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  1. Terry's 15gal column office desktop tank

    Leviton Model # DW3HL-1BW. Got it on Amazon for $43 The schedules are still teasing me a bit, maybe im missing something but now i just have a simple schedule set. 8:30am to 3:30pm with the 25 second fade in and out. When i get the 55w bulb, ill use the same schedule but turn the brightness down to about 75% and work my way up over a week or two. I emailed leviton and asked for a custom fade option that can go up to an hour for fade on and off. We'll see what happens
  2. Terry's 15gal column office desktop tank

    I got a leviton wifi dimmer timer today. Its got a couple features i can use with my coralcompulsion buld. It can take up to 25 seconds to fade on and off, or i cant set countless schedules to simulate a dusk to dawn. Going to play with it a little more tomorrow
  3. Introducing NEW 55w PAR38 bulbs!

    I got the dimmer in today, It took a little while to get it connected to my wifi. Mostly cause its at work and i needed a WPA/WPA2 type encryption. It will work on an open network to but it cant have a password. That was my original trouble. Our guest network is open but still requires a password. But its working really nice. The 25 second fade in is nice, The light doesnt energize until about 22% power so theres a little bit of a WAKE UP effect but nothing like 100% full on. Theres also the ability to create schedules. Im not done experimenting yet but i think i can do 9am to 10am at 30% power, 11am-12pm 50% etc... I just have to create a seprate schedule for each "hour"
  4. Terry's 15gal column office desktop tank

    I wanted to know min and max focus ranges on my "macro" setups so I did some simple measuring just now on my extension tubes and to F1.4 lenses and heres what i got. Its +/- 1/8" and lenses were set at F1.4. Pentax K3 body
  5. Terry's 15gal column office desktop tank

    Just learned my lil olympus tg4 with crazy macro has manual eb too tbat works the same way
  6. pics with my Nikon p90

    Found a white oxy clean lid. Two minor problems whith it. One it floats, and two the led lighting kinda puts different colored ligth strikes on it so i really had to zoom in and still had to make some minor wb corrections
  7. Terry's 15gal column office desktop tank

    Thanks! 15 gallon aqueon maybe, i dont remeber. After rock and sand it took 12 gallons of water
  8. pics with my Nikon p90

    Sorta, used a whiter peice of live rock. I need a plastic grey card
  9. Terry's 15gal column office desktop tank

    Discovered some new white balance settings in camera. Cant wait to try them in office tomorrow
  10. pics with my Nikon p90

    Oh lol. Still glad i saw this thread though, made me take another look at white bakance settings. Here i always thought it only went up to 10000k and still couldnt get all the blue out in lightroom with loosing quality. So i tried again with some new settings and got this https://youtu.be/BG9NVCW2d-g
  11. pics with my Nikon p90

    Those are nie pics. The white balance looks really good. Are you turning powerheads off or turning blue lights off? I cant get close to that white balance even with my advance dslr under 18k lights Edit. Just went downstairs to play with whitebalance again. Thinkni figured it out. Thanks for the motivation
  12. Terry's 90gal come back project

    Gha got me again, bad. Coulda won a gha competition hands down. I dont even know where it comes from. So i changed 50 gallon water changed from siphoning and scrubbing again. I fixed up skimmer amd got it running again and rearranged rocks for better flow. I think the kids might "fed" the fish a few times. And lack of water chamges left the nutrients in there. I need a new cuc too. And i want to add some banded trochus, got one in my 15 and its a machine. Some day ill add some coral to this tank, its been up 4 years and only grows gha
  13. Introducing NEW 55w PAR38 bulbs!

    sweet thanks. I love your guys black par bulbs. they go perfect with my setup, and give me goood color and growth too.
  14. Soft start, ramp up, fade in type outlet?

    going to try this Levinton Model # DW3HL-1BW
  15. Introducing NEW 55w PAR38 bulbs!

    Leviton Model # DW3HL-1BW It uses an app to control it through Wifi. I've watched all the videos, from what i understand it it can be set up and you can apply "fade in" and "fade out" settings. This will let it slowly turn on for up to 25 seconds and can set min and max brightness. I ordered one on amazon, once it comes in i was goign to test it with my 35w version. It supposedly works with LED