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  1. I can move my fixtures up about 3 more inches too, I might try that.
  2. For a while now I've just been running my led's and one blue+ but for my birdsnest it seems maybe its still too intense as it is growing downwards. I shut off my t5 and will see if this helps.
  3. I'm all for it. A pet is a pet. Can't or won't give it a proper home? Then you shouldn't be able to have one.
  4. Thats my buddy Ross. I have a few pieces from him in my 90g.
  5. I've thought about adding another nozzle or two just to be safe but also using my 3rd doser channel to dose tank water which is always 80* give or take into the same cup to help dissolve any build up. Thoughts?
  6. It hasn't clogged yet but has looked like it might, so I blew some ro through it. I do agree it will likely clog pretty easy. It's a very small tube. Trying to think of something else. @Beer the sensor is to kick power off to the doser.
  7. I would acclimate like normal. I sent some coral to a member here in December, both his and my locations were below freezing the entire time, I used a heat pack but it took two days to arrive and including a sps and as far as I know they survived just fine. I think you will be good if you stick to your acclimating procedure.
  8. If your tank is healthy gsp and xenia can both grow very very fast and look awesome (too me). Kenya trees and devils hand leather are some other very fast growers. They drop natural frags they before long will be just as big as the mother colony. All of these "can" get annoying when you get more experience and want harder corals. But a softy tank can look just as good as a sps tank in my opinion. Zoas can be easy too but sometimes you will hit a wall with them and not know why they aren't happy. Duncans can be easy too and grow fast.
  9. Which Iphone? Using a filter or just stock camera?
  10. I bet it's very cool to be a witness to.
  11. 30 days without eating? How is that possible? If I have a fish stop eating he is usually dead in a couple days, although I guess he probably has an illness that brought on the lack of appetite.
  12. My lfs has maybe 100? I have 3. Very social little guys.
  13. Not a great pic but this is a pic with my newer lighting. Swapped out 16 cool whites for royal blues and running a Blue+ and True Actinic t5's. https://flic.kr/p/2dGRn5T
  14. Tank is a year old now, time for a FTS. Little saturated but you get the idea.
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