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  1. SNG's 90g.

    Thanks boss! Heres a few more. Finally getting the hang of my p&s camera @seabass
  2. SNG's 90g.

    some new point and shoot pics.
  3. SNG's 90g.

    Thanks Mark. KH and Cal are staying the same as they were in my 40b so my dosing hasn't changed. Everything else stayed the same too so no unexpected swings of any kind.
  4. Do you name your fish?

    Sure do. Mine are.... 2x firefish-Jon and Roy blue eye tang-Ryan Dungeyhippo tang-Chetclown-Krustybicolor blenny-Doobiegreen mandarin- Elton
  5. SNG's 90g.

    Thanks, it's something I've wondered if its a Stylo or a Digi.
  6. SNG's 90g.

    Thanks, appreciated.
  7. SNG's 90g.

    New FTS.
  8. 2nd Heater

    I use ebay cheapo heaters for my ro/di storage and my top off container. They always seem to do the job I bought them for. Only down fall is their cords are only two feet long. I use 300w units which heat quickly. Like $14 for two of them haha, so very cheap.
  9. SNG's 90g.

    Thanks! I need to redo my white balance on my camera for a more accurate pic but running the two R60 Sanrise at 12%W, 100% RB, 100%B, 85%UV and the two t5's, it really pops and seems to be about a 18-20k color.
  10. SNG's 90g.

    Didnt take time to turn my pumps off but heres a pic of it now. Been running since March 6th. Transfer went great. I dropped a rock on my Wall Hammer and he's not been happy but he's opening back up slowly today thankfully and theres a few other pieces not opened up fully yet but I'm sure they are fine.
  11. How about a Acro Die Off contest? I'd have a good chance.
  12. SNG's 40b...new pics 2-6-18

    Seems like the p90 was better at macro.
  13. SNG's 40b...new pics 2-6-18

    @seabass you have any thoughts on a macro lens for my p600? I was looking at this one... Or is it more of a gimmick that wouldn't really help?
  14. SNG's 40b...new pics 2-6-18

    Thanks! Just taking me a while to get used to my camera. Finally getting it though I think.
  15. SNG's 90g.

    Got my tank yesterday, Marineland 90g with corner overflow. This will be taking place of my 40b. No pics yet but general info consists of...90g display20l sump (for now)1500gph return2 300w heatersReef flakes sand2-Aqua Sanrise R60's2 t5's, coral+ and true actinicsca301 (for now)sump center fuge Tank is wet with 30g and 15-20lbs of live rock and the dry sand. Have a powerhead and heater running. I'll watch it for a few days to see if it does any kind of cycle before transferring everything.