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  1. Oh thats right, I forgot reading about that. Always gotta be someone ruining it for everyone.
  2. I killed my dino's and gha with Reeflux. Ran it for 3 weeks then did a big water change. Havent had either come back...
  3. Too me the down fall with the t247's is not being able to run without lenses. I put some on my 90g for about a day and wasn't happy with how spot lighty they were. Better than other BB layout wise for sure but I still wasnt happy. I did change the layout and go rid of the 10 and 12k for 20k, 3500 and RB. But, TONS of people are happy with them or other BB so good for them lol. Sure alot of nice tanks running them. I think I'd rather have the green and reds than all the 470's alot of these lights have. Wish they would go mainly 450-460's with a couple WW and NW but wish in one hand....
  4. Yeah one of those DsunY or really any other black box would work great. They are very high PAR. They tend to have hot spots on alot of them like Mars Aqua.. You could remove the lenses which would help alot or make a diffuser. I don't like to refer anyone away from here but you can check out "the real black box light study" on R2R. There are a TON of different brands now days that have good features, adjust-ability and are very affordable. The BRS study on them wasn't done well imo. Several new brands being sold that have plenty of features and good par numbers that are affordable like the other black boxes.
  5. Those are DSunY. There another "black box" that alot of guys run with success. Im pretty sure they also have ramping. What tank are you wanting them on?
  6. My 90g has 1 zebra, 1 astraea, 1 emerald, 3 peppermint and 1 conch. I'm a believer in a small CUC. That way they always have stuff to eat and wont die off. I had all these, minus the peppermints, in my 40b first then transfered over so its been over a year.
  7. I have 4 t247's I bought used from a member on R2R to try out on my 90g but I prefer the ramping of my other lights. 2 have the stock layout and two I have replaced the 10k and some 12k with 3500k, RB and 20000k. All 4 are in good working order. Come with one cord to run all 4. 3 remotes (need batteries, but can just program the units without remotes too). Only have hanging kits for 2 of them. But they all still have the 6mm mounting hardware on top so you can make brackets easily if wanted.Pics upon request, but they look just like t247's haha. $350 shipped US and Paypal only.
  8. Black boxes will work great. One for the 36 then 3-4 for the 100+. Lots of different black boxes that are real popular and have TONS of proof of how well they work. Mars Aqua, Ocean Revives, Sbreefs and so on. For stock layouts, the sbreefs and Ocean Revives have a little better spectrum I think.
  9. So I reduced my dosing on the 23rd. The alk dropped from 10.8 to 10 in 24hrs. Its been dropping about .2 in 24hrs since. That first drop must have upset all my slimers as they are all closed up on one half of their body. No polyps and more of a pink color. Hoping they will recover soon.
  10. I wouldn't re-use any sand. I wouldn't consider it established at all after restarting it, it will likely have to go through all the ugly stages again before it's really established.
  11. It's already dosed 19ml today. Next will be at 5pm. If I stop it now, then test tomorrow and Thursday, I should get how much it's using in 24hr?
  12. Think I should lower my goal numbers to what my salt is? My salt is 8.5. Cal is 540 but stays around 460-480 with dosing.
  13. Dosing 19ml twice a day my alk has been holding around 9.6. I havent tested for a couple weeks but today I did and it is up to 10.8. Should I just lower the dosage? Maybe go down to like 16ml twice a day and test it daily?
  14. Personally I think everyone should start the hobby with a softy tank or softy and some lps. Softies for the most part are forgiving and can look just as amazing as sps. Plus alot of softies can have a real nice movement to them under flow.