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  1. Did you use any epoxy putty to put together your rockwork? Epoxy tends to to make skimmers go nuts!
  2. Water Dog

    Kessil a360we keep SPS?

    What is the footprint of the tank and how many fixtures do you plan on having over it?
  3. Water Dog

    Introducing the Nero 5 Pump from AI - Brains AND Brawn!

    I’m pretty curious now as to who came up with the design first... Waveline, a Canadian company, actually released the Wavepuck at the end of December of last year... https://www.marinedepot.com/Waveline_WavePuck_Flow_Pump_Adjustable_Flow_Aquarium_Powerheads-Waveline-CV99979-FIPHAD-vi.html
  4. Water Dog

    Introducing the Nero 5 Pump from AI - Brains AND Brawn!

    Looks just like the Waveline Wave Puck as well... https://www.marinedepot.com/Waveline_WavePuck_Flow_Pump_Adjustable_Flow_Aquarium_Powerheads-Waveline-CV99979-FIPHAD-vi.html
  5. Selling a brand new in box, never been wet Tunze 1073.05 DC return pump. This is the newer version with the blue controller. Still under warranty and will include the receipt from Premium Aquatics.$165 shipped - PayPal and CONUS only
  6. Water Dog

    Purple algae in reef tank

    Before we get into how to fix your issues, we really need to know more information about your tank. What is your maintenance routine, water change schedule, source water (tap, distilled, RODI?), what are you using for filtration and why are you running your lights 24/7? With this information, we can begin to work on eliminating causes that will help you be successful in this hobby. Without answers to these questions, we won’t be able to help you.
  7. Water Dog

    Purple algae in reef tank

    Cyano it is... How old is your tank?
  8. Water Dog

    Brand new Eshopps R-200 Fuge/Sump in CT

    Bump Price reduction - $180 Also includes the stock pair of 3’ flex hoses (not pictured).
  9. I have a brand new, never used Eshopps R-200 refugium/sump for sale. Comes with the original 7" 200 micron felt filter sock, 4 additional 7" 100 micron nylon mesh filter socks, an Advanced Acrylics 7" filter sock silencer and the original box. The sump measures 30"x14"x16". Only selling because I was originally going to build a 3/4" plywood stand for my 57 gallon tank. My table saw stinks and I couldn't get perfectly square cuts. 😞 Ended up building a 2x4 stand and it's about 1.5" too wide to fit. 😫 $200 local pickup only in Fairfield, CT I will also be going to Reef-A-Palooza - NYC on Sunday 6/24 and can bring it with me if you'd like to meet up with me there.
  10. Water Dog

    Traveling With Corals

    If you’re patient, deals can be had towards the end of the show on Sunday. A lot of these vendors will give decent discounts at the end of shows as many of them would rather not have to deal with bringing a bunch of stock back home.
  11. Water Dog

    WTB O2Surplus board

    See if you could buy one from Dave from Nanobox.
  12. Water Dog

    Coral ID - I think I've made a mistake.

    Acan enchinatas are known to be more aggressive as they can send out very long and powerful sweepers out at night to attack and kill nearby corals. Rest easy, you will not have any issues with long, stinging sweepers with the Acan that you purchased.
  13. Water Dog

    Progress on Orders : Check your order and others!

    That last one looks like a Stella special!
  14. Maybe @DaveFasoncan help...