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  1. Klabuckeye's Cadlights Versa 68

    Yeah I read all the same stuff, but most complaints were about customer service and not the product itself. The price was right for the basics so I gave it a shot and am glad I did. For a quality tank/stand I think it's hard to beat. With a few easy upgrades you'll have a great system and it will still cost way less than some of the bigger brand names.
  2. Klabuckeye's Cadlights Versa 68

    Thank you! No issues with the tank or stand whatsoever. Definitely good value in that purchase and would buy again. I recently upgraded the other Cad equipment I initially purchased (skimmer, reactor). Should have just spent a little more on those items in the first place.
  3. Klabuckeye's Cadlights Versa 68

    Click Here for a Short Video
  4. If all of your parameters are testing within range, it could be that your lights are too intense and encouraging excess algae growth. I experienced recurring cyano after increasing my red/orange spectrum in particular. Took a minute to realize this was the cause, but after adjusting the light settings it has not returned.
  5. Need Lighting Help 36 Inch Tank

    I have a Zetlight over my Cad 68g, same width, and it's great. Price is right too... http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/zt-6600a-led-light-apex-ready-zetlight.html
  6. Klabuckeye's Cadlights Versa 68

    Rastas, duncan and wellso...
  7. Klabuckeye's Cadlights Versa 68

    RBTA, scrambled eggs and blueberry...
  8. Klabuckeye's Cadlights Versa 68

    Here is an updated shot with a few new pieces including a bluberry gorgonian back right.....
  9. Am I crazy for asking?

    Is your tank near a window or getting hit with sunlight by chance? Only time I battled algae like that was when I moved into a new place and didn't have window blinds yet.
  10. What do you guys think?

    I like the island rock. Did the same for some Xenia to keep it from spreading everywhere.
  11. Best Tank between $800-$1400

    Yeah man, all good. Got their skimmer and reactor too. No complaints except the return tubing was a little flimsy so swapped it for something more sturdy. I upgraded from a 24G NanoCube and glad I did. I much prefer the sump to an AIO and with more room to work maintenance has been easier. There is a link to my tank post below.
  12. Best Tank between $800-$1400

    But if it doesn't you'll have a sweet setup at a great price. I took the risk haha
  13. Best Tank between $800-$1400

    Yep, that's what sold me. I've seen a few poor reviews and complaints about customer service. Maybe I got lucky, but no problems with anything. My order arrived as advertised and all works great so far. Would definitely recommend.
  14. Coral placement suggestion.....

    Agree with above that #2 is a goniopora and #6 looks like a blastomussa to me, not an acan. Off to a good start!
  15. Odd tank issue

    I would try to reduce or eliminate gfo and/or bio pellets. Could be he's just over stripping the water. Seems it's more the stony stuff that's struggling while the photosynthetics are maintaining but not showing much growth. I'd let it replenish a bit and see how things look in a week or so. I had some sps turning white, cut bio pellets and color started coming back in a few days. All good now and haven't needed the pellets again yet. His skimmer and fuge might be enough on its own for the bio load, especially since not feeding much.