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  1. If you are willing to ship I would be interested in the refractometer as well.
  2. If you are in need of any more participants I would be happy to chip in. Didn't realize how late in the month it was already. 😓Reality slowly kicks in as I notice more and more deadlines approaching lol.
  3. A zoa garden is pretty common you can just attach a few different zoas to a rock and let them fill in and mix over time. EAT SLEEP REEF on youtube has a really nice zoa garden, and he still has the zoas on plugs so he can trim them back as needed. As for the Acro you would have to find some zoas that will tolerate the lighting conditions for the bonsai. Another thing you may consider is a soft coral or maybe a birdsnest variant as a substitute.
  4. I will agree with most here about the growth patterns of acans. I have one acan that has went from 4-10 polyps in a couple months. While a few others have yet to grow any additional heads. Nutrition is huge in my opinion when it comes to acans. I like to feed chunky foods or pellets to most acans, if they are smaller go for a powder mixed to a paste. That being said like MrObscura said unless it's a super awesome rainbow I would opt to find a mini colony. You can easily find some for a reasonable price, and they will more likely start growing more rapidly.
  5. Yeah I am waiting for him to post the video on his tank with these running. I have the same cube and now I'm considering a pair of Nero 5s over a pair of MP10s.
  6. I believe soaking Military Police in a vinegar bath isn't something you should be telling us about. ?
  7. Seriously...... you had to bring my attention to this. I got lucky and scrolled past it the first time, but now it's in my cart. I definitely need to attempt to put a single sexy shrimp in it. LMAO
  8. I went with the 4g Waterbox and it is a well built tank with low iron glass. I believe Salwateraquarium.com has them for $79 plus free shipping. Either way you have some great options, I would just find the one that best fits the equipment you plan to use.
  9. Have you found any solution to your issue with the hydroids?
  10. August Update: WARNING THIS LONG.... SORRY ? While this tank has slowly progressed and I am finding more areas of improvement there have been some changes. Equipment: I got my hands on an MP10QD and couldn't be happier with this application. The few corals that have been added have shown improvement with this more varying flow patterns. The Hydor pico pump that I was using just got on my nerves and I decided to use one of the MP10QD pumps that I had purchased for the 60g cube build. I have this pump running on Reef Crest with the max set at the 4th led and the noise is basically silent other then a slight electrical whining when the motor begins to ramp up. I also acquired an extra Apex classic but haven't quite decided if I am even going to bother using it with this tank. Considering the Neo-therm heater has been doing so well and other than some more advanced programming for the MP10 I wouldn't gain much else other than data logs for pH and temp. If I end up finding a Dos pump this may change as I would like to have 2 part or auto water changes as an option. The return pump is gonna have to be upgraded in the near future, I was able to find that the Mini-MJ 404/606 can fit into the return chamber with some modification. The included return pump, tends to create a lot of vibrational noise and just doesn't seem to provide adequate flow for my taste. Livestock: I have had a rough time trying to get a fish added to this system. My initial plan was to have a Citron Goby, and after about a month of waiting was able to get one of my local fish stores to get me one for it to only die within 24hrs. I suspect the Brooklynella was the culprit in this situation, unfortunately I was only able to come to this conclusion after purchasing a second Citron Goby from another LFS. This little guy seemed to do well at first aside, then started nipping at the polyps on the Green Slimer frag. Before I could make the decision to keep him or not I came home to find him nearly dead and showing signs of Brooklynella and was gone within the hour. I decided to let the tank run for a month or two with no fish and ensure the tank was free from this for any future inhabitants. I am considering looking into some other options for a single fish or possibly a pistol/goby pair, as well as finding a porcelain crab. I did make an interesting add with some astrea snails from the LFS. These snails had been reproducing in his systems pretty easily and were extremely small and I figured they would be a good fit....... That was till I noticed these snails might as well be bunnies!!!! My initial 10-15 snails have now quadrupled in numbers at least. To my surprise I started finding small egg trails within the first 3 days of adding them to the tank. Shortly after there were small white dots everywhere on the glass, rocks, and frags. ? It seems there numbers have begin to stabilize though and are not negatively affecting anything. Corals: So far these are the corals I have added: I will try to add some updated pictures soon 2 variations of Birsdnest - Green, and a somewhat turquoise colored strain. Green slimer Random acro - possibly a bonsai Rasta zoa frag. So far everything has been doing pretty well, aside from the acro and green slimer. Red bugs ended up making it past the dip on this acro and have been preventing it from doing to well. I have done what I can with a few bayer dips and will be crossing my fingers for now but don't have much hope. As for the Green Slimer it was the meal of choice for the Citron Goby for a short period and lost nearly all the polyps along one side. Since the goby is now gone it has made a near 100% recovery and regained all its lost tissue and polyps thankfully. It is even showing some signs of encrusting and growth now. As the tank has become more stable and I found a suitable lighting schedule I will begin to add some more corals. Chemistry: So far I have been able to maintain my levels with small water changes every few days, but since I have been purchasing pre-mixed salt from my LFS I am starting to get frustrated with the lack of consistency in alk and salinity. I had to basically create a formula on excel to estimate an appropriate size of water to change without swinging the alk more then a couple points (If anyone is interested in this excel sheet pls let me know it has been pretty nice so far). I have had to ever so slowly move my alk level from 10-11 dKH down to roughly 8 dKH since the salt water I purchased was anywhere from 12 dKH to 14 dKH. Since then my alk is starting to trend a decrease of about 1 dKH each day give or take. I will planning to implement a 2part or some kalk soon as manual daily water changes to maintain major elements is just asking for trouble.