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  1. Where do you buy your corals?

    I started out buy from local stores until I joined the Bay area reefers, now I just goto frag swaps and get it for free, well I donate frags for frags.
  2. 18 Via Aqua

    Monti cap
  3. What is your favorite type of fish?

    Man this poll has been here to long! I saw this poll last year! You need one a month!
  4. Here is my mini

    small real small lol
  5. It was just a suggestion, 150w is just enough keep your low light stuff on the bottom and you should be fine for the most part hell go with 70w 20k.
  6. Ofblong Do what I did and just get a real light. I just picked up 150w DE 14k Metal Halide. I have pics in my gallery. But my ballast still does work. Its a reef III and a BLue wave III
  7. flamescallop2

    I was going to ask you has it settled down? I hear they don't last long.
  8. Paid $360.00 for it

    lol I was! I bought a reef optix III plus, with a blue wave III ballast, so they gave my wife a Lettuce nudibranch free.
  9. Paid $360.00 for it

    The Most exspensive nudibranch yet. I paid $360.00 for this guy I hope he lives forever. I did get a ballast and hanging pendant free with it.
  10. new light

    Thanks I had a hard time trying to decide what to do with my lights(14k 20K, 10K+pc). I was going todo a retro kit and fit it into the old PC hood, but got a gift card to my LFS.
  11. 18 Via Aqua

    Thanks guys just upgraded the lights from two 36w pc. 18g Via Aqua, penguin 550 no wheel, prizem skimmer, 150w DE HQI 14k Reef optix III plus pendent with a blue wave III ballast.
  12. new light

    !8g, Via Aqua with 150w HQI 14k reef III
  13. Green zoos

  14. 18 Via Aqua

    I think I could use more rock?
  15. DIY Stand / Canopy Side View

    You already have a nice hood, why not retro fit it with a 150 HQI? I will find the link and get back to you. This is what I am going to do with my Via Aqua. You can fit a 1 36w PC and 1 150 HQI! Update http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=38819&perpage=20&pagenumber=4