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  1. Sounds like a solid plan! Is there any particular reason that you are going for the XP Aqua Duetto AIO? I am running the XP Aqua Duetto and it fits perfectly in the return section. I would have incorporated an Intank Media basket as well if it was offered, guess I'll just have to get a 7g or 10g so I can :D. I may have to try a small amount of phosguard in my 4g to battle some of the GHA that has been plaguing my tank.
  2. I would base this on where if you are wanting to run filter floss and also where your heater fits best.
  3. Oh, that's right, I forgot they were discontinuing them.
  4. Can we expect any options for the Waterbox 4g? I can't tell you how many times I've had to fish one of the course sponges out of the back chambers. Damn my normal sized hands!
  5. The plumbing configuration is going to depend on if you want to have a "bean animal style" overflow or a "Herbie overflow". In my opinion, if you have the necessary drains to run a bean animal, then you are going to benefit most from this. The redundancy and overall noise will be better with this configuration. As for "C", I believe this was an attempt to help allow the air to escape from drain "C" before it gets to the sump and possibly creates noise.
  6. This is my "educated guess" 1 + B - is your lowest drain point so it will be your full siphon drain, so you will need the gate valve to tune. 2 + A - this is your emergency drain since. It is hard to tell from the picture, but it should be the highest drain. 3 + C - this one will be your secondary drain, depending on your return pump this may or may not drain some water regularly. Hope this helps.
  7. If you aren’t limited on space I would consider the 7g just because inTank offers media baskets for that model. It’s my only complaint about this tank. hoping to get some pics posted soon.
  8. Going through the ups and downs of this tank it ended up just being a catch all of corals that will be going into my 60g Cube build. The initial attempt at growing sps was a bit outlandish to accomplish with dry rock, even now I can tell the tank is still getting established as different populations are changing. (lately there was a huge increase in tiny bristle worms that have died off and created another spike in algae growth). I am split between turning this into a sexy shrimp tank with a bunch of rock flowers or getting the 7g or 10g and attempting my original plan. Either way this tank has taken the back seat to my 60g build and is just coasting while all my corals in it keep growing.
  9. If you are willing to ship I would be interested in the refractometer as well.
  10. If you are in need of any more participants I would be happy to chip in. Didn't realize how late in the month it was already. 😓Reality slowly kicks in as I notice more and more deadlines approaching lol.
  11. A zoa garden is pretty common you can just attach a few different zoas to a rock and let them fill in and mix over time. EAT SLEEP REEF on youtube has a really nice zoa garden, and he still has the zoas on plugs so he can trim them back as needed. As for the Acro you would have to find some zoas that will tolerate the lighting conditions for the bonsai. Another thing you may consider is a soft coral or maybe a birdsnest variant as a substitute.
  12. I will agree with most here about the growth patterns of acans. I have one acan that has went from 4-10 polyps in a couple months. While a few others have yet to grow any additional heads. Nutrition is huge in my opinion when it comes to acans. I like to feed chunky foods or pellets to most acans, if they are smaller go for a powder mixed to a paste. That being said like MrObscura said unless it's a super awesome rainbow I would opt to find a mini colony. You can easily find some for a reasonable price, and they will more likely start growing more rapidly.
  13. Yeah I am waiting for him to post the video on his tank with these running. I have the same cube and now I'm considering a pair of Nero 5s over a pair of MP10s.
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