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  1. nicholc2

    Best HOB Skimmer for 36 gallon

    My tank run skimmerless with dosing. No issues.
  2. nicholc2

    Favorite Salt Mix?

  3. nicholc2

    Raising nitrates/phosphates

    Turn off the skimmer for a while and see what happens. The macro will help with nutrient export. Fish poop is a great nitrate food. LOL
  4. nicholc2

    Best HOB Skimmer for 36 gallon

    If you want to carbon dose do something like Prodibio. That way it’s pre-measured and almost idiot proof. ?
  5. nicholc2

    I think I hate my cleaner shrimp...

    Only reason I don’t have one this time around. Like them a lot but don’t want them stealing food. I don’t have any problems with my hermits though. They are all model citizens.
  6. nicholc2

    Are we over complicating tanks?

    Morton salt, tap water, and an oscillating fan for surface water movement.
  7. nicholc2

    WV Reefer

    Awesome! Congrats!
  8. nicholc2

    Are we over complicating tanks?

    Oh yeah with SPS ATO is a must. Forgot about that. Gotta keep them params as stable as possible. ?
  9. nicholc2

    Are we over complicating tanks?

    LR, 2 part, good lights, and refugium is all you need. I’ve never run carbon or gfo. Went skimmerless earlier this year. Haven’t done a partial in 2 mos. removing the chaeto exports nutrients and 2 part replenishes everything else. I’m basically triton without the triton 3 part. Everything is much happier now.
  10. nicholc2

    Best HOB Skimmer for 36 gallon

    You’d be better served with a HOB refugium. You get nitrate removal and the bonus of a safe area for pod production which in turn feeds the tank.
  11. nicholc2

    Thought on going skimmerless...

    As long as you have good surface water movement you shouldn’t have any PH issues. Plus if you run the chaeto on an opposite light schedule that’ll keep the PH even more stable.
  12. nicholc2

    Thought on going skimmerless...

    Thing is skimmers also remove bacteria when they skim so removing that will also have the effect of more bacteria. The bacteria population will fluctuate depending on food available. That being said I went skimmerless about 2-3 mos ago and haven’t looked back. Tank is running better than ever. I did add a refugium with chaeto to be used for nutrient export in lieu of the skimmer. All the corals are much happier with this setup. I feel like the skimmer was removing as much good as it was bad. I stopped doing water changes regularly too which is an added bonus of this setup. ?
  13. nicholc2

    whats your favorite fish for a nano tank?

    Loving the yellow banded possum wrasse I got recently. Hoping he becomes less shy around me eventually. ?
  14. nicholc2

    What would cause

    Spectrum can do it too. Amount of Zoxanthellae. Lots of factors.
  15. nicholc2

    Chud’s 13g Holistic Reef

    Figured out live streaming from my IP cam to YouTube!