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  1. Happy 12th Birthday Nano-Reef.com!

  2. 130W PC vs 70w MH

    Are you thinking of doing both lights on the 36? I don't think the 70 watts is enough alone. I used to run a 250 watt halide over a 30 hex and loved it. Nice shimmer and everything had great growth along with good color.
  3. Metal Halides from Lowes (shop lights)

    You aren't going to save $200. Once you buy the halogen fixture for $10 you will need a ballast for say a 70 or 150 watt halide lamp = $50, then you will need a bulb, say another $50. So all in all you will save less than $100.
  4. Metal Halides from Lowes (shop lights)

    Those lights probably don't come with a ballast, which you will need.

    Have you ever seen starving Ethiopian babies running around the african dessert? They all kinda look fat too.
  6. Salinity

    i would shoot for 1.025 for a reef. to raise it just mix your water change water up to 1.025. over the course of your water changes you will gradually be increasing your tank water to the 1.025. this is the best way to do it.
  7. Some random pics

    I don't take many pics of my reefs, when you see them you will know why, lol. I'm not real good with the camera when it comes to tanks. I like this Sinularia, but it grows like a dandelion at times and causes some toxic havoc. When I get my frag tank going again I'm going to cut it back hard. These red shrooms are nice too, they have nice color and the pimples really pop (pun intended) with actinics on. This frogspawn was one head a year ago when I bought it for $6. It's about to be 4 with anotehr head ready to split and there are 4 mini heads sprouting off one branch. Great purple tips. This is a nice frag of eagle eyes as well as a few individual polyps of other zoas. These are something I call Burgandy Stars. When I had these is my old 5.5 gallon nano they actually spawned, very nice color. This is a purple yuma. No growth out of this guy at all in a year so I took a razor blade and cut around the foot. It mostly healed back together, but it looks now like it is growing two mouths right where I made the cut and starting to seperate so we will see. And finally some nice blue ricordea florida, started with just one of these, close to 5 now.
  8. I think you need bigger water changes, if your calcium is 220 and nitrates are 40. Those parameters aren't anywhere near perfect. How about doing some 2 gallon changes and try doing 2 or 3 a week for a month and see if those levels go down and up respectively. I would also test that water you are buying before doing a water change to see what the levels are in it.
  9. Deli's 29 gallon Hex

    I had the same size tank for awhile as a reef. I loved it. I would suggest maybe a bigger powerhead in there, but otherwise I think you are off to a GREAT start. How much light is that? My only other concern is that tank is pretty deep. About 24" I think. Might be a little too much to get results with coral and PC.
  10. FT: SPS frags - York/Lancaster, PA

    Hey Darin....I've got a blue polyped digi I can frag if interested. I'm sure I can't meet though until after the fatman comes next week. Mybe meet up at TFP if interested?
  11. Birdsnest on a suicide mission

    yeah man, that is not even a contest. Galaxea in a knock out in the first round.
  12. Drilling glass

    Here is a link for a great way to drill glass without a hole saw http://sv-sea.com/modules.php?name=Content...wpage&pid=2
  13. fuge sand

    I believe whats in the aragalive is in some type of stasis or hibernation like state. Just add some type of play sand for fuge so detritus can settle on top and something in similar size to what you have for display.
  14. Most expensive GSP you've ever seen

    When there is a huge disparity in pricing it can be hard to justify, BUT I will tell you this. I work in this industry for a manufacturer. I have been in 90% of the stores that carry reef equipment on the east coast. One small store recently was crying the blues to me....his electric bill was $4,000. It's impossible for us to know what goes on in our LFS. Someone mentioned online stores. They are killing LFS's that do not sell online. Anyway, I could easily turn this into a huge rant, but will leave at this for now.
  15. metal halide

    Don't hold me to this, but that light might also need a ballast, which would make it very expensive for what you are getting. I do think I have seen a mogul 70 watt bulb in the proper spectrum, but it's been a while and don't remember where.