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  1. Thanks for the input! I will be going with a mix of brands as it seems everyone does eventually.
  2. What does everyone use for Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium testing? I am torn between Salifert and Red Sea right now. I have a 20 long currently that is starting to become SPS dominant. I have always just dosed 2 part manually without testing much. I am going to be buying a doser and would like to know the pros and cons to both of these brands.
  3. Hey all, I am looking for opinions on how best to utilize my sump. I have a 20 long with an Eshopps RS-75 sump. My tank is about 50/50 LPS and SPS as of right now. I would like to move toward having the tank as SPS dominant. My sump has very limited space so I'm trying to decide on which route to pursue. The options that I am wondering about are as follows: 1) The middle chamber packed full of live rock rubble. 2) The middle chamber hosting a large skimmer with whatever rubble I can still fit. 3) The middle chamber hosting a small skimmer with a mix of rubble and macro algae. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  4. If anyone has an Aquamaxx WS-1 that they want to sell send me a PM. I am looking for one as soon as possible. Thanks!
  5. One skimmer sold. The other is pending.
  6. I have two Aquamaxx HOB-1.5's for sale. I am going with a bigger sump and I am opting for an in sump skimmer. These skimmers are beasts. One is cleaned and ready to go. The other will be cleaned as soon as it is spoken for. $140 shipped each.
  7. I'm selling my Eshopps Nano Skimmer for $60 shipped. The picture was taken this morning showing that it is currently working and pulling skimmate. It will be completely cleaned before shipping.
  8. I just sold all of my SPS so I don't need this much flow in my tank anymore. It is barely a month old. $50obo shipped.
  9. I have two Tunze 6025 pumps for sale. I just bought them in July. I just downsized and they push way more flow than I need. These have had the flow mod done to them. All original paperwork, boxes, etc will be included. $45 shipped each.
  10. I'm selling an MP10QD with a brand new wet side nozzle. It is currently in use, but will get a vinegar bath and a cleaning before shipping. $175 shipped
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