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  1. Chubble

    AI Prime HD for Sale

    I have had it for just under a year. If you send me your cell I can text you pictures.
  2. Chubble

    AI Prime HD for Sale

    Selling my AI prime HD (Black) with both the gooseneck and the metal bracket mount. Great condition and has no issues. Will come in its original box. Asking $180 Shipped
  3. Chubble

    ESHOPPS Nano-Skimmer

  4. Chubble

    Ai prime HD

    I will be selling my black AI Prime HD light in black in about 10 days. Would you be interested?
  5. Chubble

    ESHOPPS Nano-Skimmer

    Selling my like new Eshopps Nano Skimmer. I used it for 6 months in a JBJ 30 AIO with no mods to AIO tank. Decided to get a tank with a sump so ended up getting a bigger skimmer. I have already cleaned with vinegar to the best of my ability, should be able to go straight in your tank. Perfect for someone with an AIO or has a sump with not a lot of room. Selling for $100 with Shipping from Dallas
  6. Chubble

    2 Skimmers and Aqamai Pump Like New

    Sent pm. Why are you selling and I assume the octopus has no issues.
  7. Chubble

    2 Skimmers and Aqamai Pump Like New

    interested in the octopus skimmer
  8. Chubble

    NanoBox Units : Old Made New!

    Dave - just sent you an email on the duo.
  9. Chubble

    NanoBox Units : Old Made New!

    Is the duo still available.
  10. Chubble

    NanoBox Lighting Guide

    @DaveFasonI am currently looking to switch from my AI Prime HD to a nanobox duo for my IM Black 20 gallon. I currently have my Prime running 100% except whites and they run at 21%. I ramp up and down an hour. Which setting would be equivalent to that so i can get my mixed reef tank acclimated to the new light settings? My tank mostly consists of LPS but I have a few SPS right now. I am going to buy b/c I like the sleekness of the light and having it hang only 3-5 inches from the water surface compared to 12 inches right now.
  11. Interested. What size the bulk head? I am going to be drilling tank and this could be perfect for it.
  12. Chubble

    3 Foot Long Nano - Nanobox Lids

    Very nice setup. I have thought about doing something like this. One question, why did you decide to do the drains and returns on the side vs on the back corners and then just pointing the returns to run the length of tank which would clean the look up even more by not seeing the drain and return pvc?
  13. Chubble

    Stocking JBJ 30g Rimless

    The dwarf moray eel will eat the wrasse and the goby shrimp combo plus he doesn't stay all that small. I would skip that or get fish that are bigger and faster . I had in my 60 gallon a while back a golden dwarf eel but he was the last thing in the tank. I kept him with clowns and wrasse and small tang, however he did eat some of my smaller fish if he went to long without being fed silversides. The golden dwarf eel doesn't get any bigger than a pencil.
  14. Looking to trade my 22 lbs of fully cured BRS walt smith purple rock. The rock has been curing for over a month now and ready to go into an established tank or a startup tank. This is link to what I bought. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/project-reef-rock-2-1-walt-smith.html Looking to trade for LPS, SPS, or certain softies. Located in Dallas, TX
  15. Chubble

    My JBJ 30 Gallon rimless

    Back in the hobby after a 2 year hiatus. Just setup a 30 JBJ rimless and it is currently cycling. Equipment includes: AI prime HD Updated return and replaced with 1 sicce. Esshop nano skimmer (works well but trying to get rid of micro bubbles) Also ordered InTank replacements for the overflow boxes will run Refugium in one of the chambers Tunze nano ATO MP10 (will be updating driver to QD) 1 BRS dosing pump (will setup once I have corals) Can't wait to see how this tank works out for me. Here is a picture of the current aquascape. Also left side is pukani that has been cured by me and the right side is BRS WaltSmith 2.0.