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  1. My awesome 12g

    All clean and happy.
  2. Lighting in videos

    Ex.: Notice the flickering, it doesn't flicker IRL.
  3. Lighting in videos

    I own a regular prime and the light is really diffused compared to my old PAR 38s, no color separation on the sandbed. My videos suck though, I get LED banding no matter how I adjust my camera :(.
  4. My awesome 12g

    Left the tank on autopilot for a week during the holidays, and happy to report that everything is fine and dandy. Will post pics after I clean it up.
  5. I need a super high light encrusting coral

    Leptastrea. I find them in very shallow water under the bright tropical sun.
  6. My awesome 12g

    Tank's still chugging along. I was expecting a big diatom/cyano bloom after taking out most of the ochtodes and vacuuming most of the substrate during my last rescape, but that didn't happen (yet?). I noticed how full it looks from this angle while cleaning. Also latest FTS
  7. Nano Sapiens 12g - Ye Olde Mixed Reef

    I do see Gobies that look like the one you mentioned (Hasselt's) when tidepooling. I say "look like" because I can't really ID any Goby, because they dart away as soon as I notice them.
  8. Nano Sapiens 12g - Ye Olde Mixed Reef

    Nice and clean, as always. The Gobies add a lot of character.
  9. My awesome 12g

    Some updates. Changed the scape a bit after adding the new zoa branch.
  10. xellos88

    Before the month ends, I'd like to thank all of you guys for the likes. It was a busy month for me because we had to re-tile the floor and I had to fix some shoddy tile work from that. I had to move the tank upstairs and then back but now she's fine and I've even made a new zoa branch amid all the chaos. Thanks for making one of my dreams a reality!
  11. My awesome 12g

    Someone offered me more zoas and it would be rude to refuse so, I'm going to be making another zoa tree!
  12. Yuma mushroom shrinking

    The tentacles still look puffy in the pic though. What's next to it? I wish mine stayed small.
  13. xellos88

    Thanks! I will gladly give you some.
  14. My awesome 12g

  15. My awesome 12g