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  1. CCDillon

    WTB Mini red carpet anemone

    Blargh that's definitely an obstacle haha
  2. CCDillon

    White polyp thing with short tentacles

    It honestly looks like a bleached Palythoa polyp. I would turn the rock to where this polyps gets more light and see if it colors up.
  3. CCDillon

    WTB Mini red carpet anemone

    Good stuff. I'm willing to buy if your friend doesn't work out. Thank you!
  4. CCDillon

    WTB Mini red carpet anemone

    Thank you! I'll check up on them periodically
  5. CCDillon

    WTB Mini red carpet anemone

    Nah it's cool and I def will. I figured they would be a hit once they were in the market for a while. I was happy I had so many split just from one specimen. Of course a crash happened and I slowly lost them all.
  6. What's up everyone. I'm looking to buy a small red mini carpet anemone. They aren't maxi minis and they aren't baby haddonis or anything and I'll attach a picture of what I am looking for in this post. They don't have a Latin name as far as I know but I have seen them frequently in the trade and are just referred to as mini carpets. They stay up to 3 inches, are always red and split regularly. I had like 10 of them about 2/3 years ago and have been wanting some more since. Just wondering if anyone has one they wouldn't mind oarting with. PM for negotiations. Thank you.
  7. CCDillon

    Can someone ID this coral?

    They move only slightly. It's def some sort of anemone then. Could be a bubble tip, but it's hard to tell because it's not inflated fully. Nems def do move until they find a suitable spot.
  8. Harmless Copepods. They are in every reef tank and if yours is a new tank, you will see a lot of them for a bit until the population stablizes itself.
  9. CCDillon

    Can someone ID this coral?

    Reallllyyy looks like a Ricordia mushroom coral.
  10. CCDillon

    Green algae on live rock

    If your tank is properly cycled then you do not need to re-cycle. Adding in the fish increases the bioload in your tank and the beneficial bacteria in your rock and sand need to increase to accommodate. What I see is typical algae growth for a new tank. Nearly all the reef tanks I've set up have had hair algae growth on rocks and on the walls of the tank that lasted for about a week and a half before it started to dissapear, once everything in the tank was stable. Having a proper clean up crew (hermits or snails) will help greatly in getting rid of this alage but from my experience this is normal and the algae will die back or at least stop spreading after a while. Just keep it in check with a CUC or whatever algae removal you prefer. No need to overreact though. Oh, and your scape looks really nice. ­čĹŹ
  11. Hey´╗┐ everyone, I am selling an easy to care for and unique macro algae. The name ´╗┐many people call this by is "Blue Scroll". It will be $16.00 for a 2.5+" or so piece. Shipping included in price. PM me for my PayPal address. I have enough supply for about 3 packages. First come first serve. Care is as follows: It is a lightly calcareous macro so will´╗┐ not be readily consumed by your snails/crabs but your tangs may eat it. I do not have tangs but there is just simply the possibility. No snails or crabs I have ever had touched it. The is a great brown display macro and I feel it ´╗┐would also be pretty useful in the refugium because it has very steady growth once you get it growing.´╗┐ It is also beautiful, in that it takes an almost plating like growth sctruture not unlike Montipora. This macro also exhibits a pleasing dark blue sheen when veiwed from above or at certain angles. It can tolerate almost any type of flow but I have found it to do best in high flow. I actually have two colonies attached the the body and outtake of my power heads in my main reef. High flows aids in it's plating structure. It can also live in any kind of light, the higher the better it seems, according to growth rate observed. The more light you have on it, the bluer and more prominent the blue sheen of this macro will show. It can and will grow in low light, though. Your clipping will come free-floating. Just superglue to a rock/plug and it will eventually attach. It may take a while so the glue will be necessary but it can also be wedged between rocks and eventually take hold. Rubber band can work as well but will damage it a little. Please see the attached pictures for what this macro looks like and what size portion you will receive. Any questions, please ask! I only ship Monday. It will be sent using 2-Day Priority Mail w/ USPS and that is included in the price in the first part of my post. Macro ships safely using two day and is tolerant of temp changes but keep in mind that if it is freezing where you live, there is a risk. I have sold on nano-reef successfully before so buy with confidence. I will try to answer messages and ´╗┐inquiries in a timely manner and here is a thread from ´╗┐past dealings: http://www.nano-reef...algae-for-sale/´╗┐ and another: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/354980-red-hexbranching-rare-macroalgae-for-sale/ Thanks