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  1. Nocturnal

    New fuge light setup - biocube29

    I'm still growing quite a bit of chaeto with my tank being fairly clean.
  2. I wired the drivers directly to the LEDs and the board is definitely toast. My fan seems gone too which is odd. Ok, more Frankenstein work. ?
  3. Yeah, that's what I'm trying now. I took a quick look earlier and it seemed ok.
  4. I have a makers LED that I've just added some new red LEDs to (for a fuge). Added a new driver for the new LEDs but after power up the old LEDs are not firing and neither is the fan. Is it likely that I just burnt out the makers 2up driver/board itself? I have a couple plain menawell drivers on order so I hope that's what it is. I'm not sure what I could have done to fry the old circuit but leave the new one working fine.
  5. Nocturnal

    Jebao CP-40 (Gyre 150 Clone)

    I'm on my 3rd jebao pump. The first lasted over a year, the second half that. I picked up a SW-2 recently and fully expect it to fail in the near term, if not I'll consider myself lucky. I have the icecap 1k and it's not noisy at all FWIW. I'm going to need a larger gyre on my new tank, but the maxspects are so expensive. Might be worth it to try these out and see how long they last.
  6. Nocturnal

    Bristle worm? Star fish arm?

    Just call me captain obvious. ;)
  7. Nocturnal

    Bristle worm? Star fish arm?

    Arms won't regenerate. No mouth.
  8. In the past I've treated GHA directly with H2O2 by draining the tank down to expose the algae and treating it that way.
  9. Nocturnal

    IceCap IK vs 3K Gyre for Biocube 29 Gal

    I think it depends on your scape and other pumps. I started mine horizontal on the side but didn't like it. Now it's middle back top. IMO, vertical placement doesn't seem like it would do as good of a job at actually moving water around the tank. Bottom water and top water won't mix as much.
  10. Nocturnal

    Lee's 425 liter peninsula reef

    Love the scape. I'm planning a large peninsula build and I'm wondering if I can do something similar with rock above the waterline.
  11. Nocturnal

    Fuge Light

    It would probably work just fine. I bought my plant grow light for the fuge on amazon as well and it's working far better than the JBJ fuge light I used previously. This is the one I'm using. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LX1EO3W/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I'm also playing around with a grow light I picked up from Costco on my display fuge but that acke light has been working great.
  12. Nocturnal

    FEIT LED Grow Light (from Costco)

    I run my fuge at about 16 hours a day currently. So far I'm liking this guy because it makes the tank viewable rather than being a purple mess.
  13. Nocturnal

    FEIT LED Grow Light (from Costco)

    I should know soon. I'm going to get it all fired up by the weekend. I am going to try to setup a segregated area for chaeto to keep it from floating all over the tank and scape the other macros with rock etc. and make it reasonably attractive. I will likely salvage my current fuge light that shines into the back of my cube's AIO area and point that at just the chaeto section. I have some red grape, mermaid tailed, brush (I'm forgetting the full name), turtle grass, and some mangroves in there.
  14. I'm turning a 20H into a display fuge/sump and found these at my local Costco. I think it was just under $50. It puts out a great looking light and from what I can tell should do well to grow macros. Despite the peaks in red and blue the light doesn't look purple at all visually, and is a nice clean white. The fixture itself is a little flimsy but looks nice enough. They are probably going out of stock soon so you may be able to pick one up on sale.
  15. Nocturnal

    Pink spots on skeleton

    Never seen those before. They look kinda like they have polyps?