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  1. I would start out with only one. Also think about putting it on a timer that can be programed to com on and off throughout the day. You really should'nt keep this on all the time.
  2. How can I move this kenya tree?

    You can cut the tree off with a razor knife, but what ever you don't remove from the rock will probably grow back into another kenya tree within a couple of months. The stuff grows like a weed!
  3. Florida Ric Question

    Hi folks, I have a question on the husbandry of Florida Ricordia's. I hope some one out there can give me some clerification. Here is what I believe to know is true. Contrary to former belief they like more flow and more light than there cousin the Yuma. I have mine under 57w PC in my Nano cube 12g and over the past several months it has shrunk and lost much of its vibrant colors from when I first purchased. I was wondering if there is anything I might be able to change in order to get this little guy back in shape? All my parameters look normal and this tank is almost two years old.
  4. 5.5 NightStand Pico

    Nice tank man! I don't know about the maxi 600 though, seems like a bit much. Here is a pic of the 5.5 I set up over the holiday break!
  5. 1.5 yr old JBJ 12

    I whent with the retro from www.aquabuys.com about $50. Did it myself.
  6. 1.5 yr old JBJ 12

    Yes, I'm still running the original 24w 50/50 in the back and an extra 35w dual actinic in the front set on seperate timmers plus a coralife single LED moonlight.
  7. nano cube or reguler 10g tank?

    I am a nano cube owner and can say this. The cube is aesthetically nicer and has its benies with the built in filter, and you can mod it but it cost. The AGA 10 which I helped my buddy set up was a blast. Lighting options are wide open and upgrading is easy. Honestly I love the AGA 10 your $$$s will stretch futher! As for your lighting ????s This is an awsome start for that 10 gal. http://www.aquabuys.com/miva/merchant.mvc?...roduct_Count=31
  8. 1.5 yr old JBJ 12

    Actually both. The red shrooms cam on some LR I got from my LFS at $6.99 lbs
  9. [CUSTOM] Tigahboy

    Tigah, you never cease to amaze! All my buddies will get the link to that one. That was awsome!
  10. 1.5 yr old JBJ 12

    Thanks, Pili. I just saveved this tank from a green hair algea takeover about a week ago. Actually started loosing corals. Thought it was over, than brought in the hermit crab forces to wipe out the threat. Put about 20 more in + one big ass sally lightfoot.
  11. Corner 5 reef project

    Yeh there is enough room to put a full up 11in PC retro if I wanted but I spend too much $$ on my JBJ. Trying to keep it to a min. for now. The corner 5 is a great tank, it realy looks alot bigger than a 5 because it has such a big veiw in the front. It is about 15in accross. Thats more than my JBJ 12.
  12. Corner 5 reef project

    Yes, pet_doc I have thought of that. Even the 20 is good for the time being.
  13. 1.5 yr old JBJ 12

    Once again, Ive been away from Nano-reef for awhile. Just wanted to say hello again and give Ya'll some update on my JBJ 12 OG with upgrades. Oh, and no cracks!
  14. Corner 5 reef project

    Thak you fishfreak218. I really do appreciate your comments. Thats why I mentioned the SH thing. Its not a ultimate plan, just an idea. I promise that I would do all the research I could before attempting to keep SH's. Thank you for the websites. I will be sure to check them out. For now though, I'm just going to cycle this tank as a regular reef and make the changes later if I reach that point. Thanks!
  15. Corner 5 reef project

    Hi all, Its been a while since I have been active here at nano-reef. I promise I havent let my passion die. My new endevour this month comes about from the recent death of my fresh water Angel fish. The corner 5 was empty again and it was about time to add the salt to that one too! My plans are to, (if I can get things stable enough) possibly make this one into a Sea Horse tank. Here is what I have so far. -20w coralife 50/50 mod from 10w -aprox. 5lbs live rock -Eclipse style built-in filter I know its a shot in the dark but we will see. Here are some pics!