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  1. hi there, due to unstable stacking of LR and too much movement while working on the corals. im using 10k so as to promote grows..good growths .n 250watt give the intense light n higher par.sps needs that. color loss? yes(10k give much yellow compared to higher kelvins bulb) u mean water turn over? its about 10 to 12 times, if my calculation is right. tkxs.
  2. tank is in the mess right now but here goes.. im going to frag half of the big table acro tmrw due to the ### its blocking the lights below it... what do u think guys? any suggestions? i might be buying some sps frags this wkend. i am seriously looking for blue ones. blue milli is on my top list for now
  3. newly aquired sps. 2 days old... light pink millipora another pix of it from diff angle...
  4. some update.. i did some sps stocking n got myself a problem. i run out off space! i also did some serious fragings. i will post some pics later .... to think of it,i just made my tank a sps dominant instead of mix reef! thxs.
  5. got this frag few days ago hope it will encrust fast n grow big big! and this too..
  6. short video...... hv fun!
  7. i only hv 1 fish only....n not planning any till i get this borrowed a pic from a friend....
  8. a little update.... i lost my african flameback angel due to my stupidity
  9. showing off some shots only using actinics.... these ATI T5s rock!!
  10. pic FTS as of now wat a loss... n oh ya,sold my clam n zoas as a reefer gv me a very good offer that i just cant say no to him
  11. hehe...im not tokyo,thou i wish to... i live in Singapore n the sticker thats u c was just an indication for me to monitor the water level in my sump*bump* i do water top up manually... as for today, i DIY myself a 250watt MH(still using the old pendent) for my small tank! using 10k BLV SE bulb driven by a magnetic Ballast wif suppliment new 2x24watt ATI Blue Plus T5 Light Tube n WOW! it almost blind ME! the magnetic ballast sure do really OVERDRIVE the bulb! im lovin it!
  12. quick update.... not a good one few weeks ago-all live rock collapse while im gone.killing some Acro frags n damages alot tips...so did another rock staking. later few days, my daughter's beloved nemo went head straight in the powerhead! last week, i changed a new MH bulb. after 3 days(6hrs daily)it got burned! took few days to replace new bulb n my expensive babyblue staghorn acro goes brown out. ouch!
  13. My 25g SPS Dominant Tank

    is that a blue/purple staghorn arco???? wow alex...the color is so intense. ive been looking for it for sometime now....n quite expensive too.
  14. at first when i got it,it was dark brown but now....