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  1. My 10 gallon (work in progress)

    Nice start off... the "dead" rock may start a mini cycle but adding live rock will do the same, i doubt anything will be alive still, id just use the dead rock as base rock and get a few punds of live rock to seed it.
  2. nass snail.......

    my nass snail's little snout looks like its been ripped in half it kinda curls on the end... think my nass can make it with this problem or ya think hes gonna die?
  3. WTB zoo frags in socal just cycled new 10g

    there are lots of places where u can get frags in south california... try looking in the phone book, thats what i did and there are lots of good lfs selling small frags
  4. chemipure made my water black!..help

    waters starting to clear up, i added a a fine mesh and it seems to be picking up the last bits of carbon.. thanks for everyones help
  5. chemipure made my water black!..help

    its only little murky.. ill wait i guess and see if things get better
  6. hey.. i just added some chemipure into my 3 gallon and all my water turned black.. guess i didnt rinse it good enough.. will my water clear up or should i do a water change?
  7. toothpick method

    With the toothpick method, you are suppose to use a wooden tooth pick as once the coral attaches it will eat away the toothpick. If its plastic the tooth pick will not be eaten away, the xenia may grow around it or the toothpick may irritated it, so if u don’t have wooden, id choose another method.
  8. Need MH Lighting?

    hmmm i think the article on AA is mixing up a few things. they talk about using lighting for horticulure.. thoughs lights are ment to be probably the same as the normal ones you would use on a reef. and well the prices are almost exactly the same. 100-300. now their talking of buy one from homedepot... homedepot doesn't sell GROW lights for HORTICULTURE. they sell flood lights... so there is a little problem with that article ..
  9. FS: 150w DE MH Pendant $CHEAP$

    actually id rather go with 70w MH so spirte i guess its yours (for now.....):
  10. Somethings Eatting My Shroom!

    I can back from work like right now 10:00 PM, and I look at my tank and i noticed MY SHROOM IS HALF GONE, there only a half now and the mouth,What can it be?
  11. a2vwnick's 10g reef

    black sand is not recommended for a reef tank.
  12. Bioload on a 3 gallon

    I have a 3 gallon, i had a damsel in there before that did fine, no problems with bioload but i had to remove it because it out grew the tank, i added aa peppermint shrimp in there, but the only problem is it kept knocking down coral, yet was great in keeping the tank clean, very hardy.
  13. my banana tree