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  1. is your drain dumping into a sock or sponge? and loose the ceramic rings as they are nitrate factories in marine tanks, do you have live rock in the display? if you do then its really unnessisary to have it in the sump, i life refugiums they help a lot.
  2. looks great, first badgerandblade gets an upgrade, and now nano-reef. what am i going to do for 24 hours
  3. make sure you get the stuff that will set up under water, like JB water weld.if its the play-dough like epxoy its going to be mixed correctly if you followed the instructions.
  4. Alright everyone would like some opinions on my new upgrade rockscape
  5. my hammer tucks in like that when it splits, give it a couple more days and it should good. but double check params to make sure its not another issue.
  6. if its pinched mantle, when you pass your hand over it the mantle will curl up, rather than being pulled in the shell. observe it at night as well, make sure its shuts tight. other than that just keep an eye on it
  7. i know some fish who love to rip silicone off the tank, but as long as the silicone between the panes is intact, there isnt much fear about integrity. the bracing holds the weight for the most part.
  8. ive seen every reference from 5-50 years, from pretty reputable sites and people. i will also say that just because a animal can live a long time, doesnt mean they will. we will have to see what the parameters say, if everything is inline, then it could be an internal issue. if its not getting skinny and healthy in all ways then its eating something, possibly the pods and such living in the tank.
  9. thats fairly unusual behavior for a clarkii, least in my experience, full parameters would be great, but you said youve had the fish as long as the tank, so it might be close to its lifespan
  10. this will be a can-o-worms thread, but does the clowns stomach look sunken or thin at all? and what was your normal feeding schedule
  11. happens to the best of us, usually a good idea if you are dipping corals to make a gallon or two to have around to replace the water taken
  12. in my experiance the only cuc that eat GHA and bubble are urchins and emerald crabs. ive kept astra snails alive for a long time, two snails survived 2 tank upgrades. you need micro-algae, snails are also pretty sensitive to chemicals make sure there isnt anything like lotion or hair spray getting into the tank. copper comes to mind as well, good luck
  13. now there is confirmation, at the time the only reference i had was a random forum about a no name hobbyist. so i dismissed as a rumor or here-say
  14. I remember it being on an old thread on another forum I ran into while doing reading about clams.i wish zephnyc was still around he would be a big help
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