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  1. Thanks again! Ill let you know how it turns out
  2. @Humblefish thanks for the reply...unfortunately i dont have a QT at the moment due to lack of space is it possible to place him in a bucket of salt water with a heater and a small aerator to provide some oxygen
  3. Hi i purchased a royal gramma around a week ago, and when i got home i realised that it had slight discolouration under the belly i was hoping it might have been from rubbing against the rocks but its been getting worse by the day! Apart from that the fish is acting normally and is eating fine, it also dosnt seem to be having problems breathing. Any help is appreciated, im supposed to be adding more fish next week but i want to make sure its not something that might be passed on to the others.
  4. if it is pinched mantle does it still have a chance to survive. its wierd because only that part of the clam is like that the rest looks healthy
  5. ive noticed that a part the mantle seems to be rotting away, its getting worse by the day. It dosnt look like the mantle is actually curling back its looks as if its lossing mantle. anyone got any idea of whats happening ?
  6. I dont know much about clam behaviour but i did notice that the clam sometimes closed up quuickly then opened again, as if it was squirting water out. It used to do it a couple of times then opened up normally I tested for nitrates today and it was at 0, ive stopped using bio pellets for now see if it goes up a bit BTW thanks for the constant advice
  7. I had the derasa for around 3 months
  8. My derasa unexpectadly died last night, when i woke up this morning all its insides had been eaten is it possible that my nassarius killed it? It seemed to be perfectly healthy, the pic posted above was taken 2 days ago
  9. these are the best pics i could get hope it helps. It looks not that open when i compare it to the derasa
  10. Just to update that my clam seems to be gaping less, but it dosnt seem to be opening up all the way either. It does react well to passing fish and changes in light. Its mantle is fully extended but the actuall clam dosnt seem to be too open. if that makes sence
  11. I currently have it placed on the sand bed, my tank is 22 inches deep and I'm running two 150 watt 14000k metal halides supplemented with two 39 watt T5 actinics. Should I move it up the rock work or leave it where it is and let it acclimate to the lights and move it up slowly?
  12. Last time i checked which was last week my nitrates where at .2, im currently running bio pellets should i stop that for a while? I live in gibraltar so i buy all my fish coral and inverts from a nearby shop in spain Thanks for the help guys:)
  13. Hi i bought a 6" maxima clam yesterday and it seems to be gaping, i can clearly see the insides of the clam i cant get a good pic at the moment but can some 1 please check it out
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