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  1. whats next??

    Set up up my nano on Sunday. Actually added saltwater and live sand and plugged it in. When should I add the rocks and how soon the corals? I'm in Miami, anybody have a good reliable contact with one of the many aquarium stores? Its just that the many differing opinions are difficult to follwow, ie; "add rock when you want', or "add rock right away" or "it doesnt matter". Thanks.
  2. Nano cube - out of the box

    Thanks alot, very informative. A friend of mine who has a nano with a reef set up said to remove the ceramic/and bio balls, and the live rock/sand would be sufficient for filtering. Judging from the replies, it sounds right.
  3. Just wondering, bought a nano cube from the store, I noticed some people added a heater, a pump?, and some have even recommended removing the black plastic balls located in the filter. What is a good heater, and do I need a pump to circulate more water? Also, is the lighting that it comes with sufficient? This is my first saltwater set up, I'm interested in keeping it simple, but healthy. Any advice appreciated. PS: sorry about all the questions, I'm excited and eager to get this tank going..
  4. new to aquariums

    thank you, I'm learning to use the site as well. Very informative, and very organized.
  5. new to aquariums

    New to the forum and the hobby..always have been fascinated by reef aquariums and intrigue by the fishes. Saw a nano-cube in the fish store (which I frequent to look at the spectacular set ups) and was VERY impressed with the smaller tanks. My wife surprised me, bought it for me this weekend. I placed live sand and saltwater as instructed by the staff at the store, and began reading as much as I could to learn more. My God, now I'm really confused...any simple advice for maintainig the set-up?? Experience is really the best teacher, and I'm ready to learn. Thank you.