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  1. Thank you! As for quarantining goes, just do larger water changes to avoid a cycle?
  2. Nope just the clowns luckily. Other than the fish I have a shrimp, some crabs, and snails.
  3. First off thanks for the reply I really appreciate it. And yes white stringy poop and loss of appetite in both clowns. One is eating slightly while the other isn’t eating aswell. Another question, if these two clowns do happen to die will there still be worms in my tank?
  4. This is something I would definitely do, but can’t get one of the clowns to eat.
  5. Can I dose my display tank with Prazipro? I know a few people who have but just wanted to get more opinions. I don’t have time to set up a quarantine tank and do large water changes to avoid a cycle. My two clowns have internal worms I believe.
  6. After a good month I finally got some life into the tank. Went over to a designer clownfish breeding faculty and picked up two clowns. One being a snowflake and the other being a misbar. The owner of the place was extremely helpful aswell. Best part was he only charged me $32 for the pair and gave me more then enough pellet food for them for free. If anyone is ever in the Madison Wi area I highly recommend checking the place out, It’s called Alpha Aquaculture. I also took advantage of Black Friday and picked up a few frags. One being a pink tip frogspawn and the other being some GSP. The frogspawn opened up what seemed like almost instantly, while the GSP opened up for a bit on the first day and now hasn’t opened up yet. Kinda weird honestly. Anyways here’s a few photos. (Definitely have to figure out a way to take photos that doesn’t distort color)
  7. Just an update, tank is still cycling, (18 days in). Just some pictures of the tank and the kessil remote I picked up. Added some more rock to the tank aswell.
  8. Picked up the jabao sw-4 Wavemaker for $20 bucks. Definitely couldn’t pass it up. Wanted to try to get away with just the spinstream and upgraded return pump for flow, but since there’s quite a few dead spots in my tank I think this will be well needed.
  9. Just ordered the kessil Spectrual remote😁. Should be here Monday.
  10. Yeah so far I really enjoy the tank. Appreciate the advice. Never thought of it leaking through like that but you never know!
  11. Actually, your tank was the one that inspired me to get back into reefing. I also was inspired through your tank to buy the nuvo 10. Your tank is truly a peace of art. Keep it up! (Teenyreef’s nuvo was another tank that inspired me)
  12. Hi I have a quick question and maybe someone out there has a way to diagnose it? My tuze nano ato’s sensor is being triggered but no water is coming out. It worked fine for a few weeks but has now stopped. I can hear the pump churning but no water is being pumped into the display tank. After about a minute and a half the pump turns off and begins making a pulsing noise in order to tell me it’s been pumping too long. Lots of the time when I unplug the system and plug it back in it begins running again. What could be the problem for this? Thanks in advance!!
  13. Tank is looking great. The black sand looks super sleek with your corals!
  14. Hiding the controls/ control outlet: Since most people seem to use aquarium stands to hide there wires/controls/ATO system this is how I was able to hide everything with a normal dresser. (This may seem common sense to most, but may help someone someday.)
  15. More pictures of the tank. Tank has been cycling for 3 days now. Ammonia is reading 0.25 ppm and nitrite is reading 2 ppm. My ATO rig:
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