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  1. What is your favorite type of fish?

    Well I guess it depends on tank size..since this is the nano site, I voted for clowns. I really love pink skunk clowns, and true percs. But my real favourite in a big reef are tangs. Desjardin and sohal being the top two
  2. Liverocks....keep falling...

    i find that using bigger peices on the bottom and creating a strong base is the key to building a rock structure. It is definately a time consuming process and takes a lot of patience.
  3. Is this tank community possible?

    Ok well first off, I like to stay away from damsels, I guess it depends on what else you are putting in your tank, but they tend to heckle other fish. and i agree about the clowns, do not mix the 2 species...the result will not be good. Also, do you already have an anemone in your tank? Or were you just planning on getting one? Thanks!