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  1. RollaJase's Trip Off the Deep End - Custom Rimless 55G

    Yeah, definitely is. Unless you are getting airport to airport which starts at like $40 the only other option is AusPost Express which is touch and go with delivery times. I tend to sell and trade locally, we have a pretty good classifieds/swap community in SA which makes getting rid of frags easily. I sold off about $200 worth of zoas just before Christmas at $5 a frag plug just because I got sick and tired of looking at them haha.
  2. RollaJase's Trip Off the Deep End - Custom Rimless 55G

    If you were in the same state as me you could grab a few frags but i'm not about shipping them. Causes more headaches than its worth i'm afraid . Thanks for the kind words.
  3. RollaJase's Trip Off the Deep End - Custom Rimless 55G

    Thank you Dawn .
  4. Nano Box Owners Thread

    Thanks , the summary is pretty much as below: 4 x NB V3 Arrays 2 x NB V3.1 arrays 1 x BlueFish Nano controller 1 x O2 Surplus LDD driver board with integrated arduino for fan control This was all built from scratch. The heatsink is a flat piece of Aluminium plate that the arrays are bolted directly to and then extruded aluminium heatsinks bolted to the top of that. 0.5mm heat pad is used as a conductor between the plate and extruded aluminium fins. The top control box is made out of 4mm acrylic on an aluminium frame and houses the driver board and BlueFish mini as well as 2x 140mm computer fans to cool the whole thing down. Realistically, I could probably run the fixture passively cooled but the fans give me piece of mind and are directly controlled by the intensity of a specific lighting channel. The splash guards are a 4.5mm acrylic two piece design that I wet sanded up to 2000 grit for the diffused look. A few more pics can be seen at the below link. https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/362180-rollajases-trip-off-the-deep-end-custom-rimless-55g/?page=10&tab=comments#comment-5232273
  5. Nano Box Owners Thread

    Realised I never posted up pictures of my custom fixture using Dave's amazing V3.1 arrays.
  6. The damage on the fittings look more like mold marks to me. You can see by the close up shots that the quality of the injection molding looks to be fairly average.
  7. You should be, just keep an eye on on your alkalinity and see how much it falls during the week. I'd test the Alk of your mixed water (at tank temp) to see what you are adding to the tank, then test the difference the day of or before water change to see what the difference is. If it's more than say 1dKH you could stress out the corals, particularly the LPS. One thing to keep in mind with Alk testing is to test at the same time of day every time, this ensures accuracy with your testing (obviously wont matter with the newly mixed water but for regularly testing).
  8. A word of warning with the Coral Pro salt, it mixes in at a very high alkalinity. Can be 10-14dKH depending on the salinity you are mixing at. This generally isn't a problem if you are consistent with water changes etc. but if the depletion between water changes is high you can cause damage with Alk swings. I pretty much crashed my tank using coral pro and not dosing. Alk would swing from 12dKH to 8dKH over the course of the week.
  9. Glad to hear you are doing well Felicia . Everything is good over hear, straight back into work after a week off over Christmas/New Year. Still waiting for construction to start on my house, hopefully that will be underway come June/July. The tank is definitely looking beautiful, you have done a great job. Low maintenance definitely doesn't have to mean dull. I'm looking at going bigger again! Figure it will probably be easier to set up a new tank and transfer livestock than transferring everything over to the new house when I'm ready to move in.
  10. What are your favorite big public aquariums?

    I've visited a few over the years in Australia, America and internationally. The one that stood out most to me though was the S.E.A Aquarium on Sentosa Island in Singapore. There is a link in my sig to a gallery with photos from my trip there for those interested.
  11. Some great growth there Brad, well done.
  12. Oops, missed this tag. I keep all my magnet cleaners out of the water just to be safe. I keep the care mag clamped to the wall of my sump above the water line, been sitting that way for months and the blade has not rusted. The metal blades are a must though, the plastic blades are only good for film algae. I have scratched the glass in a few places though using the metal blades, need to be careful to not move the blade up and down along the thin edge as opposed to left and right along the broad edge. The tank is looking amazing teeny! Beautiful colour and pictures as always. Sorry about the loss of the fish, even with lids sometimes they just find a way out.
  13. Happy New Year Felicia! The tank is looking amazing, you have crammed it with so many nice pieces. I hope you are well .
  14. RollaJase's Trip Off the Deep End - Custom Rimless 55G

    Thanks Justin . Losses are always hard to take, especially when they are sudden and there really isn't anything you can do to prevent them. I still have some frags of the birdsnest that haven't completely died out. I've placed a few around the tank in the hope that 1 or 2 may start growing again. Mandarins have always been a favourite of mine, was one of the key things that drew me into the hobby initially. The first one I had I purchased already feeding on frozen, that definitely makes things easier. I'm sure if you could find one readily eating a variety of food that you could house one no problem. Thanks again , both my parents quite enjoy landscaping and a lot of effort has been put in to make this garden as maintenance free as possible. Besides mowing the grass every 2 weeks (when they typically visit) the rest of the garden only really gets a trim 2-3 times a year. It's nice to be able to take a break and not needing to worry about doing chores while you are there.
  15. Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: Hardcore 'reefin

    Tank is looking great Harry, glad to see it has bounced back after the issues you had a while back.