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  1. Griever

    Griever's 50G Lagoon Tank

    New corals day! Strawberry Shortcake and PC Rainbow from Aqua SD and a bunch of sweet Alveopora
  2. Griever

    Griever's 50G Lagoon Tank

    Hah! I should have mentioned this. I just used high strength rated construction adhesive to mount it to the wall and it's been plenty strong enough. I ended up doing this because I didn't have the right size carbide bit and snapped a cheapo bit in my press. You should be able to drill it with any carbide bit tho if you have a drill press or a jig to keep it steady, just don't use a bit designed for wood on it like I did... πŸ˜›
  3. Griever

    Anyone else having order issues?

    Heard back from them today! All is well, was worried that something had happened! πŸ™‚
  4. I ordered a magnetic frag rack that was showing as "In Stock" and "Ships within 48 Hours" on Saturday, and it's still sitting on my order's page as processing. I've reached out to their support email as well with no response. Anyone else having issues/delays with their orders?
  5. Griever

    Teenyreef's Deep Blue 30g - Teenyfrag sale!

    Man those Electric Miyagi Tort and Pearlberry colonies are insane. I'll have to pick up some frags next time! (or if there's still some around in a few weeks)
  6. Griever

    Griever's 50G Lagoon Tank

    Think I've nailed the settings on the NanoBox's photo mode and my phone's camera to come as close as possible to how it looks in real life.
  7. Griever

    Griever's 50G Lagoon Tank

    One more gif.
  8. Griever

    Griever's 50G Lagoon Tank

    It's been a while since I've posted pictures! I've since added some Acroporas and Zoas from AquaSD and a green BTA I picked up from the LFS. I've also been playing around with photo mode on the NanoBox and an orange filter for my phone camera.
  9. Griever

    Potter’s SPS (CLEAR MY RACKS!) Sale:

    If you were local I'd definitely be interested! Some great deals here. πŸ™‚
  10. Griever

    Sharbuckles 40 - New Video

    Happy tank birthday! I can only hope mine looks half as good 10 months from now!
  11. Griever

    Griever's 50G Lagoon Tank

    Algea is clearing up! New FTS with a mangrove shoot.
  12. Griever

    Griever's 50G Lagoon Tank

    Play it, and work on it. πŸ™‚
  13. Griever

    Griever's 50G Lagoon Tank

    The water tank came from Amazon! Makes water changes super fast, less than 10 minutes. Should only have to mix saltwater once a quarter if I do weekly changes. I imagine the algae is from the phosphates in my dry rock leaching, since I haven't been feeding heavy and I'm running Chemipure Blue which has GFO in it. I'll give it a few days to see if it gets better before doing anything drastic. Thanks for the kind words. Can't wait for the tank to get more established so I can add some anemones and some SPS.
  14. Griever

    Griever's 50G Lagoon Tank

    Got some gross brown hair algae popping up. Put some algeafix in there, we'll see if it does anything or it's just snake oil.
  15. Griever

    Griever's 50G Lagoon Tank

    Set up a mixing station so I can mix up 50G of saltwater at a time. Should make water changes much less time consuming. πŸ™‚