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  1. My baby boy got here almost 2 weeks ago. I have always been a night owl. I can fall asleep and cat nap basically anywhere, anytime. I have learned I have the perfect sleep habits to deal with this newborn! It's been extremely liberating to think about a day in 24hrs instead of 'get up, go to work, need to get to bed early'. None of this really helps my wife because she can't fall asleep to save her life generally and all the baby wants is her and her milk! I keep the baby busy as much as I can so she can sleep. Obviously I have only been a Dad for 2 weeks so I am certainly NOT an expert but I figure if I am gonna be up all the time and have all these previously unused hours in the day may as well make use of them! Tank maintenance will lack a bit but if you have an established routine you probably already have it down to a science. You probably aren't spending 5 hrs on a water change! Or if you do... you won't anymore haha. In the last month, aside from working my 'normal' job in film, I run and maintain the Salt Tank Society (which I'm shutting down for my new project) and started a whole new company - Reefessional Clothing Co. from the ground up. So don't kill your hobbies - just re-time them! Also, at this stage when their eyesight is basically large, dark/light blobs they will love the movement and light. My boy loves watching the caustics on the ceiling, it actually puts him to sleep! This probably has nothing to do with anything on this thread but I am new to this 'Dad Club' so I wanted to post something haha.
  2. until

    I am sad I can't make this but am certainly glad to have learned of it! Keep your eye out for some crisp Salt Tank Society T's in the raffle! And grab a pin or 2 while they last! Have a blast everyone!
  3. If I wasn't so married to the city career wise I would get out and live normally. Yeah, we lived there for about 2 months. It's on the market now so I am hoping it just sells quickly and we can move on. Live and learn! It's certainly worth the investment to get a good RO/DI unit and the ability to make your own water. Especially if something goes south you can fix it on your own instead of waiting for a LFS to open! Thanks! I was packing up the RSR Nano to sell off with a return pump and other goodies so someone could buy a quick, good base setup... but I am thinking I might keep it for exactly that. We'll see. I have a great deal of drawings for the new set up. I am very excited!
  4. Tell me about it! I am unfortunately tied to the city because of my job in this industry - this or LA. But we have floated the idea of a complete life/career change because we can basically sell and move anywhere at this point! I sold my 2 bedroom apartment... APARTMENT in the city for almost 900. Hahahahahahaha... sad. The WORST part of the whole situation here is that I don't have 5 mil to buy a real house so I can build a giant tank!!! I see lots of you guys with awesome fish rooms and lots of space! I am jealous! Also, my wife would love to get me out of the way while I 'fish tank'.
  5. Oh man I wish we could build. I live in Vancouver. I'm not sure if you know anything about our market but it's something like the 2nd most expensive realty market in the world. It's ridiculous. And sad. We are selling our 3 bedroom townhouse, at a whopping 1,500 sqft for 1.2 million. Don't get me started on this though! Haha Nice! I have looked into those myself!
  6. Oh yes... the move. Just to spare everyone the long, stressful story - here's a quick re-cap of my last 3 months - Sold the apartment > Bought the townhouse > Renting an apartment > Selling the townhouse > Searching for new House. Oh and I started a new job in Dec and we are expecting a baby in March, haha. SO IT'S BEEN A BIT STRESSY AROUND THESE PARTS! After the move to the townhouse everything was cruising along fine. We rented and moved into the apartment in mid Jan and I had to leave the tank while we settled in and unpacked for a bit. It was there for about 2 weeks. Lonely. Running off it's Apex heart. I went to visit as much as I could (which was a lot). When I finally broke it down and brought it over we decided it was too risky to set it up in the rental. We havn't had to deal with that since I have even had a tank because we have been owners so if it smashed and floods - it's my stuff it wrecks! We also know we won't be here for long because we are actively looking again for the RIGHT place to set up shop. I know that it's 99.9% safe and I don't worry about it but my wife who is growing a child inside her has a heightened level of anxiety. I also didn't want to risk damaging the equipment and tanks by draining and moving too often not to mention stressing out all the livestock and fishes. I made a deal with a friend of mine who has a 220g tank in his studio. We bought lots of beer and I transferred it all to him to look after until I get settled properly. It was seriously sad for me. Not having it around is strange. Seeing this empty Nano just sitting here all clean and empty. NOW FOR SOME GOOD NEWS! Once we move I will be setting up a NEW TANK! I am going to build a shallow tank and honestly lay in bed EVERY night right now drawing up plans and plumbing. I know it's sad. So I have that to occupy my reef-less mind for the moment and it excites me to get back into the build process! I have also been busting out new designs and some new products at The Salt Tank Society so watch out for those! Anyways, enough about me! Sorry to hear you feel you are struggling with your tank! Hang in there! It's a slow grow so don't get too hung up on anything not working right away.
  7. I love that this is outside! Nice work!
  8. oh man... It has been a VERY busy month and a half for me and reef! I havn't even had time to get onto nano-reef!!!! In the middle of moving I found out I was selected as the Tank of the Month for December! With most of my photo drives and set up packed away I accepted and added it to the growing list and dwindling hours in the day. We moved on Nov 30th and everything went smoothly. It's a small tank but it was still a full operation! I give full respect to those of you who move your massive tanks! Holy cow. I had 4 buckets with heaters and pumps in each one so I didn't have to be on such a time crunch and worry about the flow or it getting cold. It was good to break all the equipment down and scrub it all clean and healthy again. One thing I totally didn't really pay attention to or really think about for some reason... was dismantling my water station out back!! Needless to say by the time I got that all dissembled and the tank broken down it was well after 1am - and we started the move at 7am that day. So it was a long haul. Getting to the new place so late I just stashed the buckets and got the tank and gear into the room. Then went to bed. It took about 4 days to get it up and running on a zombie system I had rigged because I still had to set up the WiFi for the house so the Apex and everything that ran off it was still down. Making new water and getting it into the tank a little at a time because all my 5 gallon buckets were in use I had to do it with my last 2.5 gallon one. So that sucked but I wasn't too concerned since there was flow and heat in each bucket anyways. I was able to think about the wiring and how it was gonna be set up now. After that it took about a week to get the Apex back up and running and automated again. Just having to go down and turn on and off the lights again I really don't know why you wouldn't own an Apex at this point!! Everything survived the move and one of the Bubble Tips split a few days later. The only causality was my chalice which shrunk out and faded away. I am fairly certain it had nothing to do with water or the move because 4 of the BTA's made their new home surrounding the poor guy... and then one split so I think it just got crowded and didn't enjoy the constant stinging. So overall it went well and everything is happy. I havn't even had time yet to put together a vid or even take new photos... in fact I am not even sure where my camera is at this point but I will get to it soon and post a better update with things to look at!
  9. Thanks! Haha I do visual effects for a living but I'm certainly not an editor or anything! I try to let the videos go and not worry about them as much as I tend to do with my other creative ventures where I pour over every detail and if one tiny thing is out of place I scrape it and move on. I'm trying! Lot's more to come!
  10. It was WAY easier than I thought! Trust me - I have done visual effects all my life so imagine how soft and non-diy my hands are as well! Haha I will be putting together a video of it all soon. I have never drilled glass before so I was nervous but it went very smoothly.
  11. Haha sure! I'll just ship one your way! I think it will help and at the very least it will remove what a small bag of gfo would. I would imagine!
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