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  1. Just about everyone has them. Go to and you will find them. I would also do a search for other posts. I remember someone saying that a website had a really good deal on them right now. Bradley C Sacs
  2. You can try. It is still a hard coral though. If you can find one that is cheap, go for it. It is all trail and error. I would lean away from corals like that though. Give it a try though. Bradley C Sacs
  3. Does anyone know of a place that sells SPS crabs? Bradley C Sacs
  4. Now that is REALLY stupid. Why didn't they just put that tank in their bowfront section. Idiots! LOL Thanks for the help! Bradley C Sacs
  5. I think you could do more then just mushrooms and polyps. Cultured corals will be a little tougher, so you can get away with more. I would just go to a good pet store that supplies a nice selection of soft corals and then ask them if they will do well in your tank. Right now it is hard to help because you are asking such a general question. Bradley C Sacs
  6. I would not suggest any hard corrals because of lack of light. Maybe some agracultured ones and if they sit at the top. Maybe. Most soft corals should be fine though. Bradley C Sacs
  7. Sweet, thanks. Think it will really help my SPS tank? Bradley C Sacs
  8. Sorry the Remora is one of the best, but it will not fit a ten gallon. I think the only ones that are any good and will fit a ten gallon are the prizm skimmers by Red Sea. They are not the best, but for your size tank you have they are. Bradley C Sacs
  9. I cannot believe that no one can help me on this one. HA HA HA! Bradley C Sacs
  10. I cannot see it very well, but it seems to look like a tube worm. Bradley C Sacs
  11. Who made the tank? I thought All Glass made a 16 gallon bow front, but their website says otherwise. Bradley C Sacs
  12. How is your water flow? Hammers need strong consistant water flow going through it. At least that is what I was told why mine died on my old 15 gallon set up. Bradley C Sacs
  13. I have heard very good things about the JBJ tank that you all have bought. I have heard that you have to be careful though with your bio load. The wetdry built into the tank is not the best. I would only go for one fish. I like rainford gobies, small clowns or perhaps a six line wrasse. What do you think everyone? Also, a small powerhead may be a good idea as well and even a mini skimmer. That is all I can think off. Oh yeah. Make sure you try to stay with tougher corals, because the lighting is not that great. Try to look more into agracultered (I know I cannot spell worth a damn, sorry). Perhaps I am all wrong, but that I what I have heard people say and what people have told me. I hope I was of help to you and good luck. Bradley C Sacs
  14. I have a 29 gallon reef tank set up. It has been going for about three months. Just started to make it an SPS tank. Wondering if I should invest in a calcium reactor. What do you think? PS I have added four acros since I took that picture. Bradley C Sacs