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  1. The front corners of my WB10 go slightly over the perimeter of the Stand I got for it... Is this acceptable or is this pretty dangerous?
  2. I just got my Current eFlux Nano 660. Super confusing setup with a lot of cables, but once you get it running, it's really quite nice! It's super small and you don't have an ugly wart sticking to the side of the tank. Also very inexpensive to add additional powerheads which I'm going to do.
  3. Hmmm if that's a trash bag, you might want to make sure your tank gets some air though...
  4. I would imagine eshopps nano, the new IM Nano DC skimmers, and probably the Tunze 9001 would fit. Personally I am looking at the Tunze 9001 with DC pump... debating if it's worth the 50% price difference for the DC pump.
  5. Think I might try a current EFlux, supposed to be tiny right?
  6. Just curious if you sell any pre-quarantined fish?
  7. Did your cubes come with filter baskets? http://www.waterboxaquariums.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/WaterBox_Manual_2017.pdf Seems to indicate the 10g does but all I got was a sock... no pump
  8. On the bright side, at least you found it before a catastrophic failure.
  9. Alexa controlled ones...
  10. Our tanks are not a steady state system. At different phases your tank might be in it will need different things. Unfortunately knowing how your tank is doing just comes with experience and dollars and mistakes made.
  11. Little bit confused about this, I just started up the 10 and I have a 15 arriving this week. It seems like on both length and width the mat is about 2mm short. So some of it will always be unsupported.
  12. Hmm what is your mechanical filtration with the skimmer now in chamber 1? Does Chamber 2 keep a steady water height? I have a Cube 15 on order and will probably be getting a somewhat similar setup to yours!
  13. Just cleaned up in vinegar bath and ready to go. TWO WP-25's Both are in great condition with no problems. Works great. Do not have the night sensors. SOLD __________________________________________________________________ CoralLife Turbo Twist 6x, $70 Used about 6 months http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=7999 __________________________________________________________________ Supreme Aqua OZ-150 150ppm Ozone with adjustable power, Whisper AP150 air pump, Air Dryer, $95 for all of it http://www.ebay.com/itm/Aquarium-Adjustable-Ozonizer-Ozone-O3-generator-Ozotech-/270772504238?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f0b4c86ae
  14. I've found phosguard overall to be more effective at rapidly bringing down po4 but it also exhausts a bit faster and it loves flow. Just make sure it does not tumble. I use it on a media tray and flip it every few days to expose new areas. The total amount of po4 removed may be the same. Whatever you do, make sure to thoroughly rinse with rodi many many times before use.