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  1. Sounds like a good plan, the mini reef will give you a lot more room to move and grow with the hobby. I considered picking one up as an anemone tank. There are quite a few going around second hand also.
  2. xellos88

    Congrats! Very nice tank.
  3. Sorry to hear about the issues mate. Hopefully after the reboot you will have better luck.
  4. Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Always a pleasure catching up on your threads Mark. Everything always looks amazing! I strive for my SPS be look 1/10th as good as yours do.
  5. The tank is looking fantastic Felicia, a lot has changed since I checked in last. I have been keeping up with your videos on YouTube though . Reefapalooza and Halloween looked like so much fun!
  6. Justin's Mixed 9G

    Sorry to hear about the losses Justin. Glad to see you are still in the game though, looking forward to seeing how the new build pans out .
  7. NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New Start

    Tank is looking good Dave! Are you making a chaeto reactor?
  8. Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ SPS In Trouble

    Tank is looking great, nice work.
  9. RollaJase's Trip Off the Deep End - Custom Rimless 55G

    Thanks! The monti is almost at the overflow grate, so so close at this stage. When I have the return on the monti is still about 1" under the water surface but it is rapidly getting there.
  10. RollaJase's Trip Off the Deep End - Custom Rimless 55G

    Tank Update - 8th November 2017: Two FTS to keep you interested. Each pair taken 1 month apart (8th October and 8th November). Minimal retouching on these, just some contrast and white balance adjustment. Realistically very little overall difference in a month, not that can easily be seen without me focusing on a particular coral anyway. Keen eyes will see a a slight growth difference between the green monti shots. This thing is starting to really get massive!
  11. RollaJase's Trip Off the Deep End - Custom Rimless 55G

    Gyre parts arrived at the start of last week and I rebuilt it over the weekend, good as new. Only issue I ran into is that the newer style, reinforced rotors seem to be slightly longer than the original design when you include the grommets. I spent 2 hours pulling apart the gyre, cleaning, reassembling and testing just to get slashing red lights on the controller as the motor would stall out due to too much resistance. It wasn't until after I swapped back to the old rotors with fresh grommets did I realise what was happening and felt utterly stupid for it. On the plus side, I'm now a pro at tearing down and servicing the XF-130 Gyre lol. Next time I give it a clean I'll try the new rotors again and won't push the flow cages into the body so hard. I also got my Triton test results back (can't remember if I posted the results). Everything was spot on where it was supposed to be with the exception of Bromine and Copper. My Bromine levels were borderline low so I've started dosing a supplement in conjunction with my other Coral Essentials trace elements to raise it up. Copper is a big no no and on the sliding scale Triton provide it was halfway between green and yellow. I think the ruptured magnet is to blame as I can't think of any other reason how copper will be getting into the water. Triton's recommendation was 25% water changes over the course of a month or so to bring the level down. I already do roughly 20% weekly changes anyway but I may consider investing in some TLF Metasorb to assist with the heavy metal reduction. The birdsnest doesn't look like it's improving at all, I've written this off as a loss for now. I've got a ton of frags left over from when I broke it apart though, some doing better than others. Hopefully I can regrow another colony in due time. Still weird that it is my only colony that seems to be effected by the copper though.
  12. 29g Reef - video of clowns laying eggs Pg 9

    Very cool that the clowns laid eggs! The parents will eat the bad eggs also if they are infected etc. to stop anything spread to the healthy eggs.
  13. R65

    You could also consider a Litermeter for your auto water change Roger. Many local reefers here with 6, 8 and 12 foot tanks swear by them to sort out pumping in and out NSW multiple times a day. http://spectrapure.com/DOSING-TOP-OFF/LITERMETER-DOSING-SYSTEMS One guy I know goes through 1000 litres of NSW a month using the litermeter as his sole form of water change. These are so precise that if you set them up correctly you can add and remove water without triggering your ATO. They aren't a cheap option but from what i've heard they are one of the most precise units out there.
  14. Disaster's 80gal + 15gal SPS Reef Tank

    A lot of Aussie reefers I know are needing to dose nitrate or heavily increase feeding due to a steady rise in certain biological filter medias that seem to out compete everything for nitrate. I've recently switched from LR rubble in my sump to Seachem Matrix and have seen a reduction in Nitrate from 25 to 5-10 on my Salifert test over 3-4 weeks of use and it's still dropping. I'm hoping I can use this to allow me to remove some other forms of filtration from my sump to clean everything up a little.