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  1. Oh! One other thing regarding a powerhead... I originally thought the Sicce return pump upgrade would give me the ability to turn the tank over more and get more power out of the SpinStream in hopes of not requiring a powerhead. I did find one drawback to my plan. I run Filter floss on top of the InTank media basket, then remove the middle shelf to create a big middle chamber where I run Seachem Matrix to colonize more nitrifying bacteria since I prefer less live rock. Due to my media basket setup, I can only have so much flow going through the media basket or my return pump is quicker than the media basket flow rate. To prevent water on the floor from the tank overflowing, this leaves me with two options: 1.) Run the InTank against the back wall of the tank, which leaves a gap in front of the media basket. Most of the water goes around the media basket and only a subset of the water goes through the media basket. Pro - 100% return pump flow rate in turn getting maximum flow through SpinStream. (Questionable if its enough flow for corals wanted) Con - Tons of crap gets around the filter floss and ends up in the sump which over time will be a nutrient sink and more maintenance work required. 2.) Push the InTank towards the front wall overflow of the tank, which allows all water to flow through the InTank. Dial back the Sicce to around 60% flow. Pro - Nearly all water runs through the filter floss allowing the majority of particulates and detritus to be captured and removed from the water column. Con - Less return pump flow which then may require a powerhead. I pushed the InTank up with a temporary piece of Seachem Matrix for the time being πŸ˜‚ Anyone had any issues with this? Off to research some powerheads... Only have had MP10's recently. I love them but they are pricey. Hoping I can find some other options that are comparable but cheaper... @falcooo - My issue above is one reason the 1.0 might be too much flow for you depending on your sump setup. I don't think in my scenario it would work. The .5 is too much for my media basket setup.. I would have to change my InTank chambers up.
  2. Quick update - I was performing my weekly maintenance and noticed a dead spot behind the main rock structure where some detritus had built up. With that said, I have been wanting to get some hermits and a snail. The tank has been doing well and everything was testing out nicely. I could have most likely added a few more hermits or snails, but figured I would take it slow and I can always get more down the road if needed. πŸ™‚ Incoming order from LiveAquaria (Tuesday): 1x Halloween Hermit Crab (Hawaii) 1x Electric Blue Hermit Crab (Marshall Islands, Indonesia) 1x Scarlet Reef Hermit Crab (Caribbean) 1x Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crab (Caribbean) 1x Bumble Bee Snail (Marshall Islands) I almost added a Sexy or Blood Red Shrimp but want to take it slow so I held off. Since I do not have much (if any) algae, I will supplement their diets with dried seaweed, fish food and brine/mysis as needed. I am super excited for the Halloween and Electric Blue Hermits. I have never had them before. I remember when I first had seen them around 2007 on LiveAquaria when I was first getting into the hobby. They are beautiful and I have always wanted them. I will snag some pictures of them when they come in!
  3. Kdrof

    Annakim's brand new 20 gallon- new fish!

    Hermie is like Spider-man πŸ˜‰
  4. Kdrof

    Goats Nuvo 10 Aquarium Journal

    Nice. Keep us posted on the experience. I keep looking at their site to potentially grab some stuff.
  5. Here is a picture from Monday night of the cave the Damsel is creating. Over the past two nights, he has dug it out even deeper... 🀨 I read that a male Damselfish does this when trying to take on family duties and is preparing a nest for spawning and guarding it against predators.. Interesting.
  6. Kdrof

    Asureef's Red Sea Reefer

    Do the reagents come with free copepods now? πŸ˜‚ What are your thoughts on the HC’s (other than this)? What Hanna’s checkers do you use?
  7. Fish update: This. Dude. Eats. This guy eats pellets or brine or whatever you throw In the tank. Super friendly and always cruising around the tank. If I am sitting and watching he’s out and not hiding. He had originally setup shop in the cave in the main rock structure. Recently, he has dug out the sand near the front left of the main rock and hangs there during the night or if he is not out and about. I will post a picture of it. It’s quite funny. Everyday I would see more and more sand and a deeper hole.
  8. Ah. Hmmm. Not a bad thought πŸ™‚ Ah good point. I never thought of it being related to different colors. Thanks for the reply. Thanks!
  9. Oh snap! Excited for mine. Cant wait to see it on your tank.
  10. Congrats on the TOTM Teeny! Hope you can get that algae squared away.
  11. Alright! We got a fish! As most of you know, I have been on the lookout for a Red Spot Goby. My LFS checked with their distributors and they did not have them. They are going to stay on the lookout for me. With that said, I would bet it will be a bit. No luck on LiveAquaria, Divers Den, etc.. So... We decided to go with the Neon Damselfish (Pomacentrus alleni). I have always loved their activity and really wanted a fish that would motor around and be active in the whole tank. They are a simple, yet beautiful fish. As much as I loved my previous Clowns and Helfrichi Firefish, they barely moved around the tank (Unless I was feeding). My LFS display tank had 3-4 of them and I had never seen them before have wanted one ever since. The LFS had ordered 6 Neon/Alleni Damsels and only one arrived alive (individually bagged).. So I went to take a look thinking I may hold off on that shipment. He was active and had healthy color, etc. They fed him some Mysis/Brine shrimp and he slammed 8-10 pieces like a mad man - that was a good sign after being shipped. We decided to get him! I acclimated and left the lights off last night but he was motoring around and looked to be picking at the rocks and substrate like he was still hungry. I fed 6 more pieces of Brine shrimp, one piece at a time, and he immediately ate them. I woke up this morning and he seems to be very healthy. I was hoping he wouldn't be overly shy and he is not! He has been swimming around all day even while I was taking some pictures. Please excuse these pictures with my temporary lights 🀣 - still in progress of getting the Nanobox (be here soon). Its tough with these lights to capture the bright neon blue color that his scales are. Also, I left the lighting decently dim as hes still new.. Enjoy! We have not came up with a name for him yet. I was trying to think of something neat as he was the only survivor (of Neon Damsels) in the shipment. Was thinking something like "Alpha" πŸ˜„ Please help me think of some names!! πŸ˜€
  12. Kdrof

    BaristaBob's Mini M SPS ADVENTURE

    Lookin good Bob. The Smart ATO is awesome isnt it? I had got mine and absolutely love its size. Your tank will look awesome when it fills in!
  13. Kdrof

    Jake's 3G Desk Pico

    Lol... Don't mean to laugh, but your wording is priceless.
  14. Kdrof

    kdrof's IM20 Reef Tank (Shutdown)

    J, The chemipure and phosguard bags take up two chambers in the intank. So you take the middle shelves out. So filter floss cut so it fits snug and runs through on the top. Then on one side in second chamber the chemipure bag, and other side phosguard bag in the second chamber. Regarding the sump water height, the tank is designed (I believe) to have water fall over the (second chamber) last baffle down to the return pump (main chamber) to get rid of micro bubbles etc. so you are correct. I ran mine high for several reasons - 1) it quiets the system down not trickling 2) allowed for my tunze ATO to be more accurate 3) any extra water volume helps. πŸ™‚. I never had any issue with micro bubbles and most particulates are caught in the floss and any skimmer microbubbles came out the bottom of skimmer in second chamber so they had to rise up to top and would dissipate since return is at the bottom. Let me know if you have any other questions πŸ™‚ one other thing - get some brushes or other cleaning tools to clean under the first two chambers in the sump. A lot of detritus and crud gets down there over time and it can be a nitrate issue. This is one part of tank design with the IM’s that I don’t care for - yes it’s more water volume but it’s a pain to clean it out. I usually tried to clean mine out every few weeks.
  15. Kdrof

    kdrof's IM20 Reef Tank (Shutdown)

    J, I had the InTank media baskets. They are really nice and I have another in my current IM10 build. I replaced filter socks because they got dirty and held nutrients quickly and were a pain to clean. I ran filter floss on the top of the InTank media basket to catch particulates, then I ran chemipure/phosguard in the main chamber below the floss. I would then replace one sides filter floss each week and to not change to much at one time. I also would alter swapping the chemipure/phosguard every so often (much less frequently than filter floss). I would highly recommend the InTank media baskets. The probe holder was the Apex probe holder. It was very nice and I really liked it. The skimmer was touchy at first until it was broke in. I ran it quite low for a long time as it was messy if the cup filled up. Also, I would recommend making a mark or some way to know where the magnet is supposed to sit. Very easy to have skimmer dialed in and the magnet move or come off while doing maintenance and then have to get it at the right height again... Regarding the Osmolator, I had it in the middle section as that is the area that is affected by the evaporation. I then had the ATO inlet in the Apex probe holder very close to the reactor. I do not recall having any issue with it as I had the two in the same area, it was just quite large in the back chamber. In my current build, I got the Smart ATO Micro. I would highly recommend it if the Tunze is giving you fits. It is tiny, the sensor is accurate and saves soooo much space. This might help you as it will have just the inlet for top off water and the one sensor. I believe, their failure prevention is timed based unlike the float valve. Lastly, if I can recommend any words of advice that I learned from that system... first, patience - its easy to get excited and get a lot of inhabitants at one time and we dont have much wiggle room in these tiny reefs. So add something and let your system balance out. Second, try to keep hands out and limit changes. If you make one, do not make others so you know what effect it had on your system over several weeks. For example, I felt i could never get my radion dialed in and was constantly changing it - me changing it was probably the part of the issue. One persons light schedule may work for them but not for you due to water quality, placement, etc. etc. Third, get a plan together and stick to it. Its very easy seeing all these beautiful systems and chasing their successes and trying to mimic others and constantly changing your own plan. Also, inspect your reef often as one coral colony RTN'ing (Dying) can cause the tank to crash - this happened to me while I was out of town at a conference. My wife was watching the tank for me - the light blue Acro was nearly the same color when all of its tissue was pealed off.. so my wife did not notice (not her fault) and everything looked perfect through my reefs camera... Until I got home and was deflated and one colony dying took down the majority of others. I then decided to take the system down and take a break because I put so much effort and heart into the build and I needed to take some time away. I also wanted to get rid of Bristle worms that were huge and in the live rock that I had got and I never had seen them that big/bad. Lastly, dont get caught up in GAS (gear attainment syndrome).. Many hobbies have this whether its photography, reef keeping, etc. - this is a slow hobby as far as progress and we can turn our focus towards hardware changes and tinkering to keep us engaged. Get it setup - get some specimens and enjoy spending time watching them. I spent way to much time tinkering. Most of the good reefs you see on this site that have had crazy success, spend the majority of their time watching, observing and connecting with their reef and they know when something is not right. Sorry to ramble on here a bit, but these are some of the things I learned looking back on this tank. The best tanks dont always have the highest end gear either. I mention this because we can question if something isnt going right and wonder how we have issues when we have the best of each component... The best gear can assist you, it wont save you in most cases but..Good husbandry and patience are the biggest help - and water changes πŸ˜„ Let me know if you have any other questions and I am happy to help!