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  1. Joe's Juice, is it good?

    ok Thanks for replying
  2. My fish got a new home!

    thay look great
  3. Joe's Juice, is it good?

  4. Skunk shrimp troubles

    My shunk had a yellow spot on its side for like 2 weeks then it had died.
  5. Newbie xenia question..

    rhhd34,Can u put a new pic up of them?
  6. How to make a cheap fuge?

    That sonuds nice!Where would I gule the acrylic dividers and how whould i make the water go to and from the tank. Thank you
  7. How to make a cheap fuge?

    What is best for my tank?
  8. How to make a cheap fuge?

    I think a hange on or the one where you put it under the tank.but dont know eney thing about the fuge.
  9. Smallest external protien skimmer you have seen?

    wow this is a long thread
  10. How to make a cheap fuge?

    I have a 30g reef.I wonted to put some kind so fuge on my tank.But I have no idea how to make it or what I will need to buy (cheaper the better,money is short).If u know of a good web site the can tell my what I need and how to keep the fuge.If you have some ideas thats great too.If you have a fuge or some examples of one that whould be nice. Thank you
  11. Nitrate vs. Bio wheel

    ok. . . . . . .; )
  12. Nano Fish of the Year ~ Vote here ~

    A BIG BLUE TANG . . . . . . . . . . . lol just kidding P.S. no one try that plz!!!!!!!!
  13. Nitrate vs. Bio wheel

    I have a 30g reef tank.I have a skimmer and a Penguin 170 for filltration.The Penguin 170 was on my fresh water tank so I had to do something with it.(fresh tank when reef a long time ago)I was just wondering why its not good to have a bio-wheel on a reef tank.The tank has been setup for 3 months and all so great. ; ) .If it is not good to have the wheel on,then should I just make it a carbon filter out of it? -Patrick
  14. Nitrate vs. Bio wheel

    I have a bio-wheel on my reef tank and I have no problems. Is you think i should take it off?
  15. post pics of fuge or sump plz

    I wont to put a fuge or sump on my 30g but i need some exaples.So If you can plz post your pics. Thank you : P