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  1. It’s not because of spectrum or photoperiod. I would definitely stop dosing any kind of nutrients beyond normal feeding, you’re just making it worse, you have 0 phosphate because nuisance algae is using it up. dinos go away on their own i promise, it’s a matter of consistent manual removal and time, really nothing else until more factual hard research is done.
  2. Just get an external macro algae reactor kit from MarineDepot
  3. It works but you can’t dim it to a blue moonlight, only the white stay on at lowest power.
  4. Phosguard removes both phosphates and silicates, it won’t cure everything but it can help. Young tanks or tanks with fresh sand I’ve found personally gets dinos from silicates leaching from sand. Or at least the kind of Dino’s I get. Essentially the eco system in your tank just needs to make it through this stage and find its balance again. Lights out can help but it just delays the process because the Dino’s will come back.
  5. I'm thinking a out picking one of their pumps up too because you can use standard USB batteries as backup power.
  6. I would get the best sump you can get that will fit. It just makes your life so so much easier in the future.
  7. The foam guards last like 2 days before it needs to be cleaned on my MP10s, I don't bother with them, I prefer to just change out one mechanical filtration device. There are some 3D printed nem guards on eBay and r2r that are much nicer. You might want to check out Reefbreeders pumps to see if they have a guard that can be used. The pump designs are extremely similar
  8. I would get the Fiji Cube 20 sump. It's a lot nicer and flexible.
  9. Dinos = silicates so I would remove with phosguard swapped out every 3 days and continual manual removal. It takes 3-4 cycles of this but you will win!
  10. Don't get me wrong, I've tried to save many dollars doing my own device.. .but I always end up regretting wasting time and energy on it and worst case I lose livestock or cause a small flood.
  11. Messy diy solutions are always a bit more dangerous than a properly designed and mass tested professionally built device.
  12. Yes I ran a beautiful sca 60 and now I own two ext aquariums. The ext is far nicer plumbing wise and build wise. Only negative for the ext is that the aps stand interior dimensions make finding the right sump challenging.
  13. Exactly like a canister filter but more dangerous. You can can also get closed loop filters that are more sump like... or you know just get a Nuvo 30 EXT... to begin with
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