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  1. AFellowReefer

    One Stop Guide for Your Shrimp!

    Sorry I took so long to answer your question. Its been a while since I have been on. They might host ricordeas, but from what I've heard you have a better chance at them hosting hairy mushrooms. Also the pedersons and the white spots should all be fine as long as you provide enough hosts. Generally they will remain with each of their species. And lastly, scarlet skunks and fire shrimp are both very harmless and should be no problem with your smaller shrimp. Oh man! I'm sorry that happened. Unfortunately, something like that may happen. We have to remember that crustaceans are opportunistic and may go a head and eat what we don't want them to. You're probably right though. We all know sexy shrimp have a proclivity for eating zoa skirts. And once they got the "taste of blood" they didn't come back. In regards to the scarlet skunk cleaner- be careful how many scarlet skunk cleaners you put in your tank. Depending on your tank size, a mated pair will be established and then they will kill the odd man out. This shouldn't occur if you have a tank I would say 30+ gallons. Yea that's actually one I realized I missed and am going to work on. I have been pretty busy lately, but I will definitely add an emperor shrimp part to the encyclopedia. Thanks!
  2. AFellowReefer

    Is he having trouble molting?

    I saw your other thread about your peppermint shrimp and you seem to be having trouble with them. How quickly and how are you acclimating them? Having them lay on their sides sounds like your acclimation procedures are too quick and they're not adjusting. Most likely due to a quick salinity swing (which they are susceptible to.) Also, what are your iodine levels (if you have a test kit for it) This is a sign of stress or the shrimp could be about to molt (I need more info to really make a judgment.) Also, be aware they will become transparent at night as well.
  3. AFellowReefer


    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!
  4. AFellowReefer

    pistol id needed

    Um guys, just to let you all know, Alpheus sp. is a collection of MULTIPLE species, not a single species. All "sp." means is that the particular shrimp in question lacks a species name for whatever reason. (And the reason is that there are simply too many in the Alpheus genus to "keep up with" and properly identify. This is often seen in various plants and insects as well.) Dixie reefer, you ordered from Live Aquaria which sells Alpheus sp. There, as stated earlier, are many species unidentified, and LA gives you only one representative of many species in the picture. In fact, if you look at the shrimp's profile and read where it says "color," it will say "assorted" right next to it. This is because there are so many different species (and subsequently colors.) The pistol shrimp that you own seems to mostly resemble the "smooth pistol shrimp." It has no scientific name, only genus name (Alpheus sp.) Not much is known on this species, however they do match up with gobies and judging by their size (they get to be about 2in.) they exhibit similar behaviors to that of Alpheus Randalli. Note: the behavior is speculation, so I may not be accurate in that assessment. Here is a picture of the smooth pistol shrimp on this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wildsingapore/6125496219/in/photostream/
  5. AFellowReefer

    AFellowReefer's 14gal Build Thread

    More pics! This one is for Illu, LOL: And here is that sexy clan I have:
  6. AFellowReefer

    AFellowReefer's 14gal Build Thread

    Hi all. Went to LA this weekend and decided to check out Vivid Aquariums. It was awesome! They had... are you ready?.... and 800 gallon tank!!!!!! Man, I wish I could afford, let alone own a tank like that! Anyway took some pictures of the tank, it is quite pretty. The tank was so long, the "FTS," was not so full as it was taken in four parts. I also bought another sexy shrimp. They are all female. I wanted one male, but every store I go to never has a male, so whatever. My sexy clan has officially been formed!
  7. AFellowReefer

    AFellowReefer's 14gal Build Thread

    Well its not the greatest photo in the world, but here it is!
  8. AFellowReefer

    Is this true?

    Don't forget about drowning... or being buried alive... You don't want to die of old age? That's strange, I thought that was like everyone's way of wanting to die.
  9. AFellowReefer

    How many hermit crabs are too many?

    Why would you want to get rid of the hermits? If the hermits aren't bothering anything, then let them stay. You might want to add nassarius snails/siphon the sand bed if you say you have all that detritus/waste at the bottom of the tank.
  10. AFellowReefer

    AFellowReefer's 14gal Build Thread

    A cleaner shrimp for $45 is a complete rip off, and would never pay for one that expensive! My Petcos tend to be more pricey than the mom and pop LFSs. For example, a blue leg hermit was $5!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF????? They do have some good prices on other inverts though. Like the cleaner shrimp are $20. Honestly, I'm paranoid with Petco fish. I start thinking they died in the middle of the night while in quarantine, which by the way, they usually do. I gave up buying fish from Petco a long time ago, which is a shame because my Petco here in San Diego, is a real nice one and actually(usually) has healthy livestock. No update for a while. So I'll give you one! My phosphates sky rocketed and so I was fighting cyanobacteria for about a week and a half. I hate cyano! It was smothering most my zoas... it was just horrible. Its all gone now though. I'll take a picture of my tank tomorrow and show you guys. I also bought a friend for Mako (my cleaner shrimp.) Meet Tanganyika! I love cleaner pairs, and had to get him. Not sure if I told you guys this, but I added the YWG too (like, a while ago...)
  11. AFellowReefer

    One Stop Guide for Your Shrimp!

    Yea! First person to give their review! It is now in the bumble bee shrimp section!! Thanks guys!
  12. AFellowReefer

    S C O •L Y

    Hey! Its been a while since I've been on NR. Great sea star! He is so colorful. You changed your name too!?
  13. AFellowReefer

    How long does this sea urchin live in captivity?

    There really is no set captive lifespan for most inverts. It really depends upon the conditions they live in. Theoretically, if you never had any issues in the tank, many species of urchins could outlive you. In the wild, depending on species, they can live anywhere from 5-100 years. I highly doubt your urchin will live to 100 in captivity though.
  14. AFellowReefer

    Dannyboy402's 40 Long

    Nice tank! Great pictures too. I love all of your zoas!
  15. AFellowReefer

    Final Answer: 40B!

    I was really fortunate at the Petco back in Pennsylvania, where the employees were inept and charged snowflakes for the same price as a typical Ocellaris. Now I'm in California, and the employees know what they have, unfortunately....