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  1. Great rockscape! What Tank is that?
  2. ZeroEvoX

    Old Equipment , New Tank? HelpPlease!!

    Found a Fusion 20 on craigslist for 120 bucks.....This might be happening quicker than i anticipated
  3. ZeroEvoX

    Old Equipment , New Tank? HelpPlease!!

    Leaning towards a fusion 20. Especially since the stand is 50 bucks on fosters and smith right now. Might pull the trigger on that anyway, Also should i get a mighty jet? id rather not have any powerheads in the display, i feel like a mighty jet with one spin stream and one standard nozzle would create good flow.
  4. Hey All, Wow...its been a while since i posted on here, been out of the hobby for about 5 years, My life is finally settling back in, Getting married soon, and My job is stable so i wanted to get back into the hobby.Probably going to go in with a 18-30 gallon AIO tank this time as my largest ever was an 11 gallon. I have some old equipment i think i might be able to re use , but just wanted to know if any of it was outdated. Lighting: I have an AI Nano With Controller and a kessil A160 tuna blue? i think , does it make sense to try and sell these to get the newer lighting thats out there? or Do they hold up>? Water movement: I have a MJ900, A koralia nano 425 gph powerhead, and a tunze turbelle that was in my 11 gallon i forgot the model. Heaters: I have a 50watt and a 75 watt neo therm and a eheim jaeger 75W (are these enough if i go with a over 20 gal setup?) Lastly, Any Tank Recommendations? I see there are some new AIO models out there, My budget for the tank can go up to 500 USD This Forum has never steered me wrong in the past , appreciate any advice you can all give. THANKS!!
  5. ZeroEvoX

    Round 2 C vue 18 gallon aio

    I'm getting the itch after 3-4 years too, Been moving a lot, had my eye on this beauty of a tank....except for me it will be the largest I've ever done hahaha , please post as much info on this journey as possible as Im about a month and a half away from pulling the trigger! This Tank Looks amazing for the price. Do you plan on Getting a media basket? Cheers and Good Luck!
  6. ZeroEvoX

    Zero's *official* build thread.*NEW PICS*

    Well, came home to a dead firefish. Not cool. I checked all params. Amm-0 Nitrite -0 Nitrate-0 Sg- 1.024 I dunno what happened. Maybe from me moving the rocks around today to place my new frag scared him? I dunno. He had a black lines on his body. I dunno , but I kno I'm very sad I lost my first fish ever in less than 24 hours. My zoas opened nicely though.
  7. ZeroEvoX

    Zero's *official* build thread.*NEW PICS*

    Just threw in some zoa poplys. lets see how they do.
  8. ZeroEvoX

    Zero's *official* build thread.*NEW PICS*

    Well i added a firefish today! Little guy wanted to jump out of the acclimation tank! lol i think hes enjoying his new home current FTS: Tattoo the firefish: I fed him some mysis, Is it hard to train these guys for flakes and pellets?
  9. ZeroEvoX

    Innovative Marine Nuvo 8

    Im running a CA MJ900 and a koralia nano, i was water testing yesterday, and knocked the nozzle the other way by accident, boy is that mj9 powerful, i had sand everywhere lol
  10. ZeroEvoX

    Zero's *official* build thread.*NEW PICS*

    Well added my CUC two days ago, 2 astreas and 2 nassarius. those astreas were moving and eating like they havent had a meal in months lol
  11. ZeroEvoX

    Recommendations for a newb.

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if any of you guys can point me in a good direction of a hardy coral that I can keep under my stock 14k 8watt led lighting system in my nuvo 8. Well besides most zoas and shrooms, is there anything else that's hardy that would accept this lighting?
  12. ZeroEvoX

    At my wits end! Could use a little advice!

    Im gonna add the cleanup crew tommorow, then keep testing my parameters, i mean i have some green algea on the glass , but nothing crazy , i just take it off with my magnet. i really appreciate all the advice guys! i was stumped!
  13. Ok so my tanks been up and running for 2 1/2 weeks now. I've water tested every other day, and have yet to see a rise in ammonia nitrite or nitrate. I did use cured rock from my LFS and stag alive sand , which is literally a 4 minute drive from my house. I've been topping off, every few days, diatoms came, and are starting to recede, still no signs of ammonia, nitrite or nitrate. Is it possible that the rock had zero die off? I'm so confused, I don't know if I should put a fish in and see what happens or what? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. ZeroEvoX

    Zero's *official* build thread.*NEW PICS*

    Ok well its been 2 weeks and 3 days with all parameters still at 0. Im gonna take an educated guess and say my cured rock had no die off.diatoms are also slightly subsiding. Gonna add my clean-up crew this week.
  15. ZeroEvoX

    Zero's *official* build thread.*NEW PICS*

    dude , i dont think i can get more flow, i have a cobalt mj9 and a koralia nano in there.maybe a spinstream?