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  1. Regarding the RCP program... Since I need .03 ml of Trace Colors C and D, I just thought I can use an old test kit syringe that has 1ml that goes from .01-1.0ml. I’m dumb sometimes lol. I was dead set on a pippette as that is what they send in the supplement packs. Then I’m like “Don’t I dispense 1ml of liquid .01 at a time when doing test kits?” 😆 I also ordered a cheap scale that can read .1 - 1000 grams to get close to the .46g Hopefully starting the Red Sea RCP program this weekend!! I also snagged some FTS’s last night and they didn’t turn out to well and pictures were quite noisy. Trying again soon 😕
  2. Lol - they would come out with them now/recently 😉 Oh well no big deal! I enjoy making things it is peaceful to me. Also, I like my layout as it fits everything I need nicely with minimal stacking. Good find!
  3. To finish the cabinet, I wanted to get a surge protector with 6 individually controlled outlets to not require me to unplug things while I am doing maintenance. I know there are Bluetooth/Wifi versions with phone apps, etc.. but I really just wanted to be able to flip a switch quickly and not be having dirty, wet hands touching my phone. Anyhow, Tripp Lite had a cheap option in black with 7 outlets total, 1 always on and the other 6 individually controlled. I was able to place it in the back of the middle shelf on the stands rear right leg with double sided tape. I am able to hit all switches without removing things. 👍 I also mounted the Nanobox drivers and the Jebao pump controller on the opposite leg so everything is off the ground! 😄
  4. Hey Rory, I think it says the limewood can go up to 4 months. I have been cleaning the limewood during maintenance each week to see if that gets me a few months I’d like. I would guess 2-4 months, maybe? Red Sea RCP: On another note, I heard back from support and my planned dosages were correct. Only issue is, my daily dosages are so tiny that I may require a micropippete and a scale that can measure under 1 gram. With my ~8 gallon tank volume and consuming ~15ppm calcium per week, my daily dosage for the ABC+ powder is 3.2g per week equating to .46g daily. Then since the simple version of the system uses Calcium uptake to calculate some of the other supplements, the Trace colors C and D would require .24 ml per week or .03ml per day... I am looking at options to follow the program daily. But if the scales and micropippets are very expensive then I’ll see if I can combine and dose 2-3 times per week. Still trying to figure this out. 😞 Not stressing about it. Colors are fantastic and everything seems happy. The Bizzaro was moved and is still ticked it seems. The Leptastra has awesome polyp extension and hopefully it will color up a little more but is doing well. I promise new pictures soon. 🙂
  5. Quick Update: Red Sea RCP: Hoping to start Red Sea RCP this week... More on that to come. Had a question on dosage amount for support. Playing it safe to not dose the incorrect amount. Reef Glass Skimmer: I am not even sure this skimmer had to "break in." This thing is great and has been so consistent from the start. So easy to clean during maintenance each week. Love it! Coral: All coral is doing well! I am working to get some pictures and new FTS up soon. Build Simple Shelves: I have been so sick of the APS stands limited space with no shelves. I would neaten it up and as soon as I got something out, it became a mess again... Today, I took the time to build a quick shelve. I had to design it so I could put it together in the cabinet due to the doors being so small. Materials: 3 - 11x12 (Base and shelves) 4 - 11x10 (Sides) Double Sided Tape Black Spray Paint/Clear Coat 1 inch Deck Screws Drill, Screw Driver (Ratchet with phillips screwdriver head), jig saw *Note - I could of made the shelves a little bit bigger but I wanted to have a little room to assemble easier. It did help out. 1. I started by notching out the bottom base board to fit around the door magnet (picture was taken after paint): 2. Build 2x shelves (1 shelve connected to two sides with 3 screws per side - drill first to not split wood) (Picture was taken after paint) 3. Paint Shelves and Base 4. Place base, take apart one painted shelve and place into stand and put back together inside stand. 5. Lift up shelve and place two pieces of double sided tape down per side to hold the sides to the base 6. Take apart the second shelve, put in stand and reassemble on top of the first shelve. Attach to other shelve with double sided tape. This step was easiest screwing in screws with a ratchet with a phillips head attached to the ratchet because space is tighter at the top. Finished Product: Dosing equipment shelve, Testing equipment shelve, and food/glass cleaner shelve 😄 I am doing one final thing. I ordered a surge protector that has 6 individually controlled outlets. I plan to mount this on the back leg of the metal APS stand. This will allow me to clean up the wires and not unplug cords while doing maintenance. I can easily flip a surge protector switch any outlets. Take care, Kevin
  6. I read through the Red Sea Reef Care Program documentation this AM as I prep to start after the skimmer breaks in shortly. Couple of things: I found out that they have a powder form of their Foundation ABC elements (Ca, Alk, Mg) product called Foundation ABC+. It contains Ca, Alk, Mg and two of the Trace Colors products (Iodine+ and Potassium+). You put the powder directly into a high flow area of the system and it dissolves. This should drastically simplify dosing and not require me to dose as many of their products daily. The only time I would need to dose Ca, Alk, or Mg on their own is if any of them need altered if the others are in check. You basically test your levels, get them where they should be to start... Then base your dosage of ABC+ off of your Calcium levels and it should keep all elements pretty closely in check. Over time I could have some minor adjustments of single elements to make but between weekly water changes, ABC+, and my current low uptake it should be minimal. I submitted a question to Red Sea because I believe I will have to dose the Iron+ and Bioactive Elements along with ABC+, but want to validate to be sure. The Trace Colors kit has 4 supplements and two of them are contained in the ABC+.. With that said, it had great reviews and I want to keep this as simple as possible. The skimmer is already pulling a little skimmate out of the water. I am running it pretty dry at the moment to ensure I don't pump out good tank water while it breaks in and then the ATO throw salinity off. I know this is redundant, but I really like this skimmer thus far. So quiet and simple.
  7. Thanks Dave! The Reef Glass bundle from Marine Depot arrived today. I had to run and get some more airline as it only came with 4 ft. I ran the skimmate line to an old glass milk container. I drilled 3 holes into the lid on. One for the skimmate line and two for breathing. The pump that comes with the bundle (Marina 200) was quite loud as it has two airline outlets. Even covering them both with airline created a pretty loud Hummmmm due to it rumbling. The only thing you hear on the tank is the fan on the Nanobox which is very quiet and hardly noticeable... Almost like white noise. But the humming from the airline was not ideal. I had ordered the Marina 50 just in case even though they recommend the 200... The 50 was way smaller, quieter, and it making the same sized micro-bubbles. I will keep the 200 around incase the 50 for some reason doesn't work, but thus far it seems just fine. I will have to provide an update when it is broke in over the next few days... But.. At first use is it fantastic. Pros: Small footprint that easily fits perfect in the IM10 second chamber with my heater and room to spare Super easy to clean all parts Quiet Low profile and not bad looking considering tank is in dining/morning room No heat added to tank Very easy to dial in with consistent micro-bubble level right off the bat Cons: My only downside is that the bundle comes with 4 ft of airline. This did not even make one run to my floor where inlet and outlet hoses were running to. I purchased 25ft of line and cut to size both runs to and from skimmer. All in all, not a big deal. With that said, I hope to let it break in for 3 days or so. Then I plan to start the Red Sea Reef Care Program. I plan to keep the bubbles low over the next few days until the skimmer is broken in. Here are a few phone shots of the skimmer in action: Lastly, I hope to take a FTS and more pictures soon. I also have an itch to make a small tank video. Take care, Kevin
  8. Hello everyone.. Few updates... Zoas and Bizarro Cyphastrea: Everything has been going very well. The Fruit Loops, Circus, and Emeralds on Fire Zoa's have each popped out a new polyp. The Rasta's have popped out two new polyps. Everything else has looked pretty healthy. The LA Lakers Zoa had a polyp pop off of the super glue and I lost one of the two polyps on that.. Seems to be doing OK though. The Bizarro is looking Meh... lost a lot of color but hoping it will bounce back. It has not gotten any worse over the past 2 weeks so I will wait a bit and try moving it if it doesn't improve. Levels: My Nitrates are sitting right around 4ppm. My Phosphates are showing 0 (not sure if little bit of green algae on plugs is consuming it.. planning to test again tonight). No algae in tank though other than little green on a few frag plugs. Ca, Alk, and Mg seem to be doing well and staying pretty consistent with water changes and RSCP salt. Red Sea RCP/Skimmer: With that said, I ordered and plan to start the Red Sea Reef Care Program soon. I am not doing this to combat any big issue, I just read a lot about the program and looks like it could be beneficial adding low doses of trace/minor elements, foundation elements (if required at some point), coral nutrition and algae management to ensure everything is getting the proper nutrients. I also like that its a complete system and not mixing and matching tons of different products. I have read some solid reviews on they RCP and after seeing some green algae starting on the frag plugs, I decided to cut back on feeding a touch and start the program. I started reading the No3-PO4-X instructions and they recommend having a protein skimmer. With that said, I decided to place an order for a Reef Glass Nano Skimmer Bundle from Marine Depot with a Marina 200 Air Pump. I will get the skimmer on the tank and hopefully set it really dry to not pull a lot of beneficial nutrients out of the tank, just the gunk from the No3-PO4-X. I may not run the skimmer all the time if I stop using the No3-PO4-X.. More to come on this. I will start with a very low dosage with the products and see the impact before increasing it as the tank is in great condition currently. Does anyone have any experience using RS Reef Care Program and have any feedback or recommendations for me? Coral Arrival: The coral arrived this morning and has been acclimated, dipped, and placed in the tank. @Legendary Corals nailed it again. Everything looks healthy and I will continue to order from them. Darwin and the gang are top notch. When polyps are out when you open packages it is a good sign 🙂Also, their pictures on their site are on point to the specimen you will receive.. Still trying to take pictures like them! I placed all Zoa's on the sand bed until they open up. I placed the Ricordea/Yuma's in their area (on the Sand bed rock). I left them on their plugs for now until I make sure they are happy. Lastly, the Black Torch coral was placed near its final position at the top of the main rock structure. When everything opens up and is placed, I will take a FTS and some macro shots of them. Until then... I took some quick shots because pictures are more fun than words 😄Enjoy! Zoa's Acclimating on Sand bed: Ricordea Garden: Front: Left: Corner: Sorry about the reflection and the LED color separation.. Blue Ricordea: Aqua Blue Ricordea: All are pretty - but these three are mind blowing in person... Orange/Pink Pastel Haitian Ricordea: White Bubbly Yuma: Rainbow Yuma: Take care, Kevin
  9. Thanks Daniel! Appreciate it! Currently, I am awaiting the latest LC order with more Zoas, a Torch, and Yuma/Ricordeas I spoke about above. That should nearly complete the Ric/Yuma garden. The Zoa garden is also close to being complete other than grow out and I plan to piece a few more in every so often. The torch will be the start of the Torch garden up top. Next, I plan to add 2-3 more torch’s (Rainbow, Gold, Green/Purple tip) up top. Also, want a Frogspawn on top distanced from the Torch. I think that will add nice movement up top in the Euphyllia garden. I plan to start the Acan garden on the lower right on sandbed around rock soon. Also, I want to get a small piece of Ultra/Neon Green Star Polyps for on a tiny rock on the sand bed. Always liked the bright GSP, but I want it isolated so it doesn’t spread rampantly. I want a few Rock Flower nems on the lower left of main rock structure. I plan to add 3 Gorgonians I like to be in back right by wall to grow up behind rock structure. Lastly, I want a few Chalices and a bright Scoly. I am not sure on placement of those. Those were not in original plan, but I’ll find room. 🙂 The majority above were all planned corals in planned locations. There are a few others I have seen that I may look at down the road after completing the plan above... WWC Looney Toon Stylo, LC Nightstalker Alveopora, and maybe another Leptastrea. I only want to have my favorites in this tank and every choice is intentional. Following the plan has kept me grounded. I cannot wait for the next shipment. Look at this Yuma I ordered. I am so pumped for it!!! (Pic from Legendary Corals): Thanks for tagging along!
  10. Quick update: I am so pumped! I got a few pieces in the Legendary Coral sale today... I got some Yuma and Ricordea that should just about complete the Ricordea garden. I also picked up a few more Zoa's. I was on the lookout for Torch coral but came up empty on that front. Wanted the Torch to add movement on rock structure. Edit: Checked back later and they had Torch's (Euphyllia) posted so I was able to snag one that I wanted! I will post some pictures when I get them... Will most likely be a few weeks because of shipping request with work schedule. Lastly, the Bizarro Cyphastrea is not really improving. Hoping it will bounce back.
  11. Few updates... The WWC Bizzaro Cyphastrea is not happy. It has not really had any polyp extension. I have moved it several times to see if its a flow or light issue. I dont think it is a parameter issue. SG, CA, Alk, and Mg are all on point. I tested Nitrates and they are 5-10.. Lastly, I promised some photos. My Macro lens is jacked up. It has some issue and it is blurry. Dave noticed this as well when we were shooting together on his office tank. I don't get it and i'm looking for a replacement. I may rent a few lenses to see what I like. Anyhow, I took a ton of blurry shots (yes I was square to the glass and on a tripod 🙂) and a few came out alright. So this will have to work for now 😋 Halloween Hermit: LC Burning Man Leptastrea (My favorite coral in the tank currently): Fruit Loop Zoas: LA Laker Zoas: Rasta Zoas:
  12. @specore thanks for the tip. I will definitely try that! Wasn’t sure if it was the floss on top or because of amount of media I have in middle chamber only allowing so much water to pass through. With no obstruction, there was no issue. Thanks again!
  13. Just an update on the PP-4...I had a 12v 1a power supply that works perfect. Power is cut down and now the pump is placed on the side of the tank. I run it on random mode at about 75%. The tank temp is a few tenths higher. After roughly a week of running the pump, there was much less detritus on the rocks. 👍
  14. Hi everyone! I have a few updates: QT System: I decided to pull the trigger last minute (Last weekend) on a QT system. I went with the Fluval Evo V (5 gal.). It came in and I took 2 gallons of tank water from my Sunday water change and mixed it with 3 gallons of new saltwater. The coral delivery was on Tuesday. I had everything prepped Monday night and ready to go: Coral Delivery: I come home from work when the package was delivered and go to float them…. I look at the QT tank and its super cloudy. It was not cloudy 2.5 hours earlier before leaving for work. Well, apparently, it looks like since the old tank water cooled and I mixed it some type of bacteria bloom occurred 😞 … Only thing I can think of. Later when cleaning the tank, I saw bacteria like gunk all over the return pump. Anyhow, the Original plan was float, acclimate, dip, then place in tank and head back to work. After work, I would further inspect and potentially put on new plugs if needed etc… Well, that plan went out the window quickly due to bacteria bloom. I started floating the coral. I started acclimating with my display tank water. While acclimating, the frags looked very clean so I decided to pop the glue off and place the zoa’s on new plugs. I then dipped, rinsed and placed into tank on sand bed. The only frags I could not move to new plugs were the Leptastrea and Cyphastrea as they were fully encrusted. I got them in the tank and headed back to work. Legendary Corals: I wanted to give a shout out to @Legendary Corals. Their packing was fantastic. The water was still warm without heat packs. The frags were double bagged and sealed. Super easy to float to temp acclimate. They also put frag plugs through a hole in condiment dipping containers so the containers take hits instead of the frag. Everything was as pictured and as described. The Leptastrea looked good when added to the tank. I noticed when I got home from work that it had started to peal in a spot. I hope that it will recover. Everything else looks really good today. They also threw in a freebie for me and it happened to be another Zoa I wanted. Thank you Darwin and the gang. I will definitely buy from them again. Jebao PP-4: I needed some more movement in the display and would of needed some in the QT tank. So, I picked up a Jebao PP-4 to use in QT and then moved to the display tank. I then can decide if I want to keep it or get an MP10 or another option for the display tank. I really dont want to drop the coin on MP10. But we will see. Here are some pictures from unboxing: I am still trying to finalize pump placement. The pump is pretty strong for the IM10. If placed on the sides, it blows sand like crazy. I placed it on the lower back wall aiming upward toward the front glass and it worked ok but was still decently strong. With that said, I read some articles that you can swap the 24v 1A power supply for a 12v 1A power supply and it definitely helped. I ran out of daylight, so I will dial it in better tomorrow. I am not sure if this lower back placement is exporting detritus very well. It seems to stay in tank. I know most who have MP10’s place it on the side of the tank. Now that the power is less, I may see if I can move it back to the side… Ill have to play around with it 😄 Fish: The damsel has made a tunnel under the rock from under the front all the way out the back of the rock. lol… He also is not used to the PP-4 pump and seems to stay near his spot rather than out and about. I am sure he will get used to it.. I hope. His movement all over the display was enjoyable. Coral Pictures Coming Soon: Lastly, I have not had a chance to get good pictures of the frags. I will work on that in the next few days and get them up! Whew! Sorry that was wordy!
  15. I know many people have not had trouble, but after reading many horror stories with these it may not be worth the risk. I just picked up powder free gloves and goggles for when I am fragging them. Also, I may wear gloves when digging around in the tank. I know there is a wealth of knowledge on here, but I am not betting my life on forum knowledge, so might be a good thing to play it safe. (I hope I don’t offend anyone who commented. I always appreciate input and feedback from the community). We can’t be sure we have dealt with the same Zoa/paly you have. I have seen many varieties called the same name. I have read on sites where people criticize like your less of a man if you protect yourself... you’d rather be safe than sorry with this. Also, I’d at least document or inform significant other etc. what you were doing and potentially touching so if you are impacted by neurotoxicans, etc. you can get the correct medical help... Because my wife has no clue what a “zoa” is or anything... she knows we have fish and coral. I am not trying to sound overly paranoid, but it may prevent panic episodes in the future. Anyhow, glad you are okay.