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  1. Whats up peeps?
  2. ITT androids and phalic flying objects
  3. Wood talk is very stimulating. im going back to watching diresta and howarth now
  4. To reef or not to reef?

  5. Lawn change thread topic to #dronetalk #realtalk #swooshswoosh #hashtag
  6. Thats a quick little drone
  7. What a waste of beer!!
  8. But my kidneys have been on overdrive this whole time. Found some lovely people on fremont.
  9. Im with the Border Patrol, gonna send him back to build the wall. And We've walked over 20 miles already. I cant feels muh legz
  10. T-minus 17 hrs till vegas
  11. Whats next a fleshlight?
  12. Only time i had a colorful softie was from eating Colorful On The Border chips and kernel corn.
  13. Okay, just to clear things up. Dupont broke up with us. It broke our hearts. They spun their fluorochemical and basically gave us $5 billion in debt so that dupont would have no debt. Our stock at one point was around $3. Now its around $38-41 in less than a year. All chemical profits would go to their agricultural part of dupont. Now that we are no longer bffs all our profits go back to us and weve been able to see it. But yeah we may(as a company) have done some bad stuff, sorry. My job title is Production Technician. Basically a field and control room(dcs) operator. Working/controlling distillation columns, reactors, tanks, scrubbers, refrigeration units, vaporizers etc etc. Also work with Hydrofluoric Acid, Anhydrous HCL, Chlorine, Perchloroethane, peroxide, caustic, etc etc Post of the year!
  14. I work for a company that performs erotic dances to nearby bachelorette parties. Im on probation and third strike because of my weight gain, im trying to get the company to branch out and create a subcompany called chip'n'chunkies. Nah, I work for a fortune 500 company called Chemours. Take a look at their stock, "cc" youll be happy to see the growth.