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  1. FS: Aquamaxx Hob-1

    Pm sent
  2. Apex Jr and netgear SOLD

    pm sent
  3. Deep blue 30G RR + Sump + T5

    Price down to tank+stand : $300 sump :$220.
  4. Stamford Pick up preferred. 3.5" Orange Monti Cap : $30 3.5" Red Monti Cap : $30 3.5" Green Monti Cap : $20(with some dead spot because of contact with other SPS) 3.5" Crocea Clam : $30 2 x 3" staghorn frag : $30 Yellow leather/Clove Polyp/Red mushrooms : $35
  5. - ADA 60P + Redsea Max 250D Stand + Lifereef Overflow box + Eshopps RS-75 : $300 - The back side of glass is opaque so you can hide pipe and cords. - Dimension is 24"x12"x14". Bought last year. - Stand is for Redsea Max250D. Depth is bigger than the tank so you can put foods or something in front of the tank. Bought as a new a few month ago. Stamford Pickup only + 5 Gallons of ESV saltwater bought from Greenwich Aquaria.
  6. Tank: New deep blue 30G 24*24*12 Reef Ready tank and stand. Bought new in April paying $399 + tax. Haven't used it yet. Return + overflow plumbing included. Sump: Made by Custom king. Custom order for this tank. It fits the stand and includes insump refugium with pebble live rock and sands. Paid $280 as new. Include two filter sock. Just put some sand and rocks on refugium. Haven't add any water on the other side. Light: 2 x Hagen 24W glo T5 - Giesemann pure actinic / UV super actinic - around 4~ months used. Pump: Hydor nano : One month used from new. Salt: ESV salt 200G. Made less than 20G with this one. So still more than 180G left. Will give Light + Pump + Salt for Free if you buy tank + sump together. Tank + stand : $320 Sump : $240 Stamford(CT) pick up only.
  7. Where can I buy Halophila Decipiens?

    Thank you so much guys.
  8. I searched this forum and googled but can't find where Halophila Decipiens or Oar grass is sold. Anybody knows?
  9. Seabass's 17.4 Gallon (taken down)

    Cool, where did you get shoal grass and oar grass. I can't find them anywhere.
  10. 1) I have 5 months used Do aqua cabinet for 60cm x 30cm bought as new @ $385 + $60 shipping from aqua forest aquarium. http://www.adana-usa.com/index.php?main_pa...products_id=422 Would like to sell it at $280. No shipping. 2) 3 months used Hydor slim skim NANO. $60 shipped. Located in Stamford, CT.
  11. 1,135miles from here(2,270miles for round trip!!!). That will be an once-in-a-lifetime driving for me. It takes 5 hours to drive across my country.
  12. Sorry, I am a stranger in US. I don't even know where Memphis is located.
  13. I have 4 months used ADA 60P with mist screen DoAqua Stand Lifereef Nano Overflow box Wonder whether there is someone who wants to buy them in good price. I'd like to have more shallow tank instead of it. Local pick up only in Stamford, CT. Please send pm me if you are interested.