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  1. Surrealist plate coral.
  2. My awesome 12g

    Tank shots, because I can't go snorkeling with fellow reefers. :/
  3. Narzyzz_12

  4. My awesome 12g

    She lives! Trying out blue light shots using an orange candy wrapper.
  5. My awesome 12g

    Going away for a week on very short notice, so some decent(nope, out of focus) DSLR shots just in case it crashes when I'm away.
  6. Rybren's CADLIGHTS 28G Bowfront AIO

    When you find them dead, are they half-eaten or is there any injury on them? You could have a predator hiding(mantis?) in there. Also, nice tanks!
  7. empresto's 18.1 gallon build

    Looks like a sundial snail (zoa eater).
  8. Reincarnated 90 - a fresh start

    I tried this bottle dripper setup once, and the drip rate changes as the water level in the bottle lowers.
  9. Over time (and not a lot of time) the bubbles started to get bigger making the skimmate wetter and of less quality. So, I switched back to using wooden diffusers. That concludes my experiment in using these "fine pore" ceramic diffusers. (they don't work)
  10. My awesome 12g

    Thanks! I think he likes the glass. It's not a common thing though. I had a friend try keeping a nem in a bowl and it moved, so I could just be lucky that he likes it there.
  11. My awesome 12g

    This guy looks happy. I'll be pushing my luck and will be trading her in for a blue one though.
  12. Ok, I might have jumped the gun. I tried using my old wooden airstone and the bubbles were actually bigger than these diffusers. The diffuser bubbles are probably comparable to 80% used limewood airstones, so they're not that fine but they're not that big either. I found that I can maintain a foam head running these diffusers with my air pump on full and I'm getting really wet skimmate from it. So, tweaking my setup to get a drier skimmate.
  13. Update, I got these in the mail yesterday. It does NOT produce fine bubbles and there's hardly any back pressure on these things. The bubbles are just slightly finer from regular airstones.