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  1. Custom 150w HQI mini pendant

    ok well I did'nt realy want to do this but I just don't feel like storing this since I'll probably never use it (my next tank will be a larger one)..... NEW PRICE $185.00 SHIPPED Vannreefer is first on the list since I'm waiting on a reply from him but if you want it for this price PM me to get next in line....
  2. Custom 150w HQI mini pendant

  3. Custom 150w HQI mini pendant

    cool, well so far it's looking real good for you !!!
  4. Custom 150w HQI mini pendant

    my turn......^^^^TTT^^^^
  5. Custom 150w HQI mini pendant

    oh yea them too....LOL....
  6. Custom 150w HQI mini pendant

    well it's not that easy.....I'm a metal fabricator by trade so something like this is'nt something that just anyone can DIY....you need certain types of "tools" that most don't have in there garage, ie: sheet metal brake...
  7. Custom 150w HQI mini pendant

    adin & takin pictures, I'm not going to split it up right now, but if you guys work it out between the two of you then that's your thing....I'f it dos'nt sell then maby I'll split it up... thanks Raskal
  8. Custom 150w HQI mini pendant

    Vann, you never know... did'nt realy take pics while building it things changed a few times while I was making it, originaly it was for a 70w then I decided to go with a 150 so had to change the reflector and socket assembly for the larger 150w.... the glass is from a regent fixture..... and of corse thanks for all the compliments. Danny
  9. ok I'll try once again before I store it away in my "fish" closet.... this is the first pendant that I built. it houses a 150w DE bulb and runs off a ARO electronic ballast, it is fan cooled, it has two small fans (2" computer fans) one blowing in and one blowing out to help move air through the light to keep the housing cool... the bulb is prob at its end of life so you may want to get a new bulb and start out fresh. it also has two blue LED's on multi directional mounts on the sides of the light. it will come ready to plug in and run but like mentioned the bulb could use a changing (it has a year on it) BTW the bulb is a phoenix 14k.....oh yea the fixture is 11 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" everyting was made from aluminum (no rust) and painted semi gloss black here are some pics from when I first built the light because they show it off nicely....and the last one is from earlier today, it still looks as nice as it did in the pics (after all it is a light it just hangs there...LOL...) asking $200.00 INCLUDES shipping NEW PRICE $185.00 SHIPPED I'm prety firm on this price since by the time I ship and Paypal fees are taken out I'm only going to be getting like $175. this is'nt a " I need money sale " I just don't need it anymore and would like to see it get used instead of just sitting in my closet.
  10. CUSTOM dhoffroad MH light, skimmer, ATO

    ok price change on the light..... $199.99...... LOL....well thats WITH shipping
  11. CUSTOM dhoffroad MH light, skimmer, ATO

    one more "bump" for the light.
  12. CUSTOM dhoffroad MH light, skimmer, ATO

    no not making them now.... I just don't have the time, that's why I took my tank down, just not enough hours in a day anymore...