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  1. Been a couple years since my last FTS, so figured why not now? Not much has changed, except for my 40-50 head frogspawn no longer rules the land, as it succumbed to BJD, presumably from an unsuccessful fragging. It was devastating and is chronicled, with a great pic just before it started to decline, in the below link.
  2. You think the leather may have caused some irritation to the frogspawn, making it susceptible to the BJD? I wasn't planning on going to the swap, but who knows. I'll probably stay away from a replacement coral for awhile...make sure my duncans are okay and hopefully let any lingering BJD in the water column die off (if that's even possible) - I'll probably add another LPS in its place, so want to be extra careful before adding.
  3. If asking me, my nitrates were less than 5. Thanks for the thought!
  4. Yeah, once I took the colony out, I replaced the chemi pure and purigen (I try to do that every 3 months anyway) and went ahead with a 3g water change. This morning, all the red mushrooms were still closed, as was the middle zoa colony that started closing yesterday, but I didn't think BJD would affect zoas, shrooms or SPS? Tough to tell in the morning, when the lights just turn on...hopefully, I come home to good news this evening. I'll be careful with my duncan colony going forward - if there are any signs of distress, even if I don't see brown stuff, I'll begin a series of precautionary dips - seems like that's the only thing known to have some impact on BJD.
  5. No GFO running in my tank. Looks like my problem turned out to be BJD.
  6. No, I don’t think so. My only guess is I fragged a branch off a couple months ago and it got banged around a bit as I glued it back in place. Didn’t think much of it, but that’s the only stress I can think of that would have made it susceptible to this. The frag I gave my buddy is doing okay and that pretty pic in my OP was literally just last week. Mega bummer. I ended up not keeping a single head of it - as I tried to to siphon the BJD out, it came out very stringy, smelly and cloudy, along with the remaining green tissue - none of the heads seemed alive, more like the neon green was already detached and just sitting in the crevice.
  7. Looking like BJD. Don’t know how it wasn’t so apparent until today. I’m siphoning out - you can see in the pic, the bottom half has been siphoned. I’m thinking I should take it out, frag pieces that look okay, and hopefully my Duncan’s wont be affected. Seems like the most appropriate response? Doesn’t sounds like there’s much I can do to save it at this point?
  8. Inserting three photos. A brown goo is developing over the top of some of the heads. A few heads around the exterior of the colony still show bits of green, but not many. Perhaps I should cut those off? Close up of the rock the frogspawn is on. You can kind of see some of the m white debris that’s settled on it. The large zoa colony to the right no has most of its heads closed. Perhaps related, perhaps not - it just happened.
  9. No other additives. I keep a small fuge in the rear chamber and I run chemi-pure and purigen in the basket, which I'm going to replace this evening. Unfortunately, no hospital tank for me at this time. I'm going to replace my chemi-pure and purigen tonight, and we'll see.
  10. Yes, did one on Mon. Have another batch of water ready, but not sure if it's doing more harm than good. If I moved things around in the tank, so the frogspawn wasn't downstream, then I planned to water change then, because that'll stir a lot of stuff up.
  11. Yeah, looking at your tank, it's hard to see how my little slimer could be such a trouble maker. I don't know, I'm grasping at straws and the 'warfare' thing was mentioned by multiple sources, plus the theory fits in some ways (my params are good, the frogspwan is down current, the slimer was recently added, etc.)...who knows. The BRS dosing pumps pump 1.1 ml's per min, so a 10 min dosing period doses about 11 ml's, so not too far off from the 20ml per day you guessed my tank would need.
  12. So you don't believe the slimer would be leeching something that could be affecting the frogspawn down current? No alterations to PH - had the LFS test that too and it was at 8.3. I use BRS' two part dose and run those pumps for about 10 min each night. I've been doing that for a couple years.
  13. I think you guys are touching on what may be the issue - I just left my LFS and they also said warfare, perhaps with the green slimer, which was added about 3 weeks ago? From a flow standpoint, it'd make sense but not sure why the slimer and frogspawn would get a long for the first two weeks and not now? And to answer ajmckay's other questions, yes, it seemed fine until last Thu's water change, and no other additions, dosing changes, etc. I do feel like some stringy white residue is on the rock, but I wasn't sure if that was always there, but just usually covered when the mushrooms are open. I have three large rocks in my tank - one with frogspawn, one with the slimer and one with a toadstool. I probably need to keep the slimer in the middle, but perhaps I can flip flop the toadstool and frogspawn rocks, so it's not down stream from the slimer? Would the slimer then just mess with the toadstool? Any thoughts on that approach? I didn't think slimers could be such bad tank inhabitants? I definitely don't 100% adhere to those guidelines, but it's been okay for 5 years, so I imagine my routine has been okay. Tamerav was right in that the Alk of 8 I originally mentioned was for the tank water - HOWEVER, I just had my LFS test my tank water again (after Mon's water change), as well as a batch of newly mixed RSCP - here are the results: Tank Water: Alk 10 / Ca 470 New RSCP Water: Alk 8 / Ca 440 When I tested the new water, I got 7, so that's definitely concerning. I'll try stirring the mix and making a new batch and see if that helps, otherwise, I may contact RSCP for a new bucket? I was only saying that my duncans open at night - not all duncans. This same duncan colony used to open during the day, but it's changed over the years and lighting may be the reason - I run a Nanobox Duo at about 25% power on whites for a six hour photo period. Does that seem like too much?
  14. Thanks everyone for the replies - you all are awesome! The frogspawn and mushroom conditions have not improved. I will give more detail and answers to some of the specific comments later this morning. This frogspawn began as 3 heads about 4.5 years ago and grew into this colony of over 40. Pretty maddening.
  15. I don’t think so, who knows.