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  1. xellos88

    Tank Crashing!?!

    Also, chromis are prone to uronema. Did the dead fish have red lesions?
  2. xellos88

    Tank Crashing!?!

    Do you use air freshener or bug spray? If yes, your new skimmer is now diffusing that into your tank water. Or maybe it could be that the cardinal was sick to begin with and released bacteria when it died.
  3. xellos88

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

    Thanks! I'm hoping this food is the answer to the problem. I miss my old carpet nem ... less drama.
  4. xellos88

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

    I'm trying out artificial coral food for the nem (Hikari Coralific Delite). It has a very good feeding response to it, but I have to fight off the clownfish and porcelain crab for it to ingest the food gel. I'm used to fighting off the symbionts when feeding and making sure the nem is able to swallow some, but this time the nem can't hold the food because it's gel and doesn't really stick to the tentacles and it gets messy because it powderizes when the crab nips and the clownfish attacks, but I think it still manages to get some since it looks nicely puffed up after feeding.
  5. xellos88


  6. xellos88

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

    Latest FTS. The carpet nem continues to do worse. It actually does worse after feeding, it will plump up but soon deflate further. So, I'm holding off on feeding for now and will try a different kind of food.
  7. xellos88


    I get smaller clowns. Aggressiveness varies with each fish in my experience.
  8. xellos88

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

    Latest FTS. The clowns are new and there's a small porcelain crab in there too.
  9. xellos88

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

  10. xellos88

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

    Some updates since my last post. The nem bleached out and shrank since my last picture. I've been reading up a lot about this particular nem and have come to the conclusion that mine seems to be in autophagy and is looking similar to my old carpet nem. I'm now slowly increasing my white channel to increase PAR, being careful not to bleach my zoas and shrooms. So far the nem is responding well; the color is back, but the size is still small which is a blessing of sorts because now I can just feed it enough to grow a little bit more and maintain a perfect size for this tank.
  11. xellos88

    ⛈ Official Hurricane Florence Thread ⛈

    Stay safe everyone, we're also having a big typhoon here and I just have some extra water and a battery powered air pump that runs my air driven skimmer.
  12. xellos88

    WV Reefer

  13. xellos88

    My 12gal Bonsai Reef

  14. xellos88

    Nano sapiens

    Congrats on the 2nd TOTM!
  15. xellos88

    "Tree of Life" 12gal zoa tree

    Yours will look better when it fills in. You have a wide variety there and a better system.