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  1. Very Niiiiice!
  2. Very impressive. Please make me an 18" cube.
  3. Did you make it? If so, way nice job. Is it StarPhire?
  4. Way cool jmt! Is it glass?
  5. RIP

    Sorry about your fishy :*(
  6. NICE! How did you do that birdman???
  7. Nice calendar!!!
  8. Sam is a cutie.
  9. Poor little reef??? I think it looks great!
  10. Very nice. Where did you find that stand?
  11. Thanks, I guess it wouldn't be such a good idea then. Too bad, maroons are so attractive.
  12. Thanks all, I was sorta hoping for a maroon.
  13. But would one clownfish be happy without a mate?
  14. Might it be focusing on the same plane as the front glass of your tank? If it is a viewfinder type camera instead of an SLR, I don't know how you would know? I am old-school with photography so I don't know how the new-fangled auto focus senses the focal object.
  15. I would like to eventually have a clownfish and an anemone ( a yellow clown goby and pistol shrimp would be nice too). However my tank is but 21 gallons and I have been advised here that it probably would not support the bioload imposed by two clown fish. Would it be cruel to keep one of this fish without a partner? It seems sad in some way.