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  1. majano
  2. Those are Green Star Polyps dude, clavualria family but not xenia
  3. Sweetest blues I've seen!!!
  4. Ofcourse water movement is essential, i just think the wave idea isn't necessary, although i could see where it would be visually pleasing...just my 2 cents
  5. Gerde, just wondering if you were using the 500 as a fuge or filter. I ask becasue I doubt that what you mentioned would have helped Huarang. I still think that the flow is too much for a fuge unless you add a baffle of some sort. Hwarang/Heuer, do you think that by cutting off some of the impeller it could get unbalanced and not work well or make alot of noise?
  6. If you think the 300 has enough room for what you want to put in go for it and buy an extra impeller for the AC Mini. I had a 500 on a 10 gallon and thought it was way too much. I now have the 300 on a 5.5 and it's just right...I do wish I had more space, but it works. Just pop in the mini impeller and no more mods are needed. I ran the 300 for a few weeks with no mods, just the surface skimmer attachment. It rattled, hummed and swirled...now with the mini impeller it's quiet, calm and just the right flow for a fuge.
  7. I'd say every 2-3 weeks is pretty common....that's what mine does.
  8. jean...that sounds like one of those things that's really cool to try out and say you have, but in the end i would guess it doesn't add much value to a nano.
  9. I used a spraybar on a powerhead in my old 10 gallon nano, didn't have an elbow but went along the whole back glass. it worked well and never got clogged. i thought it worked well in pushing out denitrus from behind the rocks.
  10. Mine stopped sweeping in just a few weeks and would not unstick after that. Also I think it ran too hot. I had no temp issues in my 5.5 gallon and when the powersweep was added the temp went up 5 degrees with lights on. Now that I have removed the powersweep the temp stays constant again at 79 degrees. I replaced it with a Rio 50 and an Aquaclear powerhead, 201 I think.