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  1. #Anthony

    Hammer Coral Slowly Dying

    I feed my tank cubes that i get from my lfs they are called marine cuisine and other things like that and each cube has about 4 different types offood so everything has a variety and eats what they want
  2. #Anthony

    Hand feeding - anyone do it?

    I would everyonce in a while hand feed my uncles stingray and sharks
  3. i would recommend that before you have a store you need the hook ups to wholesalers and people who could help you in the business and help you in the store with their experience right now i have a hook up with poseidon wholesale and a freind that imports from 7 diffirent major exporters of corals and fish like fiji and carribean he picks up the orders strait from LAX and i order from him every once in a while and he too wants a shop for his 7 year old kid to enjoy
  4. #Anthony

    What temp are you running your tank at?

    i usually had my tank at 79 but now i have it between 76 and 75 because i have a feather starfish
  5. #Anthony

    Your top 5 fish

    cool notgin is better than getting a bigger tank i am upgrading my 65 gallon red sea and getting a 120 gallon good luck on the tank and put a post after when you set up your tank i would like to see a tank setup for a 220
  6. #Anthony

    The Acan Club :P

    This is my favorite club of all!
  7. #Anthony

    The Acan Club :P

    Ya that garden and the way it look is the reason that I want some colonies of acans
  8. #Anthony

    Hammer Coral Slowly Dying

    Keep it in low flow and I the sand and feed it everyday. I had a three head frogspawn that almost died fully but now after 3 months it is almost fully recovered
  9. #Anthony

    Your top 5 fish

    Nice pics. Where did you get them from
  10. Nice tank setup I love the colors of your coral
  11. #Anthony

    Seriously...This just happened at PETCO

    My petco is actually okay, the lady in aquatics knows some why of what he is doing and she hasn't made any bad decisions an the fish is always happy and never have ick
  12. #Anthony

    Finishing stocking, need a 'prized fish'

    What fish did you go with after all or are you still deciding
  13. #Anthony

    Favorite Reef-Safe Wrasse

    Carpenters wrasse or a Scott's fairy wrasse or a yellow coris wrasse. I have had all of them and they do good in my 65 gallon reef aquarium
  14. #Anthony

    Going to vegas looking for a fish store.

    Idk where ATM is but you should see how far it is
  15. #Anthony

    Your top 5 fish

    Ya I know Ya sharks are cool my favorite would have to be between a banded bamboo shark or a leopard shark It doesn't matter I just wanted to see top five fish over all. Like I think in one of the first responses they put a great white and a hammerhead