. Best substrate that I've used so far in my 15+ years in the hobby has to be Tropic Eden Reef Flakes and Mini Flakes combination. The stuff stays very clean too! Never an issue of dirty sand and never any sandstorms. Cheers, Alex
  6. Aquascape Help

    I would opt for choice E and personally I would add a little more rockwork in there for a more natural look. Cheers, Alex
  7. 350ma moonlight LED driver

    Are these still available or did they sell? Cheers, Alex
  8. THx Grad for adding me to the list too. Cheers, Alex
  9. Tunze Turbelle NanoStream Pump 6025

    Is this still available? Are you interested in selling this? Cheers, Alex
  10. Beware of Aquastyle

    This thread really should be stopped soon. I for one try not to place any orders from China during their New Year celebration. And I did check the website and it clearly states, "18th Jan 2012 Due to Chinese New Year comming soon (holiday 22nd-27th Jan), the delivery may take longer time than usual. Thank you for understanding. Your patience would be greatly appreciated! Happy New Year!" If I was ordering from this company and saw this on their website, I would assume that they may have a backlog of orders to fill since being off for a week. And I think they would not have started shipping anything out until the Monday after the 27th. I do believe China is one of the countries that takes Sundays off. Dunno. Cheers and hope I didn't stir up the pot to much Alex
  11. PM Sent. Like to be added to the list for the mini nems (gems). Cheers, Alex
  12. Tunze Turbelle NanoStream Pump 6025

    PM Sent again. Very interested. Cheers, Alex
  13. Anyone use tropic eden sand?

    Do a web search for sandbed calculator and you'll find the link to the other reef forum site that has the calculators. Ditto on the 1 to 1.25 pounds of sand to gallon of tank size for a 2" sandbed. Cheers, Alex
  14. 70W MH retro, PC Retro, and Eheim 1260.

    What kind of ballast comes with the 70HQI set up? Cheers, Alex
  15. 18x36 Stand Build

    Definately overkill, IMO. I think you'd be better off with building something like this, Then you can make it look like this... Cheers, Alex