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  1. xellos88

    "Tree of Life" 12gal zoa tree

    Yours will look better when it fills in. You have a wide variety there and a better system.
  2. xellos88

    "Tree of Life" 12gal zoa tree

    Ah, you're the one who posted in PMRAS about using hot glue for rockscapes? If yes, then I need to thank you for the idea. 🙂 I've been using the same method for my zoa branches.
  3. xellos88

    "Tree of Life" 12gal zoa tree

    Wow! This tank looks familiar...
  4. xellos88

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

    The bigger clown is still alive. It was almost dead a week ago, but seeing it clinging to life and breathing on its side for 2 days pushed me to sacrifice some work time to save it. Initially I tried api melafix, and after 3 days there was some improvement, from not swimming to crazy swimming around in circles on the surface. But the progress plateued and she still wasn't eating. Decided to look for any product that contained actual antibacterial ingredients and chanced upon a cheapo product that contained metronidazole and mebendazole and i found some cheap methylene blue so figured why not add it. 3 days in the treatment and so far I think it's working because she's swimming with some control now and not staying on the surface. But I still need to get her to eat...hopefully she eats tomorrow. I change the water every 2 days. So it's a combination tank transfer method and chemical treatment. From this: To this: I also did a major tank cleanup and accidentally broke a branch rock. But all is well...
  5. xellos88

    5.5g ADA Reef

    Nice, clean scape.
  6. xellos88

    Gena's IM Nuvo Fusion 10

    Maybe you can take the screen top off now. 🙂
  7. xellos88

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

    The bigger clown is doing better. But I think it's blind now. 😞
  8. xellos88

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

    Lost the yellowtail damsel and male clown. The bigger clown(female) is still alive and I think is doing better (fingers crossed).
  9. xellos88

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

  10. xellos88

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

    H2o2, onpy thing i have available as a last ditch effort. This sucks..
  11. xellos88

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

    Hard to get those here. 😞 Thanks! I hope they'll pull through. I'm adding stress guard, which is a slime coat product that I got for free from a Seachem seminar. I think it's working a little bit, they're still not eating, but they're not getting worse, no heavy breathing or rotting parts.
  12. xellos88


    Nice and clean scape you got there.
  13. xellos88

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

    Salinity and temp are in check, but you're right that it's a good idea to cross check with another hobbyist. The auto feeder has been up for a few months, it's working because I do the manual press to dispense during lunchtime (set it to small feedings spread out). I've also changed and added some carbon in case it's something chemical, but the shrimp and inverts are fine, so I don't think it's that.
  14. xellos88

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

    Update: now all my fish are acting weird, lethargic and not eating. Looks like some kind of internal parasite because corals and inverts are not affected. All parameters I can test are ok. I just hope this isn't Uronema.
  15. xellos88

    🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    I buy straight from the collectors. They're not cheap in the sense that they cost much higher than the more common marine fish, like clownfish. I think the middlemen will make some money at the prices you guys posted.