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  1. Any updates on this little tank?
  2. Apex Jr without display and Netgear WiFi extender - $130.00 shipped *purchased new in 2018
  3. Open to offers on the apex jr with WiFi extender. I have seen some other recent posts and $150 seems to be on the higher side. I am out for awhile so I have no use for this.
  4. Tank, heater, return, rock, and salt sold. Apex Jr with net gear WiFi extender, and kessil a series mount still available.
  5. I am open to offers on this stuff. I don’t plan on getting back into the hobby for awhile.
  6. Decided to break this tank down after the cycle... getting out for a while. Red Sea Reefer Nano - black - with synca 2.0 return pump, sump, stand, ATO, filter cup & dry rock - $625.00 Kessil A160 Tuna Blue - $175.00 shipped *only used for a few hours during the cycle Kessil A-series Mounting Arm with extension mount - $100.00 Apex Jr without display - $150.00 shipped *purchased new in 2018 Red Sea Refractor - $20.00 Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit - $40.00 * only used 3 times during cycle Reef crystals 200 gallon box - unopened - $40.00 For fastest response or additional pictures text at 269-384-9729
  7. Yea, it works well. I mounted it vertically along the side of the stand and tucked all of the cords along the side. Keeps everything nice and organized.
  8. I have a 21gallon and was thinking of doing this exact same thing with the exception of adding a few inverts, or at least doing all corals first and then add a fish or two down the road.
  9. I have used an American DJ Powerstrip on several setups with no issues, and all of the cords can be hidden in the back fairly easily.
  10. Hi all,I was working on setting up a new tank, but plans have changed and I am going to hold off on getting back into the hobby. Tank is new and currently cycling. Please pm me your number and I’ll text pics.Red Sea reefer nano (black) Kessil a160 with A-series mount and extensions (mounted on stand)Sicce 2.0 return pumpCobalt neotherm heater Aquatic life ro/DI Apex jr without display and wireless extenderBulk Reef Supply dry rock Live sand Red Sea Refractor Large unopened box of reef crystals salt DJ power strip Biocube 14 stand that I was using for apex, power strips, etc. $1,400 for all of it/ open to offers.
  11. There is a website for Michigan reefers and they have a buy/sell forum. Out of curiosity can you pm me the price? I live in southwest Michigan.