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  1. T5HO Information

    How often is everyone changing their bulbs? Annually? Every 18 months? Something else?
  2. Acan and Favia feeding

    I've been feeding coral frenzy and cyclopeeze, sometimes spot fed, sometimes just to the tank.
  3. I can't wait to see a pic of the blue jaw.
  4. I love LPS through and through, but pics like that really make me want to set up an SPS nano. Great tank!
  5. 20L to 40gallon breeder

    Ah, makes me miss my 40br. But be careful with that stand. I don't think they're as sturdy as the AGA pine stands. After a while, I noticed some warping at the bottom of the stand and some separate at the corners. It was still holding the tank, but it made me nervous. And the warping at the bottom was just because of how much water I managed to spill.
  6. That is really nice. Now I want to re-do my aquascape again!
  7. Uhuru, were you referring to dosing a carbon source or just running carbon in the system? I thought it might be the former.
  8. msn711's 120RR build

    A better group shot: I think this is the purple halomitra I ordered separately from the pack: A nice acan echinata: Favia maybe? Chalice probably; pic came out really blue: Another favia? ??? Did random zoas/palys get into my order? Purple cyphastrea??? Another favia??? I'm hoping this is a mint green blasto: Might be the red cyphastrea I ordered separate from the pack blue and purple chalice; pic didn't come out so well Tubinaria or pagoda cup? Green cyphastrea???? Really wild guess
  9. msn711's 120RR build

    Here's the first set of pictures. First, some FTS's that show the new aquascape. You'll also see that I removed the seios. And here's a picture of most of the frag pack from aquaticcollection.com. I need to get some individual shots, but the lionfish moved into the picture. Once he moves, we can play, "let's ID the frags!"
  10. msn711's 120RR build

    Easiest way to talk yourself out of yet another tank...make a list of all the things you want to do with the current tank. 1. My tank is going through calcium at a ridiculous rate, but the alkalinity tends to stay fairly constant. Perhaps, a litermeter or some other dosing pump would be in order??? 2. With all of the negative publicity with salifert kits, I'm going to give Elos a try as I start running out of the salifert ones. I should have ordered a new nitrate test with my latest dry goods order, but I thought there was more reagent than I actually have. 3. My predator reef should be LPS dominant. Right now, it's about 50% LPS, 25% softies, and 25% random, non acro sps. I'd like for it be about 80% LPS. 4. My gf really wants a blue/regal/hippo tang. I really want a bluejaw trigger. I'm forever pushing the fish limits. 5. Some must have corals that I don't have yet: scolymia, blastomussa, micromussa (lost mine in the transfer), a purple plate, and some aussie corals (probably acans and micros). 6. Try out the frag packs. I'm waiting on one right now from aquatic collections, but fed ex screwed up, so the package is still on a delivery truck somewhere. I'm going to post the new aquascape pictures and hopefully some good corals pics if the package is ever delivered! If all goes well, I may look into a package from reefer madness and/or dr. macs. Then I can fill in the tank with select corals from my must have list. 7. If the tank is about 80% LPS, the other 20% will be sps if I can get the nitrates consistently below 10. Otherwise, I'll fill in with softies. 8. I NEED a hanna phosphate meter. I just need to keep better track of when it's time to change out the media in the phosban reactor. 9. I still need to get the vortech wireless controller. That's the problem with being an early adopter. 10. If it's possible to fit a better skimmer into the set up, then great. I want to check out the elos skimmers because the dimensions appear to be smaller than average. 11. I hope I don't need it, but I may have to get a chiller this summer. 12. If I get the chiller, I'm going to have to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom to make room for it. If so, I might as well set my ATO back up. 13. Meanwhile, I need to handle temp. control the old fashion way: plug the fan into a timer so that it runs when the lights are on. Adjust accordingly. 14. I guess I should contact neptune systems about the temp probe on the AC Jr, but I'm just so disappointed in the product as a whole that I don't even think it's worth the hassle. Yeah, that should keep me busy for a while. Pictures are coming if my order ever gets here.
  11. Tunze or Deltec Skimmers

    Well, that's what my issue was. Their instructions stink, and when I asked about it, I got such an attitude. But I will say that once you decipher the manual and get it running, the tunze 9010 is plug, play, and forget it. And it consistently pulls out a dark nasty skimmate (as opposed to that light colored liquid i got with my old css 125). It just doesn't pull out huge amounts of the stuff. I wonder if the new elos skimmers are really good? They appear to be small diameter, so I need to check and see if one of those would fit. Or whenever I decide to buy a house and move, I'll just put in a smaller sump, and upgrade the skimmer then.
  12. What happened to the Euro Reef? I thought they had a good rep? I was considering them for an upgrade somewhere down the road.
  13. msn711's 120RR build

    I've been thinking...considering all of the old equipment I have laying around, a 20L SPS/Clam tank would actually be a pretty good idea for having the best of both worlds. *Back to the drawing board*