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  1. sunburn

    Kat's Birthday Party

    WOW kat! I was away for a few months, and have returned to see your tank looking like a TOTM. Last I saw it you were having hair algae and cyano problems. You definitely have a blue thumb!
  2. sunburn

    Phosguard in 5 gallon?

    I would re-bag it because the stuff is pretty strong. I would use 1/6 of the bag. Using Phosguard may not get rid of your algae. It will get rid of the phosphate in the water column, but a lot of hair algae comes from the phosphate in the rock it's growing on.
  3. sunburn

    CAD Lights: issue resolved

    That sucks. Did you pay with a credit card? Credit card companies can help with disputes like this.
  4. sunburn

    Kat's Birthday Party

    Tank is looking great Kat! I used Chemiclean and it worked great to get rid of my cyano. The only problem was getting out of the tank. It made my skimmer go nuts for a few weeks - even after a few water changes. I never thought it would end. But it definitely worked.
  5. sunburn

    Sk8n Reefer's Nuvo 16

    Beautiful Tank! Congrats!
  6. sunburn


    I have two Cyphastrea. One is Meteor Shower that had a blue base and red polyps when I bought it. I placed it in a somewhat shaded part of my tank and the blue turned green, but all new growth is blue. The other is purple and orange and is mostly shaded. Both have great PE and are growing really well. They don't need much light.
  7. sunburn

    Kat's Birthday Party

    Can you imagine anyone doing that at their everyday job? "I think you should cut the red wire on that bomb, but I have low confidence in me being right."
  8. sunburn

    Kat's Birthday Party

    One of the news stations in PA has a "confidence meter". For this storm they had "low confidence" in their prediction for over a foot of snow - which we didn't get close to. We got basically nothing. So today they're congratulating themselves about how great they were about their low confidence prediction.
  9. sunburn

    Suddenly aggressive clownfish

    Looks like things might be settling down. Is the male still hiding? If the male is wiggling then he's becoming submissive to her and she may accept him.
  10. sunburn

    Suddenly aggressive clownfish

    I would take both of them back. It doesn't seem like the female is accepting the male and could kill him. I would try to find a mated pair. I bought my pair off Ebay. They were bred at Sustainable Aquatics. You can also find people who occasionally sell their mated clowns because of aggression towards other fish. I think Kat might be interested in selling her pair of clowns. And if you buy a mated pair make sure they are "mated" or a "breeding" pair. The difference between them is the mated pair hasn't bred yet, while the breeding pair have been laying eggs. Someone may try to sell you just a "pair" of clowns which probably aren't mated yet and you'll be in the same situation you are now. I'm don't know much about Clarkiis, but I think all clowns can become aggressive. I've read were Percs. and Ocellaris are the least aggressive.
  11. sunburn

    Suddenly aggressive clownfish

    Why don't you just take back the larger female and keep the smaller male? Why do you want 2 clowns? I have a mated pair of Oscellaris and I regret getting them. Now that they are mating and laying eggs, they get very territorial. I no longer have any other fish in my 36 gallon tank.
  12. sunburn

    Camera phone lens to filter blues

    Great advice on this thread!
  13. sunburn

    Kat's Birthday Party

    Happy Birthday! Love Maggianos!
  14. sunburn

    Kat's Birthday Party

    I must have missed it! How long did it take to get to 900K?
  15. sunburn

    Kat's Birthday Party

    I just noticed you have 29,999 active posts. One more and you'll be at 30,000. It's like an odometer turning over.