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  1. Actually I had a house fire which wasn't tank related which left us displaced for 16 months as well as caused the tank to be without power/heat. The tank was the least of my problems after having half of my house burn down so I literally just turned my back on it and threw it in a dumpster a few weeks later- in its entirety. The tank, reactor, skimmer, kessil, mp10... now that the house is rebuilt and I want another tank I am not sure what I was thinking Here is the most recent image I have of the tank, it's from 4/2014. Edit: I maintain aquariums professionally. The clown trigger was ordered for a 700 gallon aggressive tank and that is what I received. They're my favorite fish and I decided to keep it as the third fish in my tank at the time until it matured a little and was able to move into a larger system. I kept it with a pair of percula clowns and one of the clowns mysteriously disappeared. I assumed the clown trigger got to it.. I replaced the clown with a watchman goby and they were all pretty peaceful after that. The one thing I did do after the fire was have a friend delivery the 3.5" trigger to my client where it still lives today.. it is around 8" now.
  2. I haven't had a tank in a while and I am looking to get back into it. I have a few options as far as tanks go. I can get a used Red Sea C250, it's a 65 gallon and it comes with the stand. Also included are the 2 return pumps, skimmer and skimmer pump, hood/lighting/fans. I would need to replace the lighting, and I would probably get a Hydra or 2 and the hood would come off. I also think I would get new return pumps. The tank has some scratches on the front corners, which are usually a pain in the ass to clean as it is curved glass. The plus sides of this tank for me is the size. For the same cost I could get a brand new Innovative 20 gallon drop off tank or a 30-40 gallon AIO without a stand. I would of course need a Hydra for this as well. The plus sides of this tank for me is that it's brand new. I have had IM tanks before and I liked the way they worked. I also really like the idea of a drop off tank if thats what I were to get, but I am kind of let down by its size. To Sum Up: 65 gallon Red Sea with stand, need return pumps and lighting, tank has some scratches in corners VS brand new (but smaller) Innovative 20 gallon drop off/30/40 gallon AIO would need to get a stand as well as lighting. Both options are around the same cost. Which do you think is the best option? I am wondering if I am limited to only buying Red Sea return pumps and skimmers, or can I fit another brand/size return pump back there as well as maybe a Aquamaxx HOB skimmer? That would be an ideal setup for me-- minus the scratches.
  3. lol this tank looks massive compared to my Nuvo 16..
  4. Yeah.. thats an awesome seahorse tank.
  5. We should frag sometime
  6. Stock?
  7. Looks nice.. What kind of filter are you using? I was thinking of making a 10 gallon under the main 10 gallon. Having my heater in there with some LR and caulerpa. I just gotta figure out how to actually get the water flowing through it now. lol
  8. Feather Caulerpa, Wire Macro.. etc
  9. Any word on shipping?
  10. Oops.. My question was "What size tank is that" but I see it was answered above.
  11. Sounds good. I was also looking at that skimmer. Post pics when it gets there.
  12. I first was going to setup at 10 gallon with Coralife Powerquad Lighting.. It will be pushing out about 96watts. Would I be able to use that same light on a 15 gallon long, or would it not be enough?
  13. That tank is f-ing awesome! I do have one question.. I was thinking about gettng a 10 gallon and doing that. I already have Coralife Powerquad 96wat lighting on hold at my lfs. Do you think that would be enough for a 15 gallon long?
  14. PM'd Im really interested in this but I dont know if Im exactly ready.. :
  15. Its ok I guess.. I liked the nano cube since you couldn't see any intake tubes or anything.