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  1. Feeding More feeding... Made sure he wasnt hiding the food stuffs in his cave as I know Mantis will do that at times. They said he just arrived this week and hadnt eaten yet, but as you can see....😁
  2. New update! The LFS has a Gonodactylaceus glabrous for sale and I got a coupon lol so going to check this out (Bluezoo aquatics photo not my lfs)
  3. We considered a Peacock as they have one for sale near me,let it grow bigger and then transfer over to the bigger one in a year or so
  4. We definitely are gonna do it! Just gotta wait for the vendor to get some in! Hooray!! Also,started to plan the next tank....🤔🤔🤔😱
  5. Considering retrying the Odontodactylus havanensis. Obviously I'll sleep on it a while,but would be a fun new addition. 🤔 Would definitely need to add the skimmer to help buffer the added food load. I could however provide a good live food of hermit crabs for its food source to help supplement prepared food...so its doables...
  6. It's important to swap that floss. This went in earlier this morning and this is what was after a sand/rock blast,and pellet feeding of the fish/shrimpleton. Mind you,I clean the tank this way daily. 🌊
  7. Thanks brother! I am pushing your lights at my work too!🤙
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