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  1. My awesome 12g

    Someone offered me more zoas and it would be rude to refuse so, I'm going to be making another zoa tree!
  2. Yuma mushroom shrinking

    The tentacles still look puffy in the pic though. What's next to it? I wish mine stayed small.
  3. xellos88

    Thanks! I will gladly give you some.
  4. My awesome 12g

  5. My awesome 12g

  6. My awesome 12g

    More pics.
  7. My awesome 12g

    Latest FTS:
  8. Looking for help for an old member, sammy113

    Wow, you're an awesome guy for doing this. Hope the road to recovery will be short and uplifting for him. We had our share of hosting people after typhoon Haiyan and though the family we hosted are still recovering, we gained lifelong friends and the experience was worthwhile.
  9. My awesome 12g

    Yup, the nem was locally sourced and was a rescue situation. Yumas are the bomb!
  10. My awesome 12g

    Thanks! Also, I wouldn't recommend this kind of nem in a small tank .
  11. My awesome 12g

    I like this shot.
  12. My awesome 12g

    After a year, I finally decided to keep the nem. This means I needed to rescape so it doesn't always get irritated by the big orange yuma. I'm trying to get some shrooms that decided to detach to reattach again, so pardon the baby bottles.
  13. My awesome 12g

    My quick DSLR experiment results after reading dave's post about photography.
  14. My awesome 12g

    Just did some major trimming. The bigger red shroom to the lower left and the bigger green one to the lower right "detached" but left babies. I fished out the green one, but the red one disappeared from where it settled (maybe something ate it). I was able to borrow a Dremel and used the opportunity to frag the bigger orange yuma at the back. No FTS at the moment because the rubble filled petri dish with shrooms recovering and attaching is too distracting, but I do have baby pics. In 4 days it will be a year since I got the carpet nem and I'm still conflicted whether I'll keep it or not.
  15. Monthly Reef Profile Nominations

    Wow, thanks for the nomination @markalot! And sorry for being a pesky IG user but yes, I've been using IG lately for convenience.