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  1. Realized today that I added my first corals about 6 months ago in late July to early August. Went back through my pictures to share how they've grown. Focused on the two acro colonies that have seen the most impressive growth, but it's also interesting to compare the two full tank shots and look at what's thrived, and what hasn't in the last six months. Enjoy! Six Month Comparison of my PC Rainbow and my Unnamed Aqua SD Acro (I'm calling it mint chocolate chip due to the minty green color and dark brown polyps. It's hard to photograph) Feb 2019 FTS August FTS
  2. "Awww he's grumpy cute" - Still not sure if my wife was talking about the new Blenny or me...
  3. Yeah positive. It wasn't centered on the polyp, so I don't think it was trying to eat the coral, just an unfortunate case of collateral damage. The polyp was fine beforehand, and after I blew away the starfish with a baster, the poylp was noticably damaged. Like I said this is the first time they've bothered anything in the tank. Just unfortunate circumstances I suppose. I'm definitely keeping an eye on my other Zoas for now. If I see anymore starfish hurting polyps and it'll be time for some starfish eating shrimps.
  4. Nah wasn't parameters, it was a rogue asterina starfish. Caught it in the act. Must have been eating some of the algae near the base of the single polyp and damaged the polyp as collateral damage. I blew it off as soon as I saw it, but the damage was already done. First time something's been bothered by them in my tank.
  5. Aaaand it melted. The only one of 5 new zoa additions that did... ๐Ÿ˜ญ
  6. I know you're not going to like this answer, but you're looking for shortcuts in a hobby that doesn't really have any. You need to take a step back and address the fundamentals first. You're overstocked. Reduce your bioload, or increase nutrient export via more frequent water changes or equipment (bigger skimmer, refugium, etc) You don't have a good water source. Your top off water NEEDS to be as low in TDS as possible. Invest in an RODI system for both top off water and for mixing fresh salt-water for water changes Do as much manual removal as possible. To answer some of your other questions... I wouldn't make a habit of it, but short exposure to air is typically OK for your corals, a three day long blackout won't kill your corals, but it'll likely piss them off and could kill anything that's already stressed out, and it won't solve your problem. The algae will just continue to grow once you turn the lights back on.
  7. @HarryPotter is right here. The absolute best thing is to figure out what's causing the algae address that. Based on your last thread, I think you need to test what you're using for "new" water during water changes and make sure your RODI source is reading 0 TDS or if you're buying premade from a LFS that it isn't introducing phosphates. That being said, GHA and Bryopsis can be really stubborn once established and persist even after you've taken measures to control nutrients. I've had success with Reef Flux (fluconazole) to help while things stabilized. I had no impact to my fish, corals, or inverts. I'd use that as a last resort after you've addressed other issues.
  8. If you're doing those big of water changes weekly and your feeding schedule is as you say, something isn't adding up. What is your water source? Are you using RODI confirmed with a TDS meter?
  9. I just got a frag of these today as well, can't wait till I've got that many! Definitely one of my favorites.
  10. Oh, I also forgot I managed to trade locally for a frag of a true Leng Sy cap grown from one of Steve Tyree's. FTS too, since I don't think I've posted one yet this month.
  11. Met up with a local reefer today to trade away my Frogspawn, since it was starting to get too big for the spots I had open, and threatening to sting my SPS! He really hooked me up with some awesome Zoas.
  12. How'd you mount the supplemental T5s? My tank is in the living room so overall look/cleanliness is really important. I've struggled with how I could add some T5 or LED bar supplements without it looking out of place. Also, pyramid in the middle is boring! Need some artistic unbalance. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  13. Rented a PAR meter to dial in my lights (Shout out to http://nextlight.com for making the process super easy) and found out that at 80% max on my Nanobox I was a lot lower on PAR that I had expected. Here's the settings and readings for my tank (Light is a NanoBox Quad-Wide mounted about 7 inches above the water); Here's a top down photo with the PAR numbers;
  14. I've still got space in my tank if you need to evict anything to make room... just sayin! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. It's the $300 box and all I told Adam was that I had a lack of blue, orange, and yellows in my tank and to do his worst! Overall really happy with what I ended up with. ๐Ÿ™‚