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  1. Spider web inside my tank?

    If you see them, crush them at the base with tweezers with great prejudice. Depending on your water quality, they can quickly grow to plague proportions. So it’s best IMO to keep on top of them.
  2. RODI Water TDS rising

    To store RODI water, I use the white “food grade” 5 gallon buckets that can be found at Home Depot and Lowes. I also get a lid to keep out dust and contaminants. It does a very good job of maintaining 0 TDS water in storage.
  3. Question for Biocube 32 retro owners

    It’s unfortunate that Coralife eliminated the rear maintenance door on the new LED Biocubes. During the summer months on my Nanobox retro’d Biocube 29 all I have to do is open the rear hatch and run a cheap aquarium fan from Amazon to vent the rear chambers and temps would rarely go above 81 degrees on the really hot days.
  4. Should I try two orchid dottybacks in a RSR 170?

    When you get to that point, keep us updated on their interactions with your clowns as well. Love the color and movement they provide for a tank but I am very wary of their temperament.
  5. I think you should still do some sort of venting in order to minimize the humidity and condensation. All of that moisture can’t be good for your light fixtures. In addition, electricity and moisture don’t play together very well.
  6. Grab a decent sized hole saw to drill a few vent holes on top of the canopy to allow it to breathe and not collect condensation.
  7. ATO Poll

    Tunze 3155... comes with an optical eye, backup float switch, pump timer and is also engineered & made in Germany. I’ve had mine running flawlessly for years. In addition, Roger Vitko’s customer service on behalf of Tunze USA for all things Tunze is second to none. Act fast cuz it’s only $140 at BRS for Black Friday!
  8. Progress on Orders : Check your order and others!

    It’s in Dave’s signature but you won’t be able to see signatures on mobile. Here you go... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oBWaM-rTBJtyexi4a4NGZudZJ4qCUwjrhIhKsH74PmU/htmlview
  9. Algae Scrubbers - cool idea or waste of money

    Woohoo!!! Totally stoked cuz I just scored a used Turbo’s Aquatics L2 Rev 4 ATS for a sweet deal. Can’t wait to see this thing in action!
  10. Used tank with poorly installed Rapid LED?

    Here’s the 3D printed case for the Storm controller... https://www.rapidled.com/3d-printed-case-for-storm-controller/
  11. Used tank with poorly installed Rapid LED?

    If everything works and you’re handy with wiring, there’s no reason you can’t salvage everything you have there and get it to run safely. Also, is that a Storm controller? Dave of Nanobox may still have some nice printed covers for that controller so you can get that nice clean finished look to it. Furthermore, because it’s the solderless kit, you can customize the LeD spectrum if you so choose as new diodes are plug and play.
  12. Algae Scrubbers - cool idea or waste of money

    For larger systems with generous sump space, there’s only one builder who sets the standard for an ATS and that’s Turbo’s Aquatics scrubbers. Not cheap by any means and anywhere from a 2 to 6 month wait. Bud Carlson builds each one by hand with dimmable LEDs mounted onto custom heat sinks manufactured specifically for him by Steve’s LEDs. http://www.turbosaquatics.com/ Although his site is a bit primitive, he is very active on R2R and RC under the username Floyd R Turbo and will answer any question you may have, even helping others with their DIY ATS builds.
  13. Nanobox Duo Plus won't turn on

    I just turned mine on just to check (It’s been off for awhile cuz I’m breaking down the tank). It turned on right away and I was able to get into the Bluefish app with no issues...
  14. Quick disconnect for BRS RO/DI SYSTEM

    I use this. It allows me to keep my RODI unit in a crate and store it in a closet when not in use. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/chrome-faucet-diverter-valve.html