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  1. Griever

    Potter's "Engorgio!" 300ml micro-reef

    Damn I saw that pack posted and almost pulled the trigger on it. What an amazing collection for a great price. Definitely interested in hearing if it lives up to the hype.
  2. Griever

    Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: **RIP**

    Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope you're able to turn things around and save some of your colonies!
  3. Latest FTS, and some updates! Got tired of my blue sympodium frags blowing around and they refused to stay glued to the bottom glass so I cut a BPA free cutting board into a more organic shape and glued them to that. I'm hoping it'll form a nice carpet in the middle of the lagoon. πŸ™‚ I also installed and calibrated a two-part doser, as my Alk was starting to dip pretty far between water changes. This should help keep things stable!
  4. All set up, now to see if I messed it up when I test tomorrow. πŸ˜„
  5. And sacrifice my shake-weight reps?
  6. I've struggled with Kalk in an ATO before. Just ended up gumming up my ATO pump and causing a lot of PH swings. It's totally possible I was doing it wrong tho! In any event, I've already bought all the two-part stuff, so we'll give that a whirl. If nothing else, it's a new experience I can claim to have tried. πŸ™‚ I've got everything except the dosing pump, which was sent signature required. Picking that up this afternoon and setting things up this evening!
  7. I've had best success when running my LEDs in a strobe mode. Tens of thousands of light cycles per day. Basically unlimited growth.
  8. So back to the actual set up and running of a successful two-part dosing system, any lessons learned or common mistakes I need to be aware of? All the equipment is arriving today, so I'm going to be setting it up tonight. πŸ™‚
  9. No that makes perfect sense, that's good perspective. Thanks! Sounds like my plan will be to get it dialed in first, running at fresh mixed salt levels, and then only explore elevating those levels once I'm very confident in the system and how it's running (or just be happy with the results and drink a beer).
  10. I kind of figured the same in terms of benefits of running a high Cal/Alk system, but then watched the latest BRS video. Seems like some pretty compelling results so I'm considering trying it.
  11. What about if I want to run elevated levels - https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/video/view/elevated-alkalinity-and-calcium-for-faster-growth-part-2-brstv-investigates/ Should I work on getting the levels to where I want them first over a few days? Then dial in the dosing? Or try and use the dosing pumps to slowly raise my levels over a few weeks?
  12. Hey everyone! I'm about to set up a two-part dosing system and I've done a ton of research about how to do it, but people tend to only share the good stuff, and not the places where they goofed up. So I ask, people who've been dosing two-part successfully for a while, what are some things you'd wish you'd known when you started? Anything I need to be careful of? Thanks in advance!
  13. Griever

    Flowers on my Snails

    Interesting, mine has been growing incredibly slow. Have had the snails around three months and you can see how small they still are.
  14. Both the Naoko and Solon Wrasses didn't make it. Freshwater dipped the bodies and didn't see any parasites, so most likely stress? Seems super odd since both were swimming around and each eating a day before they died. LFS wouldn't even offer me a small discount on replacements, so I'll be buying elsewhere in the future. 😀 In good news, everything else is doing awesome. Lots of encrusting and growth on the Acros, and I'm pretty sure the "red anemone" I picked up last weekend for $69 is actually a black widow. It's super bright red with a dark purple to black base with some blue highlights around the mouth. Pretty sweet deal if so!