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  1. I had an im nuvo 8 back in the day and i had a bigger chip on the top radius corner from banging it with the light , thing held for 2 years. And theres no visible stress around the chip.
  2. Thanks so much for the input, I think a lid cover will hide it, Going to take the chance, It held for 24 hours full of water so we'll see , i had one of my clients who is in the glazing buisness and he said its so small and so close to the edge on top it shouldn't be an issue, i know theres no guarantee of course...
  3. Hi all, I purchased a used fusion 20 off craigslist. Picked it up yesterday and it was in rough shape, decided to give it a vinegar water bath over night, white I was scrubbing it down this morning I noticed a small chip on the top of the glass on the side panel.i didnt notice it when I picked it up, think I was to excited. Is this tank shot? It's pretty small. See photo attached.
  4. Found a Fusion 20 on craigslist for 120 bucks.....This might be happening quicker than i anticipated
  5. Leaning towards a fusion 20. Especially since the stand is 50 bucks on fosters and smith right now. Might pull the trigger on that anyway, Also should i get a mighty jet? id rather not have any powerheads in the display, i feel like a mighty jet with one spin stream and one standard nozzle would create good flow.
  6. Hey All, Wow...its been a while since i posted on here, been out of the hobby for about 5 years, My life is finally settling back in, Getting married soon, and My job is stable so i wanted to get back into the hobby.Probably going to go in with a 18-30 gallon AIO tank this time as my largest ever was an 11 gallon. I have some old equipment i think i might be able to re use , but just wanted to know if any of it was outdated. Lighting: I have an AI Nano With Controller and a kessil A160 tuna blue? i think , does it make sense to try and sell these to get the newer lighting thats out there? or Do they hold up>? Water movement: I have a MJ900, A koralia nano 425 gph powerhead, and a tunze turbelle that was in my 11 gallon i forgot the model. Heaters: I have a 50watt and a 75 watt neo therm and a eheim jaeger 75W (are these enough if i go with a over 20 gal setup?) Lastly, Any Tank Recommendations? I see there are some new AIO models out there, My budget for the tank can go up to 500 USD This Forum has never steered me wrong in the past , appreciate any advice you can all give. THANKS!!
  7. I'm getting the itch after 3-4 years too, Been moving a lot, had my eye on this beauty of a tank....except for me it will be the largest I've ever done hahaha , please post as much info on this journey as possible as Im about a month and a half away from pulling the trigger! This Tank Looks amazing for the price. Do you plan on Getting a media basket? Cheers and Good Luck!
  8. *SMALL UPDATE 10/20** Had an algae issue, cut the lighting to 2 hours a day and its starting to recede greatly, consistent water changes were done also.
  9. Thanks guys gonna try 3 water changes a week
  10. I searched coudnt find anything similar, its long and stringy, but its not hair algae, ive battled that before , its on the glass too. Any Help Much Appreciated
  11. Wow...I never even knew i could do that thank you!
  12. Saltcritters Haul and new FTS Sorry for the crappy pics i have to figure out this S7 galaxy
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