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  1. This thread is on fire. Should be one whole subthread.
  2. Ooooo what kind? I got a older delta planer that needs to be restored, gonna be a great little project, good thing theres a guy on youtube showing me how to do it. This is the same planer i bought but for 40$.
  3. NEW Giveaway: AquaPulse Powerheads For Your Reef Tank

    Pretty impressive the way it pushed through 6 ft of water.
  4. My list of unnecessary objects can be some of the following. Graffiti Wrapping Paper An Erotic Mug Adorable Salt & Pepper Shakers Lavatory Soap (Finger Cleaners) 2lb Bag of Pistachios Crown Apple Royal Oak Lump Charcoal Weber iGrill Mini I really have no fish related things that I need, so give me anything that your little enthusiastic hearts want.
  5. The Disastros won? Theyre going to the World Series?!
  6. 2017 Secret Santa Feeler

    Sign me up bbj.
  7. Oceanbox Designsยฎ is officially official :)

    Good Job on earning that! Don't forget about us little people when you become a huge corporation!
  8. FS: used MP10 and 70w metal halide

  9. Damn, what a dumb move by dak not to run out the clock and stay inside the 5.
  10. Yeah i remember the red clamps, theyre home depot exclusive right? I usually go to lowes for their service and knowledge. Ive seen bessy clamps all over yt and know theyre pricey, esp the 50+ in ones. I do wish i could find bar clamps here for cheap.
  11. You spelled mr wrong. What kind of clamps are those? 30-40 a pop?