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  1. Lighting 2.5g

    Well i think the more light never hurts. I have a 70watt MH on my 2.5gal and on my 5.5gal cube. Just watch out with the whole heat thing. Mine are hooked up to a 10gal sump with a small JBJ chiller.
  2. Playstation 3 System

    from $700-$850 on ebay now for the 60GB.
  3. Playstation 3 System

    I have an 175watt MH retro and 2 70watt retros lol.
  4. Painting a Background

    I would so go with Yellow! Nahh im going black looks good IMO. but thats my .02 cents.
  5. My 29gal reef

    I really love it. I get dark tea to coffee color. Its only temp tho. Ill be adding a remora next week and in 5months im drilling it.
  6. My 29gal reef

    Hey, Well this is my 29gal nano reef. I know its not great but i love it. The settup is simple. 29gal low iron leemar tank and stand. 175watt 14k MH. HOB primz skimmer. A few powerheads and thats it. The tank has 50+ lbs live rock and no sand. The fish are 1 flame hawk, 1 yellowtail damsel, and a bluestripe pipefish. Tell me what you think of it and thanks alot. ~Brian side shot
  7. Any UodA nano-reefers out there?

    Yea i go to Cholla high school
  8. 2.5 pico from Thailand

    how did you find a boxfish that small?
  9. SCORE!

    yea get rid of them. i say eat them lol.
  10. For trade or sale

    Ill post some more pics tomarrow of what i have. I been looking into getting a NES as mine broke about 6months ago lol. What size frags are you looking for? I have a good amount of This kind. Can do like a 15 poly frag. They are pretty big. Can do a 7poly frag of them Can do a 7poly frag Thats some of what i have. If you would like more pics or any info feel free to PM me. ~Brian
  11. how hardy are mantis shrimp?

    it would have to be an mantis over 4'' to break glass. And the glass would have to be less than 8mm thick.
  12. Shark Tank

    ill be setting up a shark tank in 2months just ordering the stuff. The footprint is 96x48x31'' and will house a pair of epu's and a jap wobby + some fish and an eel. I been planing this tank for over 8 months and is finally going to happen.
  13. Jebo ODyssea EBAY lights-anyone ever bought?

    when i turn the lights on the fans are loud also. But they are still great for the price. Just hit it a few times.
  14. Do I have a mantis?

    not all mantis shrimps are 7'' long. I found a .75'' mantis in my tank. And some are smaller than that. I have an 2'' mantis, 4'' mantis, 6''mantis.