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  1. Hey Guys, I have about 6 Bluefish controllers for my Vivariums and I finally have some time to set up the thunder/lightning storms that I have been planning to for so long. I bought some nice Bluetooth speakers and cant find anywhere on the app ( Android ) where I pair/setup the speaker. I did a google search about this before opening this thread but couldn't find a thing about this. i'd really appreciate any help with this issue. cheers
  2. Thank you for all your replies ! i trully appreciate your help i'll look into led group buy but i remember they had a really high international shipping rates. CrazyEyes - i'll have to ask him about the center brace. najluni - i dont think he wants to get into multiply colors as it gets to complicated without extensive knowledge about color ratios and basically his first DIY LED project. He basically wants your opinion on what exactly he needs to buy from this specific vendor. I forgot to mention that his budget is around 1500$ so if any of you want to try make a complete list of what to buy, we would be very happy as this is basically what we need. i want to mention again that your help and time are very appreciated. Jedimasterben - saw your post after finished typing mine... thank you for this information one more thing - didn't quite get how many heat sinks i'll be needing and what sizes for best coverage. Does CrazyEyes recommendation for 2 x Drilled/tapped 6" x 20" would be enough or do i need 3 x 6" x 20" heatsinks?
  3. Thank you for your input Gc. I've read around that NW LEDs are becoming more popular over the CW, is that something i need to consider?
  4. Hello everyone, I'm helping a friend with a DIY LED fixture for his reef project. Since English is not our first language please bear with me with any spelling or grammar mistakes. a bit of background of his project : Soft corals and LPS tank Tank dimensions : 60" x 24" x 24" light fixture would be 6"-9" above the tank unless advised otherwise he's getting all the hardware from Rapidled.com will be getting 3 x Drilled/tapped 6" x 20" Black Anodized Aluminum Heat Sink http://www.rapidled.com/drilled-tapp...num-heat-sink/ Basically he wants to know the best ratio between whites, blues and reds ( CREE unless advised otherwise ) if I'm not mistaken there are 108 LED spots. I just want to mention that I'm using CREE XM-L U2 LEDs to light my Tropical Dart frog Vivariums and I'm very very pleased with them. I know that lighting a reef has different variants to consider when putting together a light fixture. that's why I'm posting here to learn from all the experienced reef hobbyists. We would appreciate your opinion of what LEDs would be he best bang for the buck and the rest of the hardware to fit the LEDs chosen as far as drivers, dimmer/controllers etc... I'm using 120mm computer fans as active cooling over my fixtures and I guess that's what we will do for this project, well unless you guys advise otherwise . Thanks in advance Omer
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