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  1. how did you find a boxfish that small?
  2. its to big like me i have one the size of a half doller its so small
  3. u need a mantis shrimp not a skunk lol they are cool get a lil N. wenn
  4. not bad at all man
  5. i have few to they have like a dome for a shell but its not hard one for them is blue one is pink
  6. o its so cute lol
  7. that makes the tank look nice btw the 2 triggers are going to need a bigger tank when they are bigger they are big now mine is 1'' and its funny cuz he gets pick on by a neon goby
  8. if u want one get it from they are 25.00$ and for the kit that has food and more is 45.00$ they are CB not WC i have mine in a 50gal with rock thats it some ppl tell u not to get one well im 13 and i work on it only me its easy and 1 2 3 take it lil by lil and you'll be fine i hope they need a 50 or more mine is so fun he was only 1'' when i got him now he is the size of my fist in 1 1/2 months so yeah i hope this helps later
  9. i got a 10gal and pc lights so i want to do a mantis tank now what type of mantis is not to shy and well not crack the glass and are some shrroms and zoos ok with 4watts per gal and mantis safe ty
  10. its so clean
  11. hello im going to do a peacock mantis tank and its going to be a 20 now its a Acyrlic tank its but its only 1/4 inch thick well that hold a 6''peacock and a minibow 7 can that hold one to i want to do 2 ty for your time
  12. my lfs is a lil better they ask u some stuff but i seen this new guy selling a BTA to a man and he ask what size tank do u have and what lighting he told him a 55 and one 40watt light and he told him that well be fine it was so bad i told the guy it wont work and he still got it. and this one guy ask about ashark and u cant get them in arizona and he told him to go to CAL and get 2 lemon sharks one for him to and he has a only a 20long i was like wow
  13. looks like some type of sponge not sure sorry
  14. im going to get a Octopus for free and im not sure what type it is and its tiny size of a dime and what size of a tank well it need and are they hard to take care of o yea im going to get 10lbs lr from TBS for my new tank not for the Octopus whats the % of geting a mantis in it ty
  15. can any type of eel go in a 10gal tank