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  1. ok, i'll have to wait until im off my workPC to search for that particular looking type of sponge
  2. I got this rock from a LFS. It was covered in zoas and mushrooms. I also noticed a white object on it at time of purchase a couple weeks ago but assumed it was super glue from fragging. Since then it has erected up from the rock about an inch and is somewhat stiff when pushed on by a hard airline. Any idea's
  3. id agree, its its probably one of those hood/light combos that just arent sealed well. Salt water mist will destroy it in short order
  4. nice. you'll love have a wide open front. Working around a stand center brace sucks, especially when trying to squeeze a sump in there
  5. and and one of my purple bumpy mushrooms thats up against my green zoa's is starting to turn green.
  6. couple ID questions today. This thing which i originally thought was just frag superglue i got on a zoa rock seems to be growing. no idea now what it is. Its pretty firm, as in i barely moves when i push on it with a hard airline. and i also notice all my rock in the area it gets light has tiny red dots. At first i tought it was cyano, and then i thought it was red algea, no after trying to get a better look at it, it might be coraline but its all over the rocks spread out like chicken pox, not in a patch here and there,
  7. turns out the GFO was getting ground up in my reactor. I turned it off and water cleared up in a day and im a bout a cup low on the GFO that was in there.
  8. major bacterial bloom the last few days. The waters is very cloudy since i changed GFO and added baffle to sump. I guess its because it took such a big hit to the bacterial surface area .
  9. This is my favorite tank on NanoReef
  10. testin out the Note 5 features
  11. Nice sump. See if your phone will let you do manual white balance. Mine takes ok pics at around 7400k with 18k leds Oh and i stole your avatar for my subie journal
  12. Found diamond goby while i was removing sump. Stupid expensive fish. I shop vac'd out my sump. Im adding a baffle to place the skimmer on left side now so that it gets to stay at a constant level rather thanvalways changing with evaporation. That and it will also trap solids in the first area and have more time to skim them. And i might try cheato again in the second area and egg crate off the return pump. Just need it to dry over night and finish putting stuff back
  13. i handled them alot, im suprised theyre open already. I dose a few drops a day of kents microvert food. and they are in a good bit of downward flow. The polyps i litterally smashed down into a hole in the rock havent fully opened yet. Its a green lump i fragged off the lower right rock. my LFS has some amazing corals for sale, I'm going to try and go biweekly for something new. Theres some nice big LPS's i want next