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  1. Which is better (stronger and more stable)

    Hey Darrell, Yes, I've looked around here and no one seems to have it or they are too busy to even talk to me about such a small order. If I lose my job, I think I'll check into becoming a distributor here. LOL Thanks for responding. Cheers, K.
  2. When building a glass tank is it better to put the side panels on top of the bottom glass or around the bottom glass so that the bottom edges of the side panels are supported by the stand like the bottom glass. The point may be moot however as I can not seem to find a source for Starphire except GlassCages and I have found them to be so rude that I don't want to give them my business.
  3. DIY 30 Gallon Tank Build

    Yeah, how? That looks really nice. I'm trying to visualize the flow through that sump.
  4. Tank Building Questions

    Do you Tennesseans pay state income taxes now?
  5. Thanks! I did and he told me that he isn't doing it now.
  6. Thanks! I checked out those sites but I could only find completed tanks. Right now I only want the glass, some edge tooling, and holes. Those Cadlights tanks are sweet though.
  7. It appears that NanoPaul isn't doing it now and Glasscages has a HORRIBLE reputation so what is left?
  8. BSDaemon's office tank

    I read this whole thread last night. I'm sorry for all your trouble. It reads like something that would happen to me. I hope things are going better now.
  9. Eco Cube from Doctors Foster Smith

    Yes, it does. I had never heard of Solana before. Are they any good? I wanted a guy here to build me a tank but I don't think he does it anymore.
  10. http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod...mp;pcatid=18993
  11. Too Expensive

    You should look at Ninjafish's cubes.
  12. Hey Chad, What a coincidence. I put the Chad cube emulation on the back burner but got interested in it agan and just yesterday looked up your posts again. I must have sent out cube vibes.
  13. Tank fabricators

    I haven't been here for a while but I'm thinking about finishing a project I began a while back. I need an 18 - 20" cube made of iron-free glass and drilled through the bottom. There used to be a guy here who did this sort of thing at a reasonable price and did very high quality work but apparently he isn't doing that anymore as he doesn't respond to my e-messages.
  14. Thanks. That's pretty cool. What I really need something that demonstrated the manner with which the starfish everts its stomach into the bivalve. I may have to make such a video myself as I can't find one.