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  1. slowngreen

    SNG's 90g.

    Just asked and he uses Cumpramine. So if I look for fish that I know have been there a while I will have better odds no? Fish has always been my down fall aquarium wise.
  2. slowngreen

    SNG's 90g.

    @seabass I might go fish shopping tomorrow. My LFS has all there fish in holding tanks that has a copper level of .25 at all times. Will this help ensure I get an ich free fish?
  3. Better than porch pirates getting it.
  4. Well my Secret Santa struck again with a paid membership here! Huge thanks again! Feel free to unmask yourself so I know who to like more lol.
  5. I wouldn't want to be a mail carrier this time of year.
  6. Not sure who my secret Santa is but they are awesome! Got coral food, glue, carbon pad and a talking Trump bottle opener and a bottle of heaven! I haven't drank beer in 7 years but I now have a legit excuse too! Huge thanks!
  7. I missed that lol. Still, a vital park of using the Hanna.
  8. slowngreen

    SNG's 90g.

    Yeah all I've ever ran for skimmers are sca 301's. They do very good work.
  9. slowngreen

    SNG's 90g.

    Got a Hanna Calcium checker now too. No more asking people to help me with the colors. Not sure how I've made it this long in this hobby without them!
  10. Teeny knocked it out of the park with that Hannah alk tester.
  11. ah its all part of the fun. Mine was $18ish shipped. I was going to pay for overnight but it wasn't offered the next option was 2 day guarantee for $70!!!! I knew with priority it would be there in 2 days anyways.
  12. slowngreen

    SNG's 90g.

    Ordered a new skimmer to replace my little sca301. 302 should be here later this week. My current sump doesnt have enough room for it so I will be turning my old 40 breeder into my new sump.
  13. He was charging 3 last year. I'm sure it's gone up since then. What lights did you win? Congrats.
  14. Flat rate boxes can be up to 70lbs for the same price so no biggy.