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  1. defender.TX

    Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef

    I have this light on my wish list for an SCA 80 gallon "cube"...looks so damn good.
  2. Yep! They like to hide back in the Rotala for now. They are what were known as Dwarf Emerald Rasbora but were recently reclassified to Danio erythromicron. There are five of them in the tank. That hardscape is dreamy!
  3. I haven't been working on the reef much, partially because I've been putting in multiple hours a day to get my wife's Mini M setup:
  4. defender.TX

    Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef

    That light though...
  5. More teasers of the wife's tank: I actually have the stand done and all the plumbing setup - I might share a picture of the reef tank again one day too . Coming up for the PicO 20, I have a minor rescape in the works. Some of the GSP is going to go to free up sandbed for a clam and maybe a lobo. I'm also going to be putting in another SPS order and I have Kalkwasser coming to start dosing via my auto top off.
  6. It's a proven system that works. We're mirroring a proven method of success used by The Green Machines James Findley and Amano himself. It's going to be wet start. Heavily planted from the start, crank up the CO2 and light and hope the algae can't take over. She's also got ADA NA Carbon and Bio Rio to go in the 2213. Honestly I'm surprised just how stoked I am to see the build come together.
  7. We have ADA Amazonia, Amazonia powder, Power Sand special S, Penac P, Penac W, Tourmaline BC, Bacter 100, and Green Bacter. Then, once the tank gets going, we have Green Brighty Step 1 and Brighty K .
  8. My wife has something in the works. She might have a NanoBox coming with extra channels too...
  9. defender.TX

    Nano Box V3 Array : Lime, Luxeon T, UV

    You will NOT be disappointed. In fact I just ordered a Mini for a new project...
  10. defender.TX

    Nano Box and SPS dominated tanks

    My tank definitely isn't "SPS Dominated", but I do have a Stylo, Acro, and Monti Cap that are doing great under my Duo. Here are some 30 day growth shots of my "Joe the Coral" Acropora:
  11. defender.TX

    NanoTopia's ADA 30c [ FLIR ]

    The amount of mA a 9V battery will put out depends on it's internal chemistry and the internet has varying reports. Even the data sheet from Energizer themselves doesn't specify a maximum mA draw on it's Alkaline battery, but it does have a chart that shows capacity you will get from the battery based on the current you draw - this goes up to 500mA. Frankly I have a hard time believing people are going to get a 500mA draw from a standard Alkaline battery but maybe I'm just wrong. You can find the spec sheet for a generic Energizer Alkaline 9V here: http://data.energizer.com/PDFs/522.pdf. If the manual claims the doser maxes at a 50mA draw you should be fine because most 9V power adapters are good to 200mA or more.
  12. defender.TX

    NanoTopia's ADA 30c [ FLIR ]

    I imagine the draw on that device couldn't possibly be much so almost any 9V power supply could handle it.
  13. Thanks! I think it's the NanoBox + Pohl's Xtra combo that helps color, and the elevated foundation elements in Red Sea Coral Pro salt help growth. Plus a little luck . I can only hope it continues!