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  1. Been wanting one of these for a while glws
  2. Pretty impressive the way it pushed through 6 ft of water.
  3. My list of unnecessary objects can be some of the following. Graffiti Wrapping Paper An Erotic Mug Adorable Salt & Pepper Shakers Lavatory Soap (Finger Cleaners) 2lb Bag of Pistachios Crown Apple Royal Oak Lump Charcoal Weber iGrill Mini I really have no fish related things that I need, so give me anything that your little enthusiastic hearts want.
  4. Good Job on earning that! Don't forget about us little people when you become a huge corporation!
  5. I cant use the minutes on my card my hermano aka baby joker. its hard enough being in usa without looking over the cholder for the migra(border patrol)
  6. I made it selling chiclets on the border little brother. We was kangz in mejico you know.
  7. Congrats ben!!!! Well deserved after countless failures and dissapointments and cussing and drone racing and kate uptoning! Keep up the good work!
  8. I pulled out of the position i was in. Pun intended But then they said ha! Your ####ed regardless! Congrats on being the center of attention!
  9. Never ran it but it fits perfectly in the sump! Ive been asked to take on more responsibility where i work and its stressful AF. By far the hardest job in the plant i work in. Im gonna build a better stand for sure.