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  1. My first edm concert, wouldn't do one like that again, it gets messy. Start my 4 days before I get my seven off again.
  2. Jesus Christ the lead(DJ) singer for chainsmokers sucks. only time i saw them before they blew up was in 2015 at a Life In Color concert.
  3. I have the char griller kamado, i dont want to spend the money on the actual green egg.
  4. Idk why it posted the picture twice. 5l bs of 80%lean 20%fat 2 packs of liptons onion seasoning 1 pack of ritz crackers crumbled 3 eggs 3/4 cup of ketchup mix very well Then get diabeetus.
  5. Gonna fire up the pit and cook some burgers on the kamado griller!
  6. You have a pellet grill?! Tell me all about it!
  7. What kind? Im planning to make some burgers that off the chain tomorrow! Nombre just here watching da ehhspurs struggle against the warriors. I backed out of my commitment to the project and they gave me another job instead to try. Now im like homer simpson in a control room. Heat and humidity are getting brutal here!
  8. Nombre shut up go spurs go!!! Hows everyone tonight? Me? Oh nothing just making smores!!!
  9. Fine Saturday morning guys/gals.
  10. Supposedly pretty good, saw that on new egg while shopping for automated sprinkler systems.
  11. Wanted to see these at the dallas world aquarium!! Line was around the corner though, with 2 kids thats an impossible feat.
  12. What color spectrum?
  13. Reef currents? Also new page on mobile
  14. Includes the ballast?
  15. Dr ocean box one and only