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  1. Wanted to see these at the dallas world aquarium!! Line was around the corner though, with 2 kids thats an impossible feat.
  2. What color spectrum?
  3. Reef currents? Also new page on mobile
  4. Includes the ballast?
  5. Dr ocean box one and only
  6. He probably doesnt even travel to see reefs.
  7. Are those prices shipped?
  8. Does Grayson Allen look as good as advertised?
  9. Only pit I got is the Char Griller Akorn Kamado Cooker.
  10. Ive been into woodworking as well and remembered you had done your stand. Had to go back to your thread to see your design.
  11. Tank is coming back online! Decided being away from family that much really isnt worth it. Plus my oldest daughter convinced me that spending time with her doing this hobby would be good for me after being away for 2 years.
  12. Did ICE agents take yack? I havent seen him on.
  13. The fins.
  14. Soooo how much?