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  1. Haha wow that's wild. Well if you got the nem safely away I believe it'll make a full recovery. I've seen these guys lose nearly all their short tentacles from stress and then eventually bounce back. Just better keep a tight leash on that pom-pom lol
  2. Oh wow yeah I'd wrestle it away for sure because there's no way it'll survive like that.
  3. Well, happy ending to my story. Managed to find someone local that had like 15-20 nems that he split from 1 he got a while back. Said it was sold to him as a mushroom, lucky b******. So I got one from him by trading a couple frags. Still isn't much info out here about them but I plan on feeding this thing daily until it splits like crazy, which is what happened last time I had them.
  4. Thanks for the input! Yeah this tank is fairly established. Started with rock and sand from my mixed reef about 4-5 months ago.
  5. Hey everyone, I got gifted a softball sized yellow ball sponge about a week ago and am looking for anyone that has tips on care. I keep it in my fish-less 10 gallon macro-algae setup currently. I am broadcast feeding preserved phytoplankton daily. Sponge seems happy, didn't let it touch air and it seems to be extending the bottom of itself to better secure it's place in the tank. Holes in the sponge frequently open up more, especially after feeding. I also have it in a medium flow spot that is under a ledge of live rock. Am I generally doing everything correctly? I'd hate to mess up with this unique creature. Do I need to do frequent water changes when dosing? This is a simple setup that I rely on water changes and macro for filtration. Here's some pics:
  6. Awesome. Will do, thank you. LAreefs is where I originally got mine years ago.
  7. Sure is, still looking for one that isn't outrageously priced.
  8. Still got any? Willing to buy from you :)
  9. Love it! Looks like you're in the right track to success! Your tank is looking great and I'm sure it will look amazing in the future. Good luck with everything!
  10. Blargh that's definitely an obstacle haha
  11. It honestly looks like a bleached Palythoa polyp. I would turn the rock to where this polyps gets more light and see if it colors up.
  12. Good stuff. I'm willing to buy if your friend doesn't work out. Thank you!
  13. Thank you! I'll check up on them periodically
  14. Nah it's cool and I def will. I figured they would be a hit once they were in the market for a while. I was happy I had so many split just from one specimen. Of course a crash happened and I slowly lost them all.
  15. What's up everyone. I'm looking to buy a small red mini carpet anemone. They aren't maxi minis and they aren't baby haddonis or anything and I'll attach a picture of what I am looking for in this post. They don't have a Latin name as far as I know but I have seen them frequently in the trade and are just referred to as mini carpets. They stay up to 3 inches, are always red and split regularly. I had like 10 of them about 2/3 years ago and have been wanting some more since. Just wondering if anyone has one they wouldn't mind oarting with. PM for negotiations. Thank you.
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